Got Oticon Zest HA's!

I’ve got them! On Monday I was fitted with Oticon Zest hearing aids with open fit medium domes courtesy of the NHS. Lovely audio did a great job in the reduced time available, compliments to her.

I’ve got volume and 2 programs: 1) auto 2) loop. I have thought since I could do with ‘loop and auto’ as a third program and after last night, a ‘restaurant’ program could help too. I’ve used the loop program and what a help that is. Heard everything crystal clear and was impressed with the quality of the audio. I have bought a little Nokia neck loop that bluetooth’s into the phone and that’s fantastic too.

I’m very impressed with the HA devices. While I was not able to get the Communicate option for the Zest (available with the C SP variant), which would have allowed me to get the Oticon streamer, the neck loop will be fine.

Only irritation - quite literally at times - is the tickling and soreness of the domes in the ears. I know it will take a bit of time to get used to them and to getting the position of the domes just right so they don’t occlude in the canal (What? It’s gone very dead… has the battery run out already?)

The NHS typically only sets HA’s to have one program and no volume control, and having worked at the sharp end of health services myself, reducing running options, for what is mainly an aged audience, is a good idea. I’m grateful I have the options enabled.

Many, many thanks to the Audiology staff at Broomfield Hospital.

I also rang up Oticon to see about what options are available for the Zest and spoke with a very helpful technical support chap who was able to send me the technical spec PDF for the Zest. An interesting read and they are feature packed! Should anyone want a copy, you can IM me. I could post it somewhere in the ether if that might be helpful too. Warn me if there are copywrite issues, but I can’t think there are.

A very happy chappy.


Great news. I have Oticon Spirit Zest hearing aids as well, but not the ‘C’ (Connectivity) mode. Although I do have a bluetooth neck loop that converts to telecoil.

I think you should find that the Zests are very good aids. I have had no problems with them.

I don’t have any experience of domes, as I wear moulds, so other people might be able to advise about that.

Hi Glucas,

Interesting that you have a mould - are they the SP versions? How long have you had them? good to know they are not being troublesome.

I’ve been impressed with the neck loop and am investigating the BT profiles that are available as it should do a high quality feed to the HA’s, which would be nice.


Hi Mickey,

It’s the §ower version. I have a moderately severe loss. I asked about having the domes, but my hearing loss is too severe. I’ve had them since February of this year. As I said before, I’ve had no trouble with them. Very impressed by the reliability of the aids and the performance.

What are BT profiles, is that a bluetooth feed ?

Hi Glucas,

Ah, the power version. I guess I might get one of those in time… like my father.

BT = Bluetooth. There are profiles for different types of functions like data transfer or a head set (mobile phone) connection and recently with version 3.0, A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile that should do stereo, if your equipment is up to it, and a better quality of audio, as I understand it. My phone is A2DP and the neck loop is A2DP but it sounds like voices are coming out of a tin can… more research required.