Got Noah-link Wireless from Korea


Bought it from a company that also sells hearing aids like, for example, Oticon OPN 1 for $2800 pair. Took less than a week to get here. The “company” (suspect it is one person) has a 100% favorable rating on eBay, with less than 100 transactions.

I will be playing around with it and hopefully making a couple of minor changes, just to get my feet wet. Will report back.


Noahlink wireless

I got mine at the end of last year, from -

Quite impressed with it. If you have your hearing aids connected to your phone you only need to turn bluetooth off and you’re good to go, no messing around turning hearing aids off and on. I hope all future hearing aids use this.



You should be able to get these new for $250 USD. The ones (new) that I see from EBay and North Korea are priced well beyond $250 (total including shipping).

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The only one I found in the US was used and I thought about it, then saw this one. The company sells hearing aids and had a good rating, and was the cheapest on shipping. I didn’t find an outlet for them in the US.

It arrived new in box with a Himsa seal.

I had a good, long adjustment session where I started at the beginning, did a first fit and saw/corrected some mistakes the pro had made. No wonder I was having problems.

I will check out things tomorrow and probably do another session tomorrow night.

But, I’m in, man! This is great, and not rocket science. I wish I had done this before.

PVC, thank you for paving the way!

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That’s great news Don.
Yes…to stroke pvc’s ego…he has been fantastic in this DIY area.
He can be a bit crusty sometimes but he sure can be helpful.

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Hi, Don

If you don’t mind, via PM to me, thanks for letting me know what company you got your Noah from. I probably picked the same one you did but if I have any problem with my purchase and your company is different, then I’d go with them instead. Thanks very much for the info. Any decision as to where to purchase is totally my own responsibility - I would not fault anyone else if I happened to have a bad outcome with my own purchase.

The other thing I was wondering is whether any real warranty goes with the purchase. On ebay for $21.99 or something like that, I could purchase a 2-yr warranty from Square Trade but I didn’t know if anything like that would actually work with a gray market purchase. Perhaps @pvc or some other knowledgeable person reading this can advise…

I haven’t purchased anything on eBay since 2008 so to induce me to buy something during the Holiday Season, ebay actually gave me a 15% discount on my purchase ($45 off!) so the actual price I paid before shipping was close to $250.



Hi Jim,

It was 2014sunji. He sells hearing aids and had good reviews so I figured he would not want to risk a bad transaction. My transaction was fine. It was a new device and worked correctly. I buy off Ebay from time to time and feel pretty comfortable when there are a lot of good reviews. Don’t know about the warranty but I would assume the noahlink company would fix it. I don’t know for sure though. Square Trade would be a good option.

I also bought a hi-pro from echoii_mall and that worked out too. It is a genuine device and not a clone.

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Thanks, Don! Based on your initial comment, that was the person that I picked, too. There was another Korean seller who actually sold more, seemed to be a bigger entity but charged $60 shipping, rather than $30, and had one very negative review.

I’m just amazed at the technology. I guess before caving in to get HA’s my view of HA’s was still mentally back in the days of analog technology and growing up, I only had older relatives who hated using them. So it’s quite a delight to find out how HA’s can change the world of an old geezer (me) in a very positive way.

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The Noahlink I ordered on eBay arrived today from Korea and it works great just to import my ReSound Quattro fittings into the ReSound Smart Fit 1.3 program database so I can examine my fitting parameters in detail (and only maybe someday experiment with changing the fittings myself if I see something that I think should be/could be tweaked). My order was very well-packaged and addressed. Looks to be new. There was no seal on the box but everything looked to be in brand new condition with protective coatings on the Noahlink and the USB cord and USB manual just as one would expect to find them packed into the box at the factory, Mine has a presumptive date of manufacture of 9/17/2018 on the box. There was a shred of shrink-wrap-like plastic left under a label, perhaps indicating the box might have once been shrink-wrapped, but if the seller opened the box to test that the device was actually in working condition before shipping it all the way from Korea, I would have nothing against that and would certainly be glad if that were done to avoid all the hassle of getting a DOA device.

To help anyone else in my newbie boots, I had already played around with the software, input my audiogram, and choose the “Simulate Fitting” option without having any HA’s hooked up (well before getting Noahlink). Then with the Noahlink connected today and my HA’s nearby, I noticed that the Patient sidebar (on the left) offered me the option to connect when I was viewing my mock patient profile with input audiogram and simulated fitting. After going through the steps to connect to the Quattro’s for the mock patient I had created, the software immediately detected a mismatch between my mock, simulated fitting and the actual fitting done by the audiologist and saved into the HA’s (the advertised date difference was helpful). Smart Fit offered me several options, including to import the fitting info from my HA’s, which I did. The data imported from the HA’s was then saved automatically to the fitting database. In further playing around, I decided it would be a good idea to turn off my HA’s so as to not accidentally hit the wrong buttton and save anything back to the HA’s for now.

Following the Noahlink recommendations, I actually turned off Bluetooth on my computer so it wouldn’t be a potential interference source for the HA-Noahlink communication (and I put the HA’s close to the Noahlink). Rather than follow the Smart Fit instructions to reboot the HA’s using their power buttons, I just put my Quattro’s into and removed them from the Li-ion charging case one at a time, which effectively causes the HA’s to reboot when they’re removed from the charging case.

I can see where it might pay to have a more powerful computer. I’m using a 2011 vintage Gateway NV59 computer with an M450 Intel i5 processor supposedly capable of churning out about 2.2 GHz. But there is a bit of waiting when switching between Smart Fit view screens.