Got my new KS9 hearing aids from Costco

Got my new hearing aids, KS9 from CostCo.

Left ear has a P receiver, right ear has an M receiver. Both have a small vented dome.

Changing fitters made a HUGE difference in my experience.

The KS9 has volume adjustment, it makes 3 different tones as you adjust volume. One for the loudest, one for the softest. And one for the middle setting. When the hearing aids are turned on, they come on at the middle setting. Exactly WHERE the middle is, can be adjusted by the fitter, based on the wearer’s experience. So I will pay attention to where I spend most of my time on the volume setting and then when I return in a few weeks, that can be set as the middle, so they will turn on at the preferred setting for me. I thought that was really cool! Experienced users on here are probably familiar with this, for me this is novel.

Also, the hearing aids communicate, so I just adjust volume on one, but both will change.
During these few weeks I also have to pay attention to what I can and cannot hear, and then based on my report things can be adjusted, and the manual programs can be used if needed.

I am attaching some photos of what we discussed on the monitor. May or may not be of interest to folks. All new to me.

This one is my fitting chart. Based on this, I was able to get the P receiver for the left. Thanks so much @Sierra for all your assistance on this. Edit: Oops, no just checked, at this stage the P receiver was already on board. Guess I did not get the fitting chart after all. Not sure where this screen fit in to the process.

This shows the adjustments which were made using “auricle.” First a tube is inserted in your ear, and sounds are played; then the hearing aids are added (so both are in your ear) and adjustments are made. This is measuring sound in to the ear, and sound out of the ear. Testing and adjusting is all electronic, first one ear then the other ear. I had to sit and stare are the large round disk and NOT MOVE OR TALK, lol.

Poster on the wall, describing the dryer. I did purchase this. I had searched the internet looking for info on this dryer, but could not find it anyplace.

This one shows the automatic programs for the KS9.

Hour and half meeting, pleasant, joking, and informative. Completely different. Fitter DOES MATTER.


Please post your experience after a couple of weeks.

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OK question re volume.

I think the fitter explained that the aids talk to each other, so I adjust the volume on one and it is changed on both.

When I have volume set correctly for right ear (the better ear), the left ear is not picking up much at all. When I set the volume for the left ear (the worse of the 2), the right ear sound is REALLY LOUD.

Is there a way for me to adjust this or does the fitter have to do this?

She explained about the middle tone for the volume setting, and the aids turn on at that level. She said to pay attention to what is my preferred setting and she can adjust where that middle setting is. I am happiest with the volume softer by 4 plings . . . for the right ear. Middle is perfect for the left ear but that means the right is too darn LOUD.

Initially I determined where I preferred the volume, and that was the 4 plings softer. But in the car listening to my CD, I noticed I wasn’t aware of much with the left ear. So I removed the right aid . . . could barely hear the CD that I’d just been singing and bouncing to! Replace the right, removed the left . . . I did not turn off either one, just out of the ear and held in my lap . . . and sound was fine. Back to just the left and figured out where the sound was best, it is the middle setting. You know you are at the middle setting due to a chime tone.

I don’t return until the 22d, if this is something I can adjust on my own I’d like to do that now. Thoughts? Thanks.

Other than that, I am SO happy to be able to hear again! Walked my dogs at the Nature Conservation lands nearby and could hear the birds again! Attended book club and could follow conversation again! Oh Happy Days are Here Again!

Have you loaded the phone app for your KS9 aids?
I am not sure but I think you can adjust each ear separately with the app.

Ahahahaaaa, oh my, that makes sense.

I do not own a smart phone. So I guess I can’t do that myself. Because I don’t own a smart phone I forget that things have apps and you can do stuff that way.


Yes, you can. It’s the Split feature. the App is IMO so basic it’s almost useless, but it does do that. Getting the fitter to balance things would be better than having to adjust one aid every time you put them on, though.

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I picked up my pair exactly a week ago. Both have M-receivers and my left and right audiograms are very similar. But the right HA is also much louder, about 3 plings. The disparity seems less pronounced while streaming.
Yes, you may adjust using the Easy Line software, except for streaming. The trouble is that every time I change the volume with the HA switches the disparity returns.

Well, I hope when I have the fitter make the adjustment, that it will remain in place.

Strange that the right is louder for both of us.

I’ve discovered that you may adjust the volume for each HA using EasyLine app while streaming also. Just select BT Streaming.

As my audiogram is very different in both ears, I have my volume control, unlinked as I would like to adjust each ear individually. My program button is still linked tho.

Hopefully on your Phonaks, you can do the same.

Thank you @Zebras that is something I need to ask the fitter!

@listeningout lol I guess you didn’t read all the posts in this thread. I do not own a smart phone, so I can’t use EasyLine app. Thanks anyway.

Lol - I actually did read all the posts in this thread.

In 2019 you actually do need a smart phone for lots of things including making needed adjustments to modern hearing aids.

They are available at Costco

Michael, I tried them, could not figure them out it was very confusing. Not for me.


I had my first adjustment appointment yesterday. This appointment was made back when I picked up the hearing aids.

I requested that lower tones (deep voices, bass line in music, etc.) be a bit louder. People were still sounding a bit ‘chipmunky.’ She laughed at that. And I requested that the middle volume setting, which is where the hearing aids turn on, be softer by 3 ‘pings.’

We did not make another appointment. I was reminded that I can come in any time for an adjustment, that calling to get an appointment is usually best just to be sure someone is available. We discussed the availability of the 3 manual programs, but as I don’t have any suggestions for how to use those yet we did not set them.

Another positive experience. It was great being able to just put them on this morning, without having to stop and adjust the volume.