Got my new HA's, and am wondering how to view this?

I have been tracking my hearing loss for the last 5 years or so. Got a pair of Phonaqk Audeo p90R. Good insurance!

My 1st 3 weeks turned out to be underwhelming. My audiologist had set them at 90% of prescription, and I was finding that I was still unable to discriminate speakers with high ambient noise, TV volume was still to low. All in all, there was no sense of relief, or ‘this is what I have been waiting for’…

In addition, I was having some stress headaches probably do to the new stimulus, and these seem to have abated.

The original fitting & tuning was done with NAL-NL2, and REM. I went back yesterday, and was thinking strongly of trying something else, and we decided to give it another week. The audiologist upped the settings to provide the ‘support’ the testing suggested. This is a big improvement, but not sure that this is the ‘Eureka moment’ I was hoping for.

Sooooo, what should I expect?