Got earmolds but feeling constant pressure

Finally got molds last week. The first two days everything sounded louder and great. Then I started to get a feeling of fullness, and almost like wax or fluid is in my ear. Had to leave out my left aid for a day or two because I could not hear that well. Back in now two days but I have a constant feeling of pressure (like on an aero plane and ears need to pop) it’s with and without my aids in. In both ears but more so the left……when I pull my ear out the way - it opens up the sound to be clear.

When I cleaned me ears there’s almost no wax at all!!! My hearing feels like I have a clogged filter (but replaced them with no difference!!)

Anyone had anything similar?

Have a call to get appointment with ENT!!!

A question, do your ear molds have vents, and if so have you check to make sure they aren’t stopped up.


Google occlusion. That might help explain things if your vent isn’t plugged like Kemp says.

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What brand of molds?

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It was the blocked vents. It’s happening every day or two, only in one ear. Had ears cleaned and no difference. Something I can do? Thanks.


My friend finds one ear blocks the vent more but it’s not wax. It seems to be from moisture build up.

He just cleans the vent every morning with this.

John, I originally had hard acrylic moulds. Then a softer plastic which would discolour with the wax. My left ear also produces more wax. Whatever I had always felt hot and uncomfortable.
Our provider (UK NHS) contracted out and they used a double flanged dome. Great improvement but she never actually measured my ear canals. I got a smaller dome for my right ear. Much more comfortable. So much better I downsized the left one too. My ears still got hot and uncomfortable after 10 hours or so.
Then switched to Phonak and the Audi provided a different, but similar, dome. Again a big improvement but the right, once again, became uncomfortable before the left. These were the smallest Power Domes. My Audi then gave me vented dome for the right ear. The comfort level again improved but at the expense of audio clarity. It was so much better I used the vented dome on the other ear too. Now I can wear the aids for 15 hours plus and sometimes forget to take them out when I shower or go to bed.
The bottom line is that the aids that give you the best hearing enhancement are those that you can wear all the time.