Google Pixel 2 Bluetooth Volume / Compilot Volume


Some models of the Google Pixel 2 have inadequate call volume and it is a known manufacturer defect. I use a Compilot 2 with my telephone. I was struggling with this new phone…I could not hear a call. I called Verizon many times trying to get assistance with the issue…they were no help. I finally got to Google…and the representative admitted it is a known defect and they sent me a new phone.

Problem solved.

This was a huge stressful issue…I am so glad its fixed!



Okay…problem not solved. Here is the deal. The Pixel 2 and likely Pixel 3 have separate circuits for call volume and media volume such as Pandora or a podcast.

I filed a lawsuit against Verizon and Google last week because I cannot use my hearing aids as a hands free devise…and as we all know a standard hands free device doesn’t broadcast into our hearing aid microphones. It is likely that the Pixel 3 has the same problem.

I will let you all know how it turns out.



I think all Android phones have separate volume for call audio and media audio.

Your hearing aid pro can set the call audio volume up or down in the hearing aid software. You can then fine tune that on a call with the Compilot 2 buttons.



I am looking through Target…I can’t find any adjustment for volume on the Compilot. There are two areas in Target that effect the Compilot, the Fine Tuning Tab and the Device Options tab. I can’t see in either tab where call volume can be adjusted.

I am missing something?



You can do fine tuning on every program individually. Under Streaming Programs you should see the Bluetooth Call program. If you click on it you can click on fine tuning and have all the detail gain settings to choose from. Also, for that program you can click on Program Options and change the mic volume which affects how much surrounding sounds you hear while on a call.

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