Good News iPhone 11 Owners - IOS 13.1.3 fixes Bluetooth Hearing Aid Connections

Today Apple released IOS 13.1.3 with release notes stating they repaired Bluetooth connections for hearing aids and some cars (see notes below). I installed the update and then repaired my Phonak Marvel’s to the iPhone, and low-n-behold, the update worked. I can stream music and take phone calls on my iPhone 11 Pro again. I was also successful in repairing the iPhone 11 Pro to my BMW Bluetooth connection…so, all that was lost, is now found again. Yea! (Thank you Apple and Phonak engineers for this fix!!)

According to Apple’s release notes for the software, the iOS 13.1.3 update introduces bug fixes and performance improvements …

  • Fixes an issue where Voice Memos recordings may not download after restoring from iCloud Backup
  • Addresses an issue where apps might fail to download when restoring from ‌iCloud‌ Backup
  • Fixes an issue that can prevent Apple Watch from pairing successfully
  • Resolves an issue where notifications may not be received on ‌Apple Watch‌
  • Fixes an issue where Bluetooth may disconnect on certain vehicles
  • Improves connection reliability of Bluetooth hearing aids and headsets
  • Addresses launch performance for apps that use Game Center

Source: Apple Releases iOS 13.1.3 With Bug Fixes for Phone, Mail, Health, and More - MacRumors


Great news Mac, thanks for sharing.

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My problem is with the WiFi dropping out. I keep having to turn WiFi off and back on again to get it to work. Sure hope they fix it.

Keeps asking for a password in my TT.

One of my customers had a bit of a breakdown when he updated to the last version on his IPhone X and killed the functionality on his Quattros the day before he flew to watch the rugby in Japan.

Why people don’t have phones on manual update when the whole world is screaming out loud about ‘bugs’ in the latest update from Apple is just beyond me…

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The update seems to have fixed most of the issues that I have worked around

IOS 13.1.3 fixed Bluetooth issues in my MX5! Now I have hands free phone!

So what were the issues people were experiencing? I’m rocking KS8’s and haven’t noticed anything amiss - in fact, I found a move to iOS13 improved things.

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I have KS8’s and an iPhone 7. The aids are not a problem, but my phone WiFi kept dropping out with iOS 13. Just put the 13.1.3 in yesterday, and so far so good…

Hey chonk83…my post earlier this week was directed at iPhone 11 users as the original (1st issue of) IOS 13 software loaded on the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, had broken Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth on IOS 13 worked fine on earlier versions of Apple iPhones, (iPhone XS, X, 8, 7, etc). So, I agree with you that IOS 13 works great NOW, but us iPhone 11 owners had to wait 3+ weeks for the fix and during that time we had no phone call or music streaming to our hearing aids. But, now all is back to normal. (Thanks for you comment in the OP)

After Heard this good news about solve issue about connectivity with iphone 11. I trying from 4 days. But still have problem with connectivity. I have iphone 11. I updated o.s 13.1.3 and reinstalled phonak remote app but still not connecting app with both hearing aid. Paired successfully but connected sign of both hearing aid in app not connected.
Kindly advise me how to solve my Bluetooth problem with phonak marvel 90 with iphone 11.
Thanks in Advance

Hi Maxxam82, I’m not a Tech guy, so I’m not sure I can help you. But for starters, if you’re not connecting to either the myPhonak app OR the Bluetooth in the settings on the iPhone… I suggest you delete whatever is showing for a connection in both the myPhonak app and also on the phone in Settings> Bluetooth. Once you have no evidence of any hearing aids, reboot your phone so all the systems are flushed in this regard. Then, repair the aids with the myPhonak app first. Once you have a good connection there, go to Settings > Bluetooth on the iPhone and pair again. Remember, you have to turn your hearing aids off completely, and then back on for the pairing operation to work in both the myPhonak app and the iPhone Bluetooth…so this means you’re turning the aids off and back on once for each pairing or a total of two times.

I hope this helps…if not, I suggest you call Phonak Support at 1-800-679-4871 and they will walk you through it all step-by-step.


Amen. I only manually install updates. Never on release date. :blush:

I am having a terrible time with my Oticon Minirite 1 and my fairly new iPad and my iPhone 8 ever since I downloaded 13. I now have 13.1.3. Nothing works properly. It has been so bad that Apple gave me a new iPad last week but I am having trouble with it too. My HA shut off and on all the time, there are funny noises on them (they too have been replaced last month) but every time I connect them everything goes crazy. I am connecting them properly, according to Apple and Oticon. Is anyone else having these problems?

IOS 13.1.3 actually caused my Resounds to lose connectivity. It was only after trying several things that the connectivity fixed itself since I did not make any changes. Now, if I get out of range with my phone and then get back in range, these aids are making the beeping sounds I hear when I change the volume. There seems to be way more beeps than necessary.

I was listening to music and in the phone with my Livio ai hearing aids the first half of today. I noticed the update in the early afternoon, so I ran the update. Immediately dropped my hearing aids connections. Tried several pairing troubleshooting processes to no avail. Talked to Apple, I have a iPhone Mac XS, and they told me that I must need a firmware update because it couldn’t be the update. Apple service is terrible, and I cannot use my hearing aids with my phone.

iOS 13.1.3 has not resolved connectivity issues with my ReSound Linx2 hearing aids. Problems include no sounds for most text messages, no ring sound for most calls, no streaming or just streaming to one hearing aid only, Forgetting & re-pairing my hearing aids helps marginally.


IOS13.1.3 downloaded today for me, and until I discovered a trick, it didn’t improve the problems experienced with my Resound LiNX 3D 61 HAs on my iPhone SE. The trick was to go into Settings, Accessibility, Hearing Devices, then clicking on my connected MFI Hearing Devices, and pressing “Forget This Device”. I then turned Bluetooth off completely, then back on, and then reconnected my HAs (had to turn them off and on again to pair to the phone). Now all is working like in the pre-IOS 13 days! Yay!

“Forget This Device” & disable/enable Bluetooth worked for about an hour for me via iOS 13.1.3. My ReSound hearing aids are an older model than yours so hopefully your results will hold. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Same problem with my Signia 13 BT (2017). Hope the issues get fixed. The previous iOS worked flawlessly.

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