Good hearing aid carry box

I am looking for a new carrying box for my hearing aids, just for overnight storage really. I live in a very dry area so have no need of a giant air-fan box, just something to keep them in. Unfortunately here each hearing aid is provided in a single aid box, big enough for one aid only. I want a box that will comfortably and securely hold 2 hearing aids, some spare batteries, some audio shoes and Phonak receivers, without everything all being thrown in together in a heap, I want the hearing aids neatly secured. I feel it’s ridiculous to have these many thousands of pounds value hearing aids then cram them in a rubbish plastic box. Is there something nice out there to store them in?

Oh, they are reasonably large body hearing aids, size of a Siemens Motion.

Edit to add: Looking for something for sale in Europe or with reasonable shipping outside the USA. (i.e. not more than the cost of the item!)


There is a store called The Container Store that has many stores around the country as well as a website. You may find what you are looking for there.

As was stated in another thread you can probably get a new box from you audiologist for free. They have more then they know what to do with. Keep in mind that aids get most of their moisture from the person wearing the aids and not necessarily from the environment in which a person lives.

Sorry, not been well enough to come back for a while. Yes my audiologist can get me as many boxes as I can carry away with me, but ALL of them are the same single aid carrying box. I don’t want to carry one box for each hearing aid, I am looking for a box which will hold both of my hearing aids in the same box. Seems odd that despite the vast majority of fittings being binaural they still supply them in single boxes. That’s how they supply them to the NHS contract, not sure if private disapensers have a range of two-aid boxes but not had any luck getting a box from them because I am not a current patient with any private providers.

You can get a pelican case in about any size you want. Add come closed cell foam and you are set. I have also used Altoid tins and what not in the same manner.

Would a hard eye glass case work?

Here is a case: