Good deal on Resound Multi Mic

I have Resound Lynx3D’s (which have bluetooth). They offer a number of accessories that extend the BT compatibility. The one I finally bought is their Multi Mic. It’s a little rechargeable clip-on device which broadcasts direct to your HAs, with either a built-in microphone, a stereo input audio jack, or a auditorium loop. I got one from an Amazon vendor for $300. I think that vendor now shows it at $400. I wanted to get 2 more of these (upstairs TV, downstairs TV, apartment TV, etc). The HAs will let you pair up to 3 BT devices, so I was OK. But that is a LOT of $$. I tried eBay and searched multi mic, and found a place in Texas (RAKI Computer) that had them “used” for $35. Returnable, so I ordered 2. They arrived promptly. They didn’t look used, but not in a real package, just a small ziplok bag. Unlike #1, these didn’t have a Resound brand on them. Don’t know where they came from. One works fine; the other appeared to charge, but not turn on. I returned that one for a replacement. EBay indicated they didn’t have a replacement, but would refund the price, and they paid for return shipping. I’m sure they will throw it out when they get it. I went back to their website and saw they still had them available, so I ordered one, which arrived yesterday. It works fine!. Strangely, this one IS branded Resound.
I find this accessory to be VERY useful. I use it not just for TV, but with my ham radio gear as a better substitute for headphones. Just a heads-up for a good deal. Can’t tell you if it’s compatible with other brand BT HAs.
Don in VA

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That is an excellent deal!

While a bit more expensive, I got my Multi Mic from Costco almost a year ago for $206 brand new. Since the battery is irreplaceable and determines the long-term life span of the device that’s an important consideration in the long run. Although mine is branded “ReSound,” I can only obtain warranty service through Costco.

Another comment is I had always assumed the wiring streaming function was stereo since the supplied cable appears to be a double-ended male stereo plug. However, I just noticed the datasheet for the Multi Mic that I downloaded from the ReSound website says “mixed mono” for wired streaming.

Yeah, I’m concerned about non-replaceable rechargeables, too. I’d be especially leery about them in HAs, since you really need them to work, and buying a 2nd pair just as a backup is for the rich. I occasionally don’t get the phone charger properly plugged in and wake to find it still at 30%. Can do without the phone, if necessary, but not HAs.
Although RAKI says these are used, the appear to be brand new, Maybe they get them directly from the manf, but don’t mark them up like Resound & others. Even at Costco $200, I can replace these 6 times for the price.
The wired sound sounds stereo, though I’d have to check. It would make sense since the onboard mic has 2 elements. I’m just happy to have the sound go direct to the brain.

Is the Resound Multi Mic similar to the Phonak Remote Mic?
Or is it like the Roger equipment?

My take is kind of in between. It can be omni directional or directional and I believe also does adaptive gain so is more advanced than Phonak Remote Mic, but not as advanced as Phonak Roger. It can be used with Phonak Roger devices by attaching a Roger X receiver to the MultiMic. My understanding of the hierarchy of remote microphines is 1)Roger, 2) MultiMic, 3) the rest
Downside of MultiMic is that it only streams to Resound hearing aids, but for Resound hearing aid users, it is an outstanding deal. If I didn’t have such a striking high frequency loss, I’d seriously look at Resound, but their frequency lowering system isn’t very sophisiticated.


Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered one. I’d like to try it out for the telecoil loop in our local theater. For $35 it’s worth a shot. I bought a tv streamer off eBay and it’s worked very well for me at a quarter of the retail price.

There’s both a quick-start & full docs about multi mic on the Resound site. Sorry I don’t have a link. To pair it with your HAs you flip the clip out of the way to reveal a tiny button you press with a pen point. Then you open and close he battery doors on the HAs and it will pair. Then on the phone app you will see an additional “program” icon in addition to the usual 4. That selects the MM.
Richmond VA has a group that posts which locales have loops. Unfortunately, most are churches.

I bought the Beltone version one for my resound quattros, as a back up. It works great, and was even cheaper, Beltone is made by resound, uses the same microphone. As they are over $300 new, under $30. for it is great. Directions are on the resound web site, all you would need in addition is a charger.and a cord for hanging it on someone if you want one.