Good Costco Fitter near Trenton NJ?


Asking for my mom. I think we can safely say that her current audiologist/technology is not working for her. She’s got 12 year old hearing aids, and it’s difficult to converse with her. She’s excited about the possibility of Costco. I’m aware that Costco isn’t a monolithic single experience, but that she’ll need a good fitter. Any good experience in central-western NJ/Eastern PA?



Bumping this topic. My mom finally went to a Costco in Lawrenceville NJ and had a bad experience with the fitting. They sent her back for an earwax cleaning, and then they weren’t satisfied (the doc said they were fine) . But then in the hearing test, they kept the door to the testing booth open, with all the Costco noise coming in. Then a computer crash, lost the test data, sort of fudged the rest of the test. Then they sent her out in the store with a different aid in each ear to see how she liked them. Needless to say, since she hasn’t been hearing well for almost a decade, the sound in the store with the new HAs was not pleasant.
I wish I could take her to my audi but too far. I understand the variability of Costcos.

So, any great Costco hearing departments in central NJ or eastern PA?



I can’t help you with a specific one as I am in Canada, but I did shop around the Costcos before I selected one. I did most of it by phone, and asked some questions about how they do the fitting, do they do speech in noise, do they use the REM to do the final fitting, etc. I knew the answers, but I wanted to have a discussion with them to see what each sounded. The biggest issue is getting past the receptionists who don’t know those answers. In your case you may want to talk to them about the age of your mother and other issues, just to see how they will handle it. In the end it does come down to the specific fitter and their ability/attitude.