Good Costco audiologists in Seattle

Hello, I recently got my hearing tested and I have mixed reverse slope hearing loss. I’ve been researching, and apparently this type is rare and pretty hard to fit so I need a good audiologist/ fitter. The catch is my insurance is only good at Costco hearing centers, so I have to go through a Costco store. Does anyone have any information about the Costcos in the Seattle area? Any advice for getting a good fitting for my type of loss is welcome as well. Thanks!

PS I have no idea how to share a pic of my audiograph but it looks like
250 - 25
500 - 50
800 - 60
1k - 50
1800 - 35
2k - 30
3200 - 25
4k - 20
6500 - 30
8k - 40

This site has a way to put in ( enter upload ) your audiogram and not just uploading an image.

Click your icon in the upper right
Click on the little preferences gear icon in the upper right.
Click on Expand in the upper right.
Click on Hearing Tracker Profile in the upper middle-ish area.
Click on Add My Audiogram below the chart.
Here you can double click to place.
Be sure to choose right or left ear in the lower right to move or place an o or x.
The minimum required is .5, 1, 2 and 4 KHz.
Blue = X = left
Red = O = right
For these purposes you only need to find the x’s and o’s.
Moving and placing the x’s and o’s around can be a little finicky so if you’d prefer, click on Manual Entry on the left side.


Thank you I added it.

I have a reverse slope loss as well. Not sure if you have a true reverse slope loss or cookie bite or whatnot. Anyway in my experience the fitters will want to give you a lot of low frequency gain. The problem is what is called the upward spread of masking. There’s a podcast by Oticon that explains it well. See if the fitter can watch it. But again I’m not sure your hearing loss is a reverse slope or cookie bite pattern.

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I’d like to know were to get insurance that would cover hearing aid purchases at Costco.

I’ve watched that video, it would be awesome if I can get the audiologist to watch it. The audiologist told me I had reverse slope loss, but truthfully it may be cookie bite, it actually looks like a roller coaster to me… maybe I’m inventing something new!. Truthfully it probably doesn’t matter, the challenges with fitting will be similar either way. I’ve learned alot about reverse slope loss in the past few days and I’ve heard about the upward spread of masking. I’ve already printed some articles to show to the audiologist when I go. I’m currently scheduled with an ENT in 2 weeks to rule out any treatable medical conditions since my HL is mixed. I have to have patience until then so I’m trying to be as prepared as possible.

My husband is employed by Costco and their company offers a hearing aid benefit through their stores only with an allowance of a certain amount. They do the same thing with their vision benefits -an allowance only valid through their stores.

I don’t see it on that page. But I would be interested in it definitely.

The title is “Fitting Low Frequency Hearing Loss.”

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