Good & Bad Experiences With Phonak Brio R312T

Does anyone here have an opinion on these aids?

They are fantastic hearing aids. They can hit most prescriptive targets and are very effective in the presence of background noise.

I have been test-driving a pair of Phonak Brio R312Ts for almost 3 months now and I have decided to keep them. Some things work well, some not so well. I have the telecoil program set as program 2 and I must say that I am very impressed with it. I no longer avoid the phone at all costs as I did before. With the binaural streaming technology, calls now come through loud and clear on the land line. Same with the cell phone. I have the ComPilot remote, but find I don’t need to use it with the cell. I just switch to the telecoil when the cell phone rings and calls come through 5 x 5. I also have the TV streamer and can now listen to the news for the first time in 20 years without having to read the subtitles. With a bit more fine tuning, which I am doing myself, I think I can improve the TV streamer for general TV watching. At a restaurant this evening, I sat across from my wife and could hear her quite well, in spite of a number of noisy kids nearby, much better than with my previous HAs. I was using a separate speech in noise program which focuses on the person across the table. Most people in a one-on-one situation, I can hear well, however I occasionally run into someone who is almost totally unintelligible. A man came to the house today to install some new appliances and I hardly got a word he said, although my wife had no trouble hearing him. I can work on the fine tuning and hopefully improve that situation. Battery life is a bit short, I only get 4 to 5 days use.

I have found the Costco fitters knowledgeable and competent. And you can’t beat the price or the 3 month trial period.