Good audiologists who bill L&I in Phoenix

I am retired and live in Sun City AZ, it’s a suburb of Phoenix. I spent my career in a noisy factory and now wear hearing aids that are covered by Labor and Industries “Sedgwick”. I would like to find a good hearing aid center. I tried to use the hearing tracker pro finder on this site. Are all of them good and recommended or only the blue ones that are verified? I called Dr. Cliff Olson’s “Applied Hearing Solutions” but they don’t accept L&I insurance. Then I tried “Happy Ears” another one on your site and they also don’t work with L&I. Does anyone have any recommendations from the Phoenix area?

Does your insurance website include a “Find a Provider” link? That may be a place to start. Narrow the field down to the ones who do take your insurance.

While I can appreciate wanting to use the insurance benefit you have earned or have paid for I would argue that some things (like your ability to hear) may be worth abandoning the insurance benefit if it limits your ability to select the provider or product you want or need. Does Sedgewick allow you to go out of network and submit your claim after paying your provider directly? Also not limiting yourself to what your insurance provider will allow lets you shop the market to get the best care or products suited to you whether its a Dr. Cliff, Costco or some other provider.

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Agreed. Much “insurance” for things like hearing aids, eyeglasses and dentistry is little more than a “buying club” that promises discounted care.

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They don’t have a provider link, wish they did. I’ll just call around. I have the time, I’m retired.
Thanks for the response.

You make a good point Butch, it might be worth the money for a better product. Thanks for the input.

Call them and ask for a list of providers in your area. We pay enough in premiums, we can ask for assistance.

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Hate to a broken record but any chance you are a veteran?

Good suggestion but unfortunately not.