Good aftermarket blue tooth TV transmitter

I don’t mind paying over $200 for a blue tooth transmitter IF I have to but I can’t believe there aren’t some excellent no lag blue tooth xmitters that will pair and work well with an Oticon Streamer. (latest technology) Anybody have a favorite?

Doesn’t Oticon have a TV transmitter? You would probably get better results with the company equipment.

They do have one but it’s 200+ dollars. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with after market products. There are tons of them out there.

If you want to use a BT transmitter, look for one that can function while charging as it works better with a TV situation. Many don’t work while charging. I picked up one on Amazon that should have limited latency. I don’t know if any of the normal ones eliminate it completely. The one I got was the Keedox. Because TV is working out well most of the time with the sound bar that emphasizes speech, I haven’t fiddled with setting it up yet.

Thanks Ken

Dish Network’s new hopper box has bluetooth. I’ve connected it directly to my streamer and it works great!

Any suggestions for the Cochlear phone clip connecting to work phones? I have a BAHA 4

For my work phone I use the Plantronics MDA200 and the Bluetooth dongle called the SSP2714-01. My phone and desktop computer both connect to it and it is paired to my Phone Clip+. Works really well.

I have been using a QLink from Clear Sounds to couple my tv to my Oticon Streamer. Been working find for three years.

Just got the dish reconnected. Thanks!

I bought a BT transmitter from Amazon last month for about $40 ($50?) If still interested - I’ll look it up.
The TV sound is fed from an optical output to a splitter. One leg goes into a soundbar, the other output leg goes to the BT splitter. Wife, who likes to blast the sound from some TV programs (like Walking Dead) listens thru a BT headset while I listen at normal volume (or tune the soundbar off).

I’m interested in knowing the make/model.

I really don’t want to buy something that won’t pair to my Streamer and return it over and over again. I was debating asking the A/V store to power up numerous transmitters until we found one that would work.

I was surprised to find that the old Phonak Bluetooth streamer from my previous aids works well with the Smart Connect I got with my Costco Rexton Trax 42.
Listening to TV about the same as mid-range headphones.

I have recently switched from oticon epoq to Kirkland resound linx. I was told all accessories I bought $800 streamers, phone and tv were now useless and not compatible.( of course not).
Really do not want to spend $325 for tv steamer from resound. These hearing aids have bluetooth tech and do not require a streamer. I wonder if an off market bt transmitter would communicate with them to save money. Has ANY body at all been successful?

I bought a BT streamer (about $30 or $40) to use as follows:
I split the sound going from TV to (1) the soundbar and (2) to the BT streamer. I then paired a set of BT headphones with thee streamer. The idea was that wife (she doesn’t use HA) could listen to a couple of her shows (like Walking Dead) at high volume w.o. driving me nuts.
So – if you could pair the HA to the streamer - it would work. I bought it from Amazon. The exact make/model would depend on the type of connection you have for the outgoing audio from TV (Optical, 3.5 jack, RCA type).
My guess is, tho, knowing how HA mfrs. work, - you won’t be able to pair the HA system to any outside BT source. (Hopefully, I’m wrong.)

Look up “Bluetooth Streamer” on Amazon. I bought 2 of these - one to use in our 2nd home. Need to look up brand and models.

The hearing aids will receive from an iphone, the Resound TV transmitter, and the Phone Clip+. They will not connect to a generic BT transmitter (without the Phone Clip+). The Resound TV transmitter works very well. I use mine daily. Very easy to start and stop and great sound quality (your pro can make adjustments). I use the Resound Phone Clip+ too, to connect to my cell phone, office phone, office desktop computer, home laptop, and tablet. It is great having all my devices go through my hearing aids. Again, you have to have the Phone Clip+ to connect to BT transmitters.

I’m confused. What does a “streamer” do?
My ideal set up would be:
I am on the phone (cell) a lot during the day. I have worn a BT headset for years before I got my first HA. I am still able to use the headset on top of my HA w. no problem the past 5 years.
So the ideal technology would be the ability for my HA to have BT ability built in so I can get rid of the BT headset. However, it would seem that the battery in the HA would have to be bigger AND rechargeable.


I just got my bluetooth streamer from amazon. How do I pair it with the smart connect if its a third party manufacturer? No luck so far.

Here is the BT transmitter I bot for $28.

There should be no trouble pair one brand of Bluetooth equipment with another brand. Example would be you could pair any brand of cell phone to any brand of Bluetooth headset. I have done that numerous times over the last 10 or 15 years. Exactly what equipment are you trying to pair?

I bought the same one, it paired right up. But no good for TV, voice sync problem. I do use it all the time with the laptop.