Going to Costco for Fitting my (Rexton) Trax 42 -- Any Advice?

I’m heading to Costco this week to pick up my very first hearing aids. I am SO pleased with the Costco audiologist who is helping me. I’m sure I will start with standard domes and not worry about custom molds unless I have a problem.

Do any of you have advice for me? Things to ask about, things to be sure are done, etc. I want to get off to a good start.

You will see below that my hearing loss verges on severe at high frequencies. I’m almost amazed that I have been able to go this long without hearing aids, but it’s time for sure. Too many “What did you say?” questions!

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions you can offer. :slight_smile:

Hz 250 500 1K 2K 3K 4K 6K 8K
L 10 10 15 70 70 75 80 80
R 15 15 32 70 65 65 65 65

Pay attention to the wire length. Mine were too long and really stuck out. I had them go to a smaller length and the fit was nice and snug.

Request extra domes and wax guards so you can install yourself if you are comfortable with that. They should demo how to change them.

If you need these to hear speech better, you will want them to play around with the setting upfront.

Schedule your next appointment for no later than one week. I actually went back the next day because I was not happy with the original settings.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have had a VERY SUCCESSFUL experience so far with my Rexton Trax 42c hearing aids from Costco. The Costco hearing aid dispenser who is working with me is outstanding. She takes her time to make sure everything is perfect, and really knows the product and associated software. Bear in mind that I had never had hearing aids in the past, and now, three days after getting mine, am totally comfortable with them and delighted at the improvement in what I hear.

For a total of $2,799.98 I got the two hearing aids (RIC with 312 batteries), the Smart Connect bluetooth remote control and audio streaming device, a supply of batteries and replacement tulip domes, and really good service. I have four different programs: Automatic, Noise/Party, Focus 360, and Music. Easy to switch among them using either the SmartPhone app “Smart Connect” or the rocker switch on my left ear hearing aid. However, the Automatic program seems so good and flexible that I rarely change programs.

Cell phone calls come right though my hearing aids … just great. And landline calls are good, too, since I just hold the handset at (or a little above and behind) my ear and the microphone on the hearing aid pics up the caller’s voice beautifully. Went to a classical music concert today and enjoyed hearing every note, crisply and clearly. And I’ll pair my Bluetooth TV to the Smart Connect device to get the audio directly into my hearing aids.

The net cost at Costco of the Rexton Trax 42c with the Smart Connect device was just $800 more than I would have spent on the Costco Kirkland 6.0 hearing aids, which are good, but did not match the Rexton quality when I compared the two brands. Worth every penny, considering that I would expect to pay $8,000 or so for comparable quality from a non-Costco hearing aid center.

Just color me HAPPY!