Going into loud restaurant


I’m going to a restaurant at luch today known to have a lot of noise, very loud machines along with the usual people noise and I will try out all the functions again. Narrow directionality, 360 directionality, speech in loud noise, and the general Autosense program.

Wish me luck. Anything else i can test?

It’s Hattie B’s and it’s chicken and waffles day.


You might play around with overall volume settings. Sometimes the overall loudness is overwhelming for me and dropping it down a notch can be helpful. Some of your programs may already do that.


Do you use frequency lowering? Maybe something worth trying out, given your high frequency hearing loss.


It would seem to me with my very limited knowledge of these things, that having the SoundSmoothing set to max (level 3?) would be helpful in a restaurant. Seem inevitable that someone will drop a tray of dishes, cutlery, or glasses.


Ha. Nope, everything is pretty much wide-a** open. :grin:

I will try playing around with volume.


I’m not usually bothered by that since I have had hearing aids for several years now. There is an impulse sound slider and I think it is set for moderate (medium-high) on the speech in loud noise program.


Yes, I have it set to bring things down to 1500-4000 on the better ear, and 1300-4000 on the worse. It helps audibility a lot!


My understanding of the KS 8.0 is that SoundSmoothing can be set to one of three levels.



All three settings worked well again. I settled on the speech in loud noise manual program and actually turned it up one click and I heard as well as anyone else at my table. Some of them were saying “what”.