Going insane over this--please help!

I’ve been wearing CIC’s happily for ten years. Long story short…five months ago I lost my right CIC and went to my audi to get some spanking new ones. Due to a bunch of fit and “it doesn’t sound right” problems, I’m still having difficulties. Here’s the strange thing…and what’s making me crazy! I have a loaner pair in (Phonaks) and the aids feel like they’re rubbing in my canals, causing a crunching sound in both ears when I smile. This noise is NOT coming from the aids’ circuitry, because even my old aid is doing this! It doesn’t happen without my aids in, or when I hold my head perfectly still. All the exams of my ears are perfectly normal…no itching, wax, etc. For the LIFE of me I cannot figure out what is causing this rubbing and catching and crunching. I’m thinking perhaps I’m dehydrated? But my audi says my ear canals don’t appear to be dry or flaky! Also, I’ve always preferred the red-and-blue colored CIC’s for ease of use, and wondering if the matte finish is somehow causing this? ANYONE’s input would be appreciated! I’m a 41 year old female and the thought of BTE’s is just so depressing to me, because I have long hair and a very active lifestyle. I’m so upset over this…thanks in advance.

It could be just that they don’t “fit” in your ear right. I wear BTE’s with custom molds and have had to have molds remade because of this. They should make a tight seal, and if they’re don’t they can move around which could be causing the rubbing and the “noise” you hear. Do they also make “noise” when you chew?

The noise only happens when I move my face a lot, as in smiling.

" . . .the thought of BTE’s is just so depressing to me, because I have long hair and a very active lifestyle."

I’m very new to hearing aids, so please help me understand your comment. I thought long hair would be “good” from an asthetic perspective since it would hide the HA. Are you saying it gets caught in your hair? Or is there some other downfall to BTE that I’m missing? It’s probably what I will get due to a (what I understand to be) higher quality amplification.


Your ear canal, aka EAC, is not an unmoving canal.

The front wall of your EAC is the tip of your jawbone. So, when you talk or chew or smile, you move your jawbone and that causes your EAC to “flex”.

And, as the EAC is flexing it rubs against anything that’s in your EAC. Try sticking your pinkie in your ear as far as it will go and then open and close your mouth as much as you can. You can feel the movement in the EAC.

You have to have the shell remade to account for and minimize this “crunching”.

Shell labs do this all the time. This is not unusual.

Long hair can cause noises as it rubs against the mics.
I have short hair but I have at time let it go to long and it can get to be irritating.

I’m sorry, Jonathan, I didn’t mean to discourage you. The truth is that I have no experience with BTE’s, having only used CIC’s for ten years. CIC’s are what I know…and I did have an open fit BTE as a loaner once while my CIC was being repaired, and my long hair brushing the mic drove me nuts, as did putting my hair behind my ear because I kept forgetting the BTE was there. Yes, my hair did hide it, but my tendency to swipe my hair behind my ears made me constantly dislodge the BTE. Hope this clarifies things.

Yes, I know all about movement. It’s just that I’ve scoured the internet and even these forums and haven’t found any complaints like mine…the “crunching” noise. Plus my old hearing aid is doing the same thing, which seems strange. It came on slowly, not all of the sudden. I have had a recent weight loss of around ten pounds, maybe that accounts for the difference in my ear canals.

Your weight loss or just the fact that our ears “grow” all of our lives could cause the canal to be “bigger” than the HAs were made for. And as stated, it’s not unusual to have to have molds remade when “new”. I’ve done it a few times. There is a period of time they allow for this to be done w/o cost to you.

You said that your old one is doing it also,and that the old never used to do it.

Is that right?

So, the shell, ( at least for the old one ) can’t be the cause since it was ok at one point and is now associated w/ the crunching.

So, it has to be some change in the ear canal. A weight loss could very well account for a change in ear canal configuration, although 10 lbs doesn’t seem to be THAT much of a loss to cause this much of a problem.

I remember once I had a hair growing in my ear,it was growing out of the wall of my ear canal and it was very close to my eardrum.

In fact it was so close, that when I smiled it caused the hair to rub on my eardrum causing a really loud scratching noise. Had a doc friend pluck the hair and no more scratching.

Your audi is going to have to help you in finding out what’s going on in your ear canal.

Good luck