Go Astros You Can Do It

Pulling for the Astros.
Nationals ain’t no slouch.
Ouch, Nationals home run.

Looks like potential to be high scoring game!

Hope so.
Love base running.

The Phonak Compilot2 is doing great for the game.

Great pitching so far.

Looked promising for a bit. Don’t get many opportunities like that.

The fat lady ain’t singing yet.
Best of 7.
Yankees whooped ass the first game with the Astros.

Tight game tonight.
A couple good pitchers with two good hitting teams.

Turning into a blowout.
No breaks for the Astros tonight.
I was just told only 17% of World Series teams came back from a 2 game deficit.

FiveThirtyEight.com gives them a 19% chance of winning the series.


Looking good!!!

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Winning but as my wife always says need some insurance runs.

My granddaughter’s husband is a pitcher for the Astros.
Collin McHugh

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That’s awesome.
We like him.
As a matter of fact we wish he was available.
Hope to see him next year.

1 Down.
3 to go.

Go Astros

Series at 2 and 2.

Go Astros!

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Fun series. Crazy that each visitor wins, not home team. Lets see if that trend continues…

Yeah, I was just talking to another member about that. Lose at home and win on the road.
Stros are getting their bat back.
Did see the grand slam?

Yes, I’ve seen all the play off games and now the WS.

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Series at 3 and 2 now, Astros up.

Go Go Astros!

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