GNResound Be9 (or Be7) experiences?

Hi all, I am using a non-custom Be9 and found the sound quality/fit/comfort excellent - while it worked!

I had the first one fail (lost amplification) and it was replaced.

Number 2 lost amplification and Resound had it for a while and returned it “fixed”. Now its gone again…

It seems 5-6 months is the life of this aid (in my ear, anyway…).

Has anybody experienced GOOD reliability with these instruments or is it time to cut my losses?

Also, has anyone successfully had Resound replace the Be with a different unit because of unreliability?



And that’s all I can say.

My right ha this went dead put new battery in heard very faint startup beep thats all I get.
Did your audi send yours back or did you? Havn’t tried adjusting yet. Anyone have this happened?

The few patients I have with the BE have had the same issues. Another common issue is the tubing is not built to withstand moisture or handling of any kind really, and so it fogs up and splits where it connects with the body of the instrument.

2 solutions that have worked for my patients:

  1. switch to an open bte model, this still leaves your ear open (more than the BE does anyway), and gives sustainable sound quality.

  2. switch to the Resound Live 5 (7 or 9) Remote Mic ITC model. This is the same concept of the BE, where the mic is located in the concha of the ear. But it doesn’t come in a non-custom style. You order a custom style but they can vent it quite a bit for a more open fit.

The Resound Live Remote Mics seem to have been built more sturdy than the BE, probably because it was Resound’s first attempt at putting a mic in the concha of the ear. I have about 8 patients withe the Live 5 ITCs, and so far so good. But it has only been about 2 months since they hit our market, so these patients aren’t even finished with their trial period yet.

I’d need your audiogram results to fully recommend anything, but the open BTE option is definitely the more sound decision from a repair standpoint, in my experience.

How old is your aid? It might take some sweet talking, but Resound would most likely upgrade you for no charge in order to keep you happy. Do you go through your audi for repairs?

Good luck!

dr. amy