GN Resound MX70 with CS44 and Hi-Pro

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This is my first post…

I have a USB Hi-Pro box all installed and recognised in Aventa 2.6 with the CS44 cables - but I can’t find where on the actual MX70-D hearing aids to plug the cable?

Please Help!

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London, UK

How exciting! I’m a week away from having everything I need to program my old MX-60-D Metrix Mini, the Hi-Pro and cables should be delivered by weeks end.
I’m not familiar with the MX-70, I’m looking at a picture of it in my Aventa 2.7 have you looked in the compartment below the volume wheel? My MX-60 has the programming port under a rubber cover located between the microphone and program select button.

Maybe in the battery compartment?

Hi Aero and Thanks for the info, I’m trying your suggestions…

It’s exciting, I’m determined to get this right! :wink:

This is a picture of the programming port on the MX-60.
The second image is the cover closed.

No luck so far…

I don’t want to force any plastic bits unless really sure…


I took a photo, but not sure if it will display here?

It’s similar except there’s no flap for the cable…

Thanks again

I absolutely understand…I’ve watched my hearing instrument specialist Gal tweak my aids more times than I’d like to count. I’m sure Shan or one of the Pros will have an answer for you. Good luck!

No picture showing up. When I posted a picture I selected the paper clip symbol for attachments, then browse-to navigate to the photo on my computer, then select-upload.

Here are some pictures of the MX70s…

I suggest you post the question to GnResound and I believe their customer service will help you out since you have all the tools ready except do not know how. Please try not to put the battery in the hearing aids when you are doing the initial try. CS44 cables do supply the electric current to the hearing aids. You may damage the hearing aids if not done correctly.

It looks like I need a ‘programming boot’ which looks just like the DAI shoe, the CS44 cable plugs into that and then into the hi-pro and computer.

Can anyone please take this further ?

:smiley: So the programme selector button flaps up gently and there underneath is the socket for the CS44 cables…

Please see the photos…

I’ll have a go at programming them later.

I’m not suggesting anyone does this without the skills, maybe learn about eq and compression, or do a course in music/sound/audio engineering, that’s what I did…

You can seriously damage/brick/fry the aids if not careful…

Very happy, I hope this works - so here goes…