GN Resound Linx 3D or Starkey MuseIQ?


I went to and audiologist today and I told her I needed a new set of hearing aids that would best provide the capabilities of my old Starkey Wi HAs. She told me she was going to order a set of GN Resound Linx 3D HAs and a set of Starkey MuseIQ HAs and she would let me trial each of them to see which would work best for me. What should I expect from these HAs?


Isn’t there anyone that has experience with, or opinions on, either of these HAs? I might note that I loved my Wi 110s. I would still be wearing them had I not lost the left one!



You can find several posts on the forum about the Resound 3D and will need to look a little harder to find some posts for the Starkey Muse.

I suspect the reason no one is jumping to participate on this thread is that I am sure you are interested in a comparison- and it will be hard to find a poster here who has tried both.


Actually, I’m looking to see input from anyone who has worn, or wears, either the Muse IQ or the Linx 3D. I don’t expect to be able to see a comparison of the 2. It would be helpful to see input from anyone that wore the Starkey Wi and now wears the Muse IQ or the Linx 3D. A comparison of either with the Wi would be helpful.


I think you can do better than BOTH of those, frankly.


I’ve trialed Phonak Audeo B90s and Oticon OPN1s, and neither of those worked for me. So, what do you suggest?


Honestly, if those “didn’t work” (it would help if you’d be more specific), I’d be shocked if these are better (unless whoever fitted them was incompetent); the B90’s and OPN1’s are far superior, IMO. Another one to try out is the Signia Nx 7.


I don’t think this addresses the original posters question


Both the Phonak and Oticon aids had excessive feedback noise and excessive wind noise for my taste. All I can evaluate is each HA as adjusted for my hearing test. Competence of the fitter is a bit more difficult to evaluate. I do know that with the Starkey Wi HAs I wore for 6 years I had zero feedback noise and zero wind noise. Had I not moved 4 hours away, I wouldn’t be asking the question and would be getting fitted for Starkey HAs by him.


Phonak and Oticon aids should NOT have a feedback issue; if they did, it’s a bad fitting (or wrong domes, etc.)


…but wind noise is an issue.

Wlamb try the search feaure next to the hour glass above - entering the product name. Should bring back hits for numerous threads on any products ever discussed here.


Well, I’m one day into the trial of Starkey Muse IQ i2400 HAs. Initial impressions, great sound, a wee bit of feedback in each aid when I cup my hand around my ear. I’m also getting wind noise when I have the wind to my back and the wind is blowing over my ears. I think those issues should be readily addressed. I go back a week from today for the first adjustments from baseline. My one question is "How much should I expect to pay for the Muse IQ i2400s? I’ll ask the question before I reveal how much the audiologist told me how much they’ll cost me from her clinic.


I went back to the audiologist today after trialing the Starkey Muse IQ i2400s for 2 weeks. She programmed a set of Resound Linx 3D 7s for me. They were supposed to be 3D 9s, so, I’ll be going back a week from today to have her program a set of 3D 9s for me. Initial observations after wearing the aids about 6 hours. The 3D 7s provides better sound than the Muse IQ i2400s, have a better music program/sound, and don’t have a “warbling” sound when I whistle with the 3D 7s on Normal program, unlike the Muse i2400s. The 3D 7s do have significantly more feedback than the Muse i2400s. First flush, I suspect I’ll be purchasing the 3D 9s.


I have patients that wear Muse iQ technology and they love it. I would stick with the same manufacturer (Starkey) if you were happy with your previous hearing devices. Eahh manufacturer processes sound differently and therefore if people are happy with a processing algorithm, I tend to keep them in the same manufacturer’s product. Starkey has excellent feedback suppression as well. Thanks,



Thanks for your input. I fully expected to be purchasing another set of Starkey HAs after having worn the Wi HAs for 6 years. I’m very aware of the Feedback control features of the Stakey HAs. However, the sound of the Resound Linx 3D 7 HAs is significantly better than the Starkey Muse IQ i2400s. I know the fitter can make a difference, however, in this instance the same audiologist fit both the Muse IQ and the Linx 3D HAs. I might add that I expect the Resound Linx 3D 9 HAs to have improved sound over the 3D 7s.


The Resound Linx 3D 7 HAs have significantly improved sound over the Starkey Muse IQ i2400s. The Outdoors program on the Resound 3Ds eliminates wind noise unlike the Muse IQs which yields a lot of wind noise even on the Outdoors program. I expect to experience even better performance when I pick up the Resound Linx 3D 9 HAs Tuesday!