GN resound dot

is it possible to talk by phone with resound dot series? if not, which open fit brand and model makes it possible?
one more question: which one do you think is the most discreet:

*resound dot or any of the ric models
*exilent q, q leaf exc.
*starkey’s otolens
*siemens imini?

thanks for the replies…:smiley:

If you’re talking about connecting to a phone through a BlueTooth connection, the answer is no. Otherwise, just use the telephone as you normally would. This is true with any open fit aid. If you can’t use the phone like this because you need some amplification, you could try holding the phone earpiece up to the microphone of the aid. The microphone is located near the top of the ear where the tubing or wire comes out of the aid. Good luck!

If you have shorter hair or don’t let it cover your ears then the deep canal aids you listed will generally be the most discreet. I can’t tell my patients are wearing them unless I look closely in their ear at just the right angle. If you have a hairstyle that covers your ears then any hearing aid will be rather discreet.

Is there a reason you’re considering the Dots rather than say the Alera (ReSound’s current model)? The Alera includes Bluetooth connectivity through an optional phone clip, while the Dots don’t. This is also true (Bluetooth connectivity) of most of the current BTE models out there.