GN Resound CICs and wifi


I was sitting in the audiologist’s chair waiting to have my new GN Resound CIC HAs fitted, when we discovered that GN Resound don’t have the technology to include wifi in that sized device. My previous 2010 Siemens CICs had it back in 2010.
Strangely, GN supplied a remote controller with the new HAs, even though someone there must have known they wouldn’t work. Yes it was an oversight by my audi, who like me never imagined that in 2019 they wouldn’t have the same capability others have been doing for almost 10 years, and so a pair of brand new custom HA’s got returned without even making it to my ears.
Apparently the smallest package GN can supply with wifi is the ITC size, and I thought why would I now after 10 years of fully functional CICs consider such a large lump of plastic in my ear, so I rejected the idea of going down that path.
I have some new Rexton CICs appearing next week, including wifi to my controller.


I assume your mean Bluetooth not Wi-FI. The hearing aids are likely wireless but communicate with each other more reliably and securely. Most aids today need some device to connect to Bluetooth and talk to the aids.The Resound aids use the Phone Clip + for this.


Well I wear ITE half shell hearing aids and I love them. I do not care if any one see my aids. And to be honest to me the ITE aids are much more comfortable than the CIC. And I can have controls on my aid for volume so I do not have to be pulling out a remote or phone to make any adjustments. And having the directional mics makes my life much better and less stressful.


Sorry, yes. I meant bluetooth. These GN Resound HAs in the CIC form fit have no facility to communicate to a controller.


I do a lot of dirt bike riding, and have my controller mounted on the handlebars so that when we pull up somewhere out on the range, I can just press the un-mute button to talk to the other guys.

If I had to rely on buttons on the HA’s, I’d have to take my helmet off and on all the time, which in practice just wouldn’t happen, so a controller is an imperative for me.


I just looked. The slightly larger ITC (In the canal) aids have wireless capabilities. The CIC do not.


I ride a motorcycle and I understand the helmet issue, and for that I have an app on my Apple Watch to control volume and programs. But whenever possible I like to use the volume control on my aids.


What gets me is that Siemens could do this in 2010, so why can’t GN Resound achieve this in 2019?