GN ReSound and Beltone

This is one of those “just in case you ever wanted to know” threads.

Recently, another forum member stated that my Beltone Edge2 hearing aids are manufactured in China and exported to the United States. This statement compelled me to seek more detailed information regarding my Edge2’s and about Beltone in general.

So exactly where were my Edge2’s manufactured?

To get the straight scoop I naturally contacted Beltone Customer Care. Only hours after emailing Beltone I received the requested information directly from Beltone’s Director of Customer Care. Here is his reply.

“Our Edge 2 product as well as our remaining products contain parts that are manufactured in different parts of the world including the United States, Great Britain, and China. In addition, China does assemble the units.”

To understand more about the modern Beltone Brand it is important to learn about their owner The GN Resound Group and about Beltone themselves.

The GN ReSound Group

GN ReSound Group, a subsidiary of GN Store Nord A/S, is the leading international manufacturer of advanced technology hearing instruments. The company offers a full range of hearing instruments under the

  • GN ReSound
  • Beltone
  • ReSound
  • Danavox
  • Viennatone
brand names, including software-based digital instruments and digitally programmable and traditional products in all sizes and models.

Through GN Otometrics, GN ReSound Group also creates innovative solutions for all types of ear-related diagnostics and is the largest global supplier of computerized audiology and hearing instrument fitting equipment. GN Otometrics represents leading product brands such as:

  • Madsen
  • Aurical
  • Rastronics
  • Porta REM
  • Danplex
  • Hortmann
  • ICS Medical
GN ReSound Group ranks among the absolute leaders in its industry, with subsidiaries in 20 countries and distributors in 80 countries. GN ReSound is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and presently employs approx. 3,800 people.

About Beltone

Founded in 1940, Chicago-based Beltone is a global leader in hearing health care. One of the largest manufacturers of hearing instruments, Beltone products are sold in the United States, Canada and over 40 countries worldwide. In addition to providing outstanding service and support for our U.S. hearing care network, operating in over 1,300 offices in North America, Beltone remains the most trusted brand for quality products and care among its patients and adults aged 50 and older.

Additional information about both The GN ReSound Group and Beltone is available through the provided website links.

I hope you found this information to be useful.

The beauty of a public company is that management has to submit information and this information is for everybody to see.

A) “GN ReSound Group ranks among the absolute leaders in its industry, with subsidiaries in 20 countries and distributors in 80 countries. GN ReSound is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and presently employs approx. 3,800 people”
It is a well know fact, GN has lost a lot of market share… LOST of it!

let see

One can clearly contrast GN stock Price (40% down), vis SONOVA (phonak) which has incremented its share price to almost 50%!

While the index and Oticon had a modest increase of 10%!

Perhaps the reason is that GN is not profitable, If you look at the income statement GN has not make money this year it has lost!, while most of it peers are making 20 to 25%!
see the statements for your own!!!

Page # 4

B) Most manufacturing takes place in china… please read this

GN employs just over 1,000 people in headsets production at the
Xiamen factory in China, which is also GN?s Asian distribution center
for hearing instruments and headsets. In Europe, headset products
are distributed via the Netherlands. The two US distribution centers
are located in California and New Hampshire.
After relocating from Cork in Ireland to Xiamen in the spring of
2006, GN?s Chinese factory will be the only production site for BTE
hearing instruments
. The electronic components for ITE devices are
assembled at Xiamen, while individual fi tting takes place at a number
of local and regional laboratories. Measured in terms of units
and value, ITE devices account for 35% of both production and



The information I presented in my OT is accurate and verifiable. This is all I have to say in this matter.

Hi all:
This is my own point of view. I have been wearing Beltone programmable analog hearing aids ITE for 8 years now. This is the best hearing aid ever in the earth. Beltone also provides the best repair service, second to none.
Phonak, I don’t like the sound quality of Phonak. That’s all.
Oticon, quite close to Beltone, still behind.

My opinion is even BTE is manufacturered in Xiamen, it doesn’t mean the quality is far below than the rest. I think China is much better now in quality compare with 10 years ago. It might still less quality than Denmark or US but I think in five years, China will catch up the world. Of course, it also depends on how GN management monitors the operation in China. If GN has good control of it, that should be no problem. If not, maybe another story.

Thanks all for reading this.

Siemens aids are also made in Xiamen and
some aids from Phonak (their statements dont say which. But it is not hard to guess that the cheap ones are made there). Others like Oticon had opted for
opening factories in Poland (which i assume have cheaper labor)

Local chinese hearing aid companies have been emerging Lisound and Newsound, their products are sub standart but I guess they will learn in a few years…

I would say phonak has a very good quality, as per Beltone goes, their product porfolio is still lacking… They do not have any digital super power aid…
While the Solus (fitting software) is OK, I think Aventa (GN) is better.
Resently GN had launch a new Counseling tool - Pro counsel which is about the best out there…

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Hi Xbuilder:
Have you heard of Zounds hearing aid? Is this a subpar hearing aid like China’s Lisound? I went to Zounds website and it said that their hearing aids have the best sound quality and reduce the most noise. Do you believe that? Do you know anybody has tried it and feel that is right.

Dear analoglover:

Lisound is a manufacturer, with actual fisical plant (small operation) in china; I believe they also sell Phonak as part of their retail strategy. The other operator in china is call newsound, also a small manufacturer. Both are quite small manufacturer. I believe I saw the people from Lisound @ the UHA congress in germany last year. Their price is really cheap… If you have a large enough order they can make the hearing aids with your brand XYZ with the packing and stuff. They make it in a way that they would not look from china… I also know if you approach GN or Oticon with a sizable order they will sell it to you. In fact Oticon has a special aid just for the tenders in the UK. Call Dicton if im not mistaken…

There is really no way of knowing who made hearing aids for this guys…
Most likely someone they have them built for them. This is their website

However, they dont really disclose info on their aids, other than it is open fit, 16 channels, etc. I dont see anything out of the ordinary…

Therefore My advice would be to buy a good entry level aid, there are some good things with reasonable price… the one that come to mind quick are

Phonak UNA - Nice aid, datalogging, noise reduction, etc
Oticon GO PRO- 4 bands, noise reduction, feedback cancelation.
GN Pixel or Plus 5 - I like the plus 5 better,…
Widex bravisiomo- very similar…

You need to find a good dispenser that provides appropiate services commited to find the best solution for you…

Sometimes, generally the mid price and the value aids are almost identical across the board… So who programs the aid is very critical…

Make sure to ask your audi to verify the fitting using REM