GN Resound Alera - any reliability issues?

I am a bit cautious about the Alera.

A couple of questions:

  1. Does it handle moisture etc OK?

  2. Is there a breakage issue with the battery doors?

Once I am confident that this is a solid product then I will feel happy to stock and fit it.

I have had mine just over 3 months and no problems. I have been caught in the rain twice and have the normal amount of sweat for my warm climate and no problems yet.

I heard on this board that there was some problem with the receivers pulling away from the main unit but I suspect it is from grabbing the main unit and pulling the receivers out of the ear. I pull mine from the receiver wire so I don’t put any stress on the receiver/main unit connection. That’s the only thing I would caution, be careful on the technique used to take them off.

I am very happy with their performance. The phone clip works OK but it picks up a lot of background noise for the other person on the call. Having said that, I use the phone clip every day. Does anyone have any information about a replacement or fixes for the phone clip?

About the battery doors, when you open the battery door there is not enough room to get a finger in there to dislodge the battery so larger fingers could cause some damage to the door. There is a hole in the battery tray and you can poke something small in the hole and dislodge the battery that way. It would be prefereble to use some small tool to poke the battery out but I never seem to have anything handy. I just touch the side of the battery with a fingernail and it falls out easily.

Havent seen any major issues as of yet…

Pts seem to be satisfied. We’ll see what the sweltering heat of summer brings…


Can’t comment on the sweat issue (haven’t fit enough Aleras to draw a conclusion), but the battery door (assuming you’re going with RICs) shouldn’t pose a problem. I don’t think they’re flimsy, but in case you find otherwise The Alera RIC is very easy to take apart. Order up a couple extra “color-change kits” from ReSound and you’ll have extra battery doors on hand that are simple to replace yourself if needed.

I have had my alera’s since last fall. I am currently on my third phone clip!! The first two failed in the same way losing the ability to communicate with the aids. There apparently is no way to “factory reset” the clip so it has been replaced both times. I sant email to Resound asking if there was a generic problem, but they have never replied!!

I’ve had Resound Alera for a year and have no reliability issue. They seem to work very well for me, too. This is my first HA.

I got one of these tools with my Aleras, but it may have come from the audiologist and not ReSound:
The magnet is very handy for battery changes (since hearing aid batteries are attracted to magnets) and the brush and hook are handy as well for keeping hearing aids clean. It’s an inexpensive tool to order online or request from an audiologist.

Our forum website sells a pricier device without the brush but with a pen:

Any little stick with a magnet on it would work well for the battery changes.

No Alera reliability issues one year out for me.