GN LINX 9 + IOS : now only one of the two aids will pair


I sent off a LINX 3D 9 for repair and returned it reprogrammed to the client by post.

I instructed him to totally clear out the phone and then reinstall the app and pairings from scratch.

One problem: at the Hearing Aid pairing step, he sees TWO separate aids named : one R and one L.

He can only click on one name to pair it … leaving the other unpaired.

In the past he saw one device name (R+L) and one click would create two pairing request boxes.

I have tried repeatedly with demo aids in my office, and all works well.

One difference : I am on IOS 13 and he is on IOS 14.

Any ideas?

Is this an IOS issue?

Maybe the iPhone regards the newly repaired and reprogrammed aid to be a different model?

Perhaps the repair at GN modified the internal model number or version of the fixed aid, thus confusing IOS?

(This is NOT a SMART 3D issue … it happens at the IOS pairing step)

Could it be the aids are not seen as a pair because they were not fit in the software together?

I ask because this pairing problem has come up on this forum due to one aid going in for repair.


I think that this will be the problem!

UPDATE: You were right! Thanks!


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