GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro



But the Phone Clip+ is only BT 2.0 and that was my issue with the streaming from Android to Phone Clip+ to hearing aids. The phone to Phone Clip+ is the weak link in my testing. The MFI from Apple eliminates that weak link.


On checking the ReSound site, though, Dr. Cliff may be confusing “100x” with “100%.” 100% faster is 2x faster. If the old chip was rated at 1, the new chip at 2, that’s 100% faster 2 - 1 = 1 x 100% = 100% faster is the difference, e.g., 50% faster would be 1.5 new vs. 1 old speed.

100x faster would work out to roughly 10,000% faster, 100x times 100% percent per 1x = 10,000%

ReSound says the new chip is 100% faster, not 10,000% (or 100x) faster. Clarity in the finer details with Layers of sound | ReSound

With 100% more speed and twice the memory capacity ReSound LiNX Quattro offers high performance with reduced power consumption.


Well, in my next post after yours to which I am replying, I find fault with Dr. Cliff’s speed figures, too. Hopefully both he and my audiologist have actually tested sample Quattro’s with the Phone Clip+ and cell phones (for direct app connectivity) and aren’t just spouting ReSound PR or whitepaper info! Hopefully, in a week or two I will get to test it myself and see if there is delay and warbling such as you found with the Forte’s.


I have the Quattro 7 coming in a few days. Is it with the extra money for the 9’s


I’ve had the quattro 9’s rechargeable for about 3 weeks now and have never heard better. I had a talk with my audi about the difference between the 7’s and 9’s and he said it was huge… the resound website will show all the differences


So it will be worth the 500 or so to go with the 9’s?


It’s 800 more then the 7 thru TruHearing


Only you can make that decision. There’s some evidence that if hearing aids are properly adjusted, there is little benefit to additional “features” on the hearing aids. I would encourage trying your 7s and really try to make them work. If you end up being dissatisfied, ask your audi if he thinks 9s would make you happier, or if he’d suggest a different hearing aid. But, go into it with the plan being the 9s are going to work.


Thank you. I just so excited that between fed BCBS and TruHearing I’m able to afford them. Been trying for a year to be able to get a set. Fed BCBS would not cover Costco. So I have been extremely disappointed not hearing everything people would say to me


Does anyone know if and when resound will sell linx Quattro with 312 batteries? Thanks


I’m wondering the same thing.


What’s wrong with rechargeable technology? My Quattro rechargeables are working flawlessly, and battery life is fantastic. Seems like this could eventually become the new standard, at least for higher-end HAs. Why do they need to offer a disposable-battery option if rechargeables are so convenient and hassle-free?


The first reason is cost. In a few years, you’ll need to replace the rechargeable batteries and this will involve sending the HAs back for this service and it’ll probably be a heft charge that will cost a lot more than using disposable batteries. You’ll be without your HAs for a couple of weeks while it’s being serviced.

The second reason is the extra charger that you’ll need to lug around when you travel.

The third reason is that if you forget to charge overnight, or lose power at home overnight, you may end up with a dead battery the next morning when you need it. Of course this only applies to built-in rechargeables, not the ZPower type rechargeable that allows disposable to be used in these situations.

For rechargeable technology like the ZPower, it may not be enough to last you all day if you stream heavily during the day.


The Quattro charger is like a Mophie. If you charge it, it can fully charge the hearing aids 3x.
I just got through my whole first day with the Quattros. I did not stream today like I usually do. My 2-way radio hasn’t come back in, so stream duration hasn’t been tested. The charger is quick.

To tell the truth, I am a bit reluctant about going with the rechargeable.

I had the Linx3D 9 BTE.with earmold. I had seen people…whining…about the Quattro being too big and blah blah blah. It is positively tiny. I have a receiver embedded in a custom mold. That is tiny too. The biggest trouble I am having is getting them out without pulling on the receiver wire.


The Quattro case is a charger with a Li-ion battery itself. When fully charged, it has enough charge to charge the Quattro’s three times fullly. So even if you had a power outage or forgot to charge overnight (not too likely because when you put the Quattro in the overnight charger/storage case, they start to charge), it should be very hard to be without power for days unless Hurricane Michael just went through your neighborhood and if so, you might have a few other worries than whether your HA’s working are working. Since I can get by pretty well without HA’s, I got the rechargeables just to see what they’re like and while my hearing is as passable as it is now, see how long the batteries do last (I have a scheme to at least double the lifetime but I don’t want to expound on it right here). Since my HA’s will not be an absolute necessity, it’s fun to experiment and I have the money to do so.

Also, the Quattro’s charge VERY FAST. I’ll have to look it up and include in this post.
Basically, with a 10-min quick charge you get 2.7 HOURS of battery life. With a 1-hour charge 16 HOURS, and it only takes 3 hours to charge completely.


Thanks for the clarification. I’m just talking about the issues in general, not directed at any specific HA model, because the question is “what’s wrong with rechargeable technology?”. Not"what’s wrong with the Quattro rechargeable technology ".

I hear that the new Phonak Marvel last 24 hours but only 16 hours if streaming is involved. In this case, it may become an issue.

It’s good to know that the Quattro doesn’t have this issue. But it doesn’t mean that rechargeable batteries technology and other models won’t have this issue either.


So other than the charger problems, how do you like the sound and voice-in-noise, or is it too early to tell? With your experience with the 3D, you ought to write a review of the Quattro’s when you feel that you’ve used them enough. And relative to Volusiano’s point about losing your HA’s if you send them out to have the battery replaced, will you be keeping your 3D’s as backups so you can get the Quattro’s batteries replaced without much hassle?


The Quattro charger seems nicely designed and built, but nevertheless it adds another point of failure. The long-term durability of the charger and batteries are not yet known.

The rechargeable Quattro is a bit larger than a 312. This matters to some of us, even if it seems frivolous to those who are used to a BTE.

With my 312 LiNX 3D I get interruption-free service by changing batteries on a 5-day schedule. One little 8-battery pack fits anywhere and can give me nearly 3 weeks of service.

With all this, I have no desire to adopt rechargeables at present, and I really don’t see why ReSound is forcing us to choose between rechargeables and the larger 13-battery Quattro.


Resound will introduce more models of the Quattro.

Too soon…

They are certainly as good as the Linx3D at the very least.

My Linx3D aids with 13 batteries lasted 4days on average.


The main reason is the rechergeable solution is bigger than the 312 batteries version. And for me is not a negligible thing.
And the other reason is cost…
And at least what is the add value of the rechergeable solution?