GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro



Interesting! I just updated to 12.1 but my medium closed domes are stuck in my ear canal without my aids, so I can’t listen :cry:. I see my Audi in an hour to retrieve them and help me with trying different domes. Hoping to try tulips.

The one thing I don’t like about the updated IOS is that there is no little Bluetooth icon at the top of the screen. And they did away with up swipe on the iPad. Now it’s a diagonal that isn’t working too well for me.

Sooooo many changes.


But…but…but…i thought Apple was supposed to be all wonderful and intuitive and easy with pixie dust and faeries and everything.


I occasionally have a problem with my Quattros connecting with the app. I also had the same problem with my Linx 3d’s. I found that if I exit the app and then immediately reopen the app, my aids will connect.


On the Android front, I just saw an audiologist and placed an order for a pair of Quattro 9 61’s. More on the order of hearsay, rather than something that is signed and notarized but the audiologist remarked with the Quattro, ReSound had fixed the problem of “stuttering” on connecting to the Phone Clip+ — recall that she cited connectivity with the 3D as being problematic. She told me it’s going to be instantaneous and great-while I wait for Samsung to issue an Android Pie update for my Note 8. Also (maybe already mulled over somewhere on this forum), she told me the Li-ion batteries are factory-replaceable and if I eventually decide to go that route, it would probably cost me the standard factory refurbishment charge of $279 a pop per ear and reminded me that if it’s 5 or 6 years down the road that the cost will be partially offset by the disposable battery cost that I would have consumed using another model HA.

Also, since it’s only my first visit, it’s a bit premature to remark on quality of service but some others have said if you go the online order route (mine was with, contracted with my BCBS-TX supplementary insurance) that the local provider contracted by the online service will have minimal interest in you as a customer. I guess I lucked out. The audiologist that I got hooked up was happy to answer as many questions as I wanted to ask, seemed very knowledgeable (see 1st para), and acted like she valued me as a customer that she wanted to have continue on with her for years. Looks to be an older woman partnered with her husband(?), who have been in business for many years-was very quick to give me practical answers on my usage questions. TruHearing in setting me up remarked to me that other patients gave her rave reviews and I can see why. Guess on these things YMMV.


In iOS 12, instead of swiping down diagonally from the top right corner, simply place your finger all the way to the right along the top edge of your screen…and then swipe downward. This will instantly open the Control Center, where you can check on Bluetooth and many other things. Worth noting, as well, that if you go into Settings on your iOS device and then to Control Center -> Customize Controls, if you do not already see “Hearing” listed under the “Include” heading (it’s not enabled by default), just scroll further downward to the “More Controls” section and tap on the “+” icon to the left of “Hearing”. After doing so, whenever you swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen to access Control Center, you will see the EAR (hearing) icon, and by tapping on it you’ll then be shown some of the basic adjustment options corresponding to those in your installed ReSound 3D app. It also gives you the option to toggle on/off the “Live Listen” feature, which can convert your iOS device’s microphone into a handheld mic which streams voice/sounds directly into your HAs.


My iPhone 7 on iOS 12 doesn’t work like you described above. I know the iPhone X does. So it’s not really a function of iOS 12, but I think it’s a function of which iPhone version you have.


You’re right about this gesture only applying to iPhone X or later. On earlier model iPhones using iOS 12, swiping up quickly from the very bottom edge of the screen (you can actually start swiping from the bezel area below the screen) should cause Control Center to open, just how it always has worked. If you are inside an app and trying to open CC and still don’t see it, go to Settings -> Control Center and make sure “Access Within Apps” is turned on. Hopefully, that should do it.


That is good to hear, I still have some hope that the existing ReSound aids like the Costco Forte 8 can get direct HA support from Android, though to be honest, the chance of that is very low. Glad you got a great setup to get the Quattro, are you willing to share what they will cost you? As you know my attempt did through Hearing Revolution gave me the worst experience of 3 audiologist offices. I did see the TruHearing site, and found they have no audiologists to refer less than 200 miles away. Keep us updated on what you experience along the way. I still have my Pixel 2 XL and will not give it up, I’d go back to it if the stutter gets solved with the LINX 3D / Forte 8 and Phone Clip+ with Android.


Yes, that’s correct. But it’s always worked like that in previous iOS before iOS 12 as well.


That’s why I decided to spring for the Quattro. When Costco switched from Forte to Vida and didn’t announce any future potential direct Android stereo streaming for the Vida, I decided to stop waiting. When @Bryan9 mentioned that the Quattro could handle sudden sharp noises better than 3Ds/Fortes (GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro), I decided as the family dishwasher, I’d like to have that feature, too. And I figured that I might not have a whole bunch of years ahead of me anyway so I might as well start enjoying improved hearing sooner rather than later after waiting for the next big thing that perhaps never arrives soon enough for me. The possibility of DIY with the Quattros somewhere down the road vs. not being able to do so with Costco’s ReSound offerings was also something in the back of my mind.

TruHearing is pretty open about their prices (none of the “Call for Price, Too Low to Mention” cr-p). Although they make the prices hard to find the better to try to sell their own private label brand. They have a very nice filtering web catalog: Hearing Aid Catalog (scroll down to the very bottom of their Home Page to find the link). The Quattro 9 61 is $2,195 EACH BUT you have to pay $175 extra for the charger. It’s listed as a required “accessory.” That’s a bit of a joke (although to be fair, disposable batteries are part of the REAL price of any non-rechargeable hearing aid and all the years you’ll have to buy them are never included in the price-so perhaps omitting the recharger cost for the 61’s price is an attempt to level the cost comparison playing field?). Better news on the Phone Clip+. That’s $180 from TruHearing vs. Costco’s special order price of $206. The TV2 streamer, though, is quoted as $320 from TruHearing vs. $266 via Costco special order, if I got all the prices right. Since I get $1,000 per ear every three years from my supplementary Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Texas plan that makes my out-of-pocket cost for the Quattros (with charger) about $2,600 vs the approximately $500-$600 or so I’d be paying for Costco HA’s after subtracting my insurance (not checking if chargers are an extra at Costco for the Vida’s-but the ZPower batteries only last about a year and you’d be going through a bunch of those over the years at $27 or so a piece, one for each ear).

Thanks for the great review of your ReSound experience, Tim. Happening to read about your and Bryan9’s experiences first got me interested in the Forte’s and then Google’s announcement of support for the Quattro’s helped steer me in that direction, along with glowing comments about the Quattro by others on this site. It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out and whether it’s really worth the additional expense.


how transient noise works in kitchen any idea? or on traffic noise.


Just order the resound Quattro 7 thru TruHearing yesterday. I can’t wait


The Quattros are my first hearing aids, so I’m not the best person to speak to their effectiveness or to sound quality. But I don’t have trouble hearing in the kitchen, even with a microwave going and a faucet running. In the car, the few times I’ve ridden in the back seat with two people in front it was a challenge to hear them. I used the “all around” program and hit the “speech clarity” button and it improved quite a bit with that button. I don’t have a problem hearing the driver when I sit in the passenger seat. I used the “noise filter” button in the “all around” program to cut down on the road noise.


Well, heck! It appears that Android integration may be farther away that it appeared with the Quattro release. (I found this following GN ReSound on Twitter.)

Decisions Choosing HA's before Google and Resound's Announcement

Neat article. I like the factory floor-like picture. On the connectivity date to Android, maybe the reporter just discovered the ReSound/Google partnership and decided to write the article now - or it’s a deliberately placed PR article for ReSound. ReSound has a product center in Minneapolis - the location of the Star Tribune - as well as Starkey (oh, well, they’re in Eden Prairie - a suburb!).

For me, any Android possible connectivity isn’t going to come any sooner than when Samsung gets around to upgrading the Note 8 to Android Pie. The Note 8 is scheduled to get the OS upgrade but it typically takes Samsung 5 or 6 months at least to deliver their Android version after Google releases their “pure” Android version as Samsung has to figure out how it’s going to layer over their “Samsung Experience” interface. So probably April, 2019 at the earliest for me, if the streaming update does come to the Note in Android Pie.


Yes that article was linked in a ReSound NA tweet:


sorry of topic but related how populer pixel is in our community? i mean how many using pixel


Steve, how are the Quattros in comparison to the Linx3D? I am doing the same thing.


In my opinion, they are better in every way. Better sound quality (for lack of an educated term) integration with my iPhone X is better, better bluetooth connection with my phone clip and TV streamer. I really didn’t expect much difference except for the rechargeablity, but I was pleasantly surprised and completely blown away!


Still waiting for my Quattro’s to arrive (it’s been a week since I ordered them) and doing stuff like watching Dr. Cliff videos! While watching his recent review of the Quattro’s, I noticed that he remarked the following at about 3 min, 47 sec into the video (3:47 min):Dr. Cliff’s YouTube Review of ReSound LiNX Quattro’s

The chip now is a hundred times faster than the old chip
and this allows them to process sound much quicker,
which in combination
with the 6th Generation 2.4G Bluetooth antenna
allows them to stream audio with almost no lag time,
whether it’s coming from a smartphone
or whether it’s coming from one of ReSound’s accessories.

So when I get my Quattro 9 61’s and the Phone Clip+, I’ll put it to the test!