GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro



Well, about 3 weeks into my first hearing aids, the Quattros, I’m surprised. I am pretty much used to the way things sound. I’m not loving all of it, e.g. the restaurant setting, but overall I’m happy with how the hearing aids (and the app) work. Once I turned off bluetooth on my Ipad, the app on my Iphone settled down completely. I can’t figure out how to pick up my phone on my car bluetooth, but I figure if I work at it eventually that will work out. And, if not, I just won’t answer the phone while driving. My audiologist recently adjusted the impact noise reduction up a bit, to make it more aggressive, which has helped with sudden loud sounds.

It’s been a bit of a journey to find domes that work, however. The first set, in one ear, was causing (I guess it’s called) occulsion–where it sounds like someone has just sent you to the bottom of the ocean. The next change and the domes were moving forward really annoyingly every time I smiled, raised my eyebrows, chewed, and often when I spoke. It drove me crazy for a week. Now I have the tuiip domes. I pretty much feel them all the time when talking or chewing (e.g.) but they aren’t moving forward in my ears. For awhile I thought I was going to have to go around the rest of my life with fingers in my ears most of the day, pushing the HAs back in place. I asked about custom molds, but the audiologist thinks I won’t like those because I don’t like the sense of fullness in my ears. I think I can adjust to these tulip domes. So, I have almost nothing to compare the Quattros to (except a five-day test of Oticon OPN 1), but these definitely help me hear better in most situations.

I was having a lot of problems with my progressive lens tri-focals playing nice with the hearing aids. My audiologist told me to put my glasses on first, then put the HAs in, and to my surprise that has helped a lot.


i had the same problem with all the tips I tried… I had “silicone” custom molds made and I haven’t had a problem since getting the molds they also have a vent in them to help stop the occlusion… I also had them tapered down a little for a better fit I put them in and never have to touch them all day… also try going to a longer receiver wire HA will sit lower behind the ear and not near your glasses


Thanks! If these tulip domes don’t work out well, the next step is custom molds. And, I forgot to mention, that my audiologist did put a longer receiver wire on one of the hearing aids. I think she saw that as fix for the dome creeping forward but maybe it also helped with the glasses.


There have been a couple of posts questioning the size of the two Quattro models - the rechargeable version and the standard battery version which uses a #13. Dr. Cliff Olsen mentioned that the Quattro is a large device and could give users some difficulty if they don’t have much room between their pinna and scalp. This is especially true for the #13 model which is both larger and wider than the rechargeable.

The charger for the rechargeable is also very nice. It charges quickly and also holds three full charges if you need to travel with it.

Here are photos of both devices. #13 at top in both images.



Thanks for sharing! Do you have any photo of how they actually look being the ear? Thanks.


I was just fitted with the Resound Quattro 9’s two days ago. I had a year old set of Linx 3D 9’s that I wasn’t at all dissatisfied with, except for the battery usage. 3-4 days on a 312 battery is the best I could get. I use a Plantronics MDA220 with a USB Bluetooth adapter with my business phone system and talk on the phone quite a bit, so I was burning through batteries. I asked my audiologist if there was an upgrade to rechargeables for the Linx 3D’s, and he told me he did not think there was, but he would double check with Resound and get back to me. I was thrilled and surprised by the trade up deal he made me.

My first impression of the Quattros is WOW! Much crisper, cleaner sound. Richer sound with music, whether streaming or not. After my first full day of wearing them about 14 hours and quite a bit of streaming phone calls, I still had 3 of 5 dots left on the battery status in the Smart 3D app.

The charger is small enough to carry in my shaving kit when traveling, and holds three charges when fully charged. My weekend hunting trips I won’t need to carry anything but the charger.

Overall, I have to say that I am VERY pleased with the Quattros. Glad I did the upgade!


I TOTALLY disavow that this is actually my ear (or my hair). (Though, if ReSound wants me to model one of their snazzy video promos, then it’s my ear.) This is the rechargeable version. You could not accuse it of being sleek. And although this color is supposed to be “light blonde,” I’m afraid it’s more like “dead flesh.” I’m still having some trouble with the dome fit and the fit with my glasses. My audiologist says I “have room” for everything.


You do have room. I am wearing prescription safety glasses and LiNX 3D BTE in the 13 size. I have room… I should be getting my Quattro set next week.


Thanks for sharing the pic of how it looks on the ear, Noreen. Wow, it does look big on the ear like I suspected. Of course for women with long hair covering up everything, it doesn’t really matter. For men, however, I can see size being an aesthetic issue looking from behind like this (that is, if they care about it). From behind, wearing a mini-RITE looks sleek and cool like a modern Bluetooth gadget. But wearing this rechargeable Quattro seems more like older/clunky/out-of-date hearing aids for the elders. Nobody would think that this is the state-of-the-art modern hearing aids, although it really IS.


She is a small person. I have held the shell in my hand. It is shorter in length than the linx3D bte. It is taller in height. width is close. It is nowhere near the size of the Enzo3D that uses the 425??? Battery


the quattro is really not that big… this pic. is very deceiving… I just set them down next to my Linx2 9 and they are actually a little smaller in length and yes they are a little wider but not all that much… I’ve been wearing then now for a few weeks and after I put them in and I actually forget they are there… by far these are the best HA’s I have ever had


Maybe I’ve just got big ears, but the Quattro doesn’t look that much bigger than the Linx 3D 9’s I had. It IS a bit thicker. I agree that they are also the best HA’s I’ve had by far.


I just got my Quattros today. The Audi tried fitting me with closed power domes I think. They hurt going in and one side had severe pressure. I told her it wouldn’t do. I’ve had Phonaks for the last 9 years with open domes. Most recently I had Audeo V90 and would stream through the Compilot. That connected to stream through the Apple Watch.

She came back and we tried teeny tiny closed domes. They passed the feedback test and seemed fine in the quiet Audi room. But streaming is not pleasant. I end up boosting the base for any streaming. I much prefer the streaming sound I got with the Phonak Compilot. I tried the bigger domes she said I could try. One fit well and seemed to give fuller sound. In the other ear it hurt and literally wouldn’t go in.

So my question is… what next? Should I try tulip domes?

And more minorly, when I switch to Bluetooth from one app to the other, only my right aid picks it up. My left keeps needing a little help…

Also, I can’t stream from the aids directly to the Apple Watch. Maybe that requires the streamer device.

Photos - the small closed dome I ended up with, the next size up and the power domes. Both the next size up and power gave the major (occlusion?) but gave fuller streaming sound.

Also photo next to my Audeo v90 telecoils


I’ve tried one smaller dome, and one larger, as well as both smaller. Neither worked for me–though they didn’t actually hurt. I was getting an occlusion effect with the larger. And the smaller kept backing out like crazy. I’ve been wearing the tulip domes for a little over a week and that’s working much better for me. My audiologist also put a longer receiver wire on one ear, which helped a little. But it’s still tough going. These are my first hearing aids so I can’t figure out how much of my difficulty is adjusting to hearing aids and how much is adjusting to THESE hearing aids. And I only have one 5-day test with the Oticon open to compare–and my brain doesn’t much remember the sound quality from back a few months ago. I saw the audiologist today (my 30 days to return ends tomorrow) and I committed to living with the tulip domes for about another month. In the meantime, I’m going to get new glasses and see if I can come up with a pair that will work better with the hearing aids. My nose and the tops of my ears are sore, even once the glasses were adjusted.

The next plan, if I don’t adjust to the tulip domes, according to the audiologist, is custom silicone domes. She doesn’t think I’ll like them because I’ve complained about how “full” my ears feel with these tulips stuck in them. I’m getting more used to that. It’s the fact that even the tulip domes are still sliding out a bit, though much less than the other domes, and as soon as they do I feel them and that really bugs me. I have friends with hearing aids and they say they don’t even feel them. I am still hoping that can be me.

I downloaded the Resound “complication” to my Apple 3 watch. But after downloading it, I tried to stream on my Ipad and that messed up the phone app, I’ve been too chicken to try to control the aids via my watch. I have an older Iphone, a 6, which doesn’t support bluetooth 5. (I confess, I don’t exactly know why that may be important–you don’t need 5 for the Quattro, I’m told). The phone app isn’t totally solid even without the watch added to the mix. Post-streaming, it sometimes loses one ear and occasionally both. In the last week, this has happened 7-8 times. The only thing that fixes it is turning my phone off and on again. I’m going to try to reach a ReSound rep and see if they have some ideas for a fix. Late last week I was on hold for a little more than an hour trying to get through. I finally left my phone number for a call back. They never called back. Disappointing.

Anyway, it’s all starting to feel like that children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” (Then he’s going to want a glass of milk, then he’s going to have to go to the bathroom again, then…) I am wondering if maybe it would be a good idea to get a newer Iphone because my 4-year old one with only 16GB may not be up to the task.


Hah I totally understand! It is a difficult adjustment! I first got hearing aids 9 years ago and was 35 years old, no glasses. Even then, it was quite an adjustment getting used to the feel of things in my ears.

I wanted open domes but my Audi said clinically closed are better. I think I might see if I can’t try the tulips sooner than my next 3 week appt.

I did go to a parent meeting in a performing arts theatre and could hear quite well.


So, my renewed problem with the App losing ears surfaced after I downloaded IOS 12.0 even though I waited a few weeks beyond the 9/17 release date to download it, thinking I’d see something about it causing problems (if it did). This morning I couldn’t even get the aids to reconnect by turning off the phone (it’s an Iphone 6) and turning it back on. It turns out that my aids were not connected to the phone anymore. I just downloaded IOS 12.0.1. One of the bugs it’s supposed to be fixing is a “bluetooth connectivity” issue in some situations. After the download, I was able to re-pair my hearing aids. But I just found this Forbes report that says that even after 12.0.1 “The potentially embarrassing iMessages bug still lingers along with Bluetooth connectivity issues both finding devices and holding a connection.”

I’m wondering if anyone else using the ReSound App has been plagued by connection issues.


I have the Costco ReSound Forte 8 RIC and Smart 3D app with an iPhone Xs max (iOS 12.0) and Apple Watch 4 and have had no connectivity issues with either device. I’m downloading the 12.0.1 iOs now.

I tried with an Android phone and Phone Clip+ when I first got the HAs and had many connectivity and streaming issues. Getting the iPhone solved them all.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve been thinking that I probably could benefit by a new iPhone in other ways. I sort of resist the iPhone X because of the lack of the signature “home” button…but maybe I can get used to that too. Sigh.


I’ve got a 6S and no HA’s yet, but these issues are factoring into my decision. Saw a review of the 8+ vs the XS Max yesterday, and he was slightly lamenting the loss of the home button for TouchID saying it was better than Face ID. I’ve been pondering an XR upgrade, just waiting for it to come out and see what the reviews say about the size and screen quality, but loss of the home button may be a regret.


ReSound was helpful. It turns out that, once again, the Bluetooth was turned on on my iPad–where I DON’T have the ReSound App installed. Once I turned off the Bluetooth on the iPad, I was able to re-pair my hearing aids to my iPhone. I’m mystified how it got turned on. The rep says he thinks it’s a iCloud issue, but I don’t have iCloud turned on on my phone (or iPad). Anyway, I’m back in business.

I just got the following ReSound update from my audiologist.

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\ 600x231
iOS 12.0

Apple recently released iOS 12.0 for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. This release creates a faster and more responsive experience for Apple products.

Initial test results show compatibility with ReSound Made for Apple® hearing aids. If we do find anything that impacts compatibility or ReSound apps, we will update you as soon as possible.

For more information on connectivity and MFi functionality, visit our support page.

When updating the version of iOS on an iPhone, the hearing aids may lose connection, requiring patients to unpair and re-pair the hearing aids with the iPhone.