GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro



I asked mine about it during my recent appointment – she didn’t even know that ReSound had introduced a new aid. Perhaps I should not have been so effusive in praising my new Fortes!



I called the VA to see if I should delay the fitting for my new Lynx 3D’s today. The Audi told me the Quattros are not yet available commercially nor thru the VA and the VA may not get them for a year. The VA negotiates HA contracts with the manufacturers every 6 months.


I ordered a pair today and was looking here to see if there was any additional information.

Went in to send my Lynx 3D for replacement/repair (they just don’t work well if you sweat a lot) and pick up a loaner pair. Audiologist is going for training on the Quattro next Tuesday and only had some literature from ReSound. They present really well on paper.

They were offering a pretty good discount for pre-orders so I thought I’d take a chance. Got another hearing test today, and both volume and clarity have fallen off significantly. Hope these new ones turn out to be “all that”! Should have them in the next 2-3 weeks.


So what is the pricing?! (with and without discount)


Can you explain the issues you are having with the Linx3D due to sweat?

I’ve had to send my Linx3D’s in for repair three times in the last few months and they can’t figure out why this keeps happening. It appears it’s the front microphones on the hearing aids that keep failing and my gut tells me that it keeps happening while I at my gym classes. I thought it was the loud music they play at the gym but maybe it’s the sweat. I am soaked by the end of class so maybe you are correct.

Interested to hear more.



I’ve had issue with sweating affecting hearing aids going back to the first set I purchased (I think it was the original LiNX). I’d forget to take them out when walking the dog, and even in a 30 minute time frame, I begin hearing electrical static toward the end.

Lately, we’ve been building a house. Windows are in but no electrical or A/C yet. I sometimes leave with my shirt soaked. I’ve had my hearing aids repaired or replaced under warranty numerous times. In the beginning, they can dry them out and I’m good to go for a few weeks or months. Eventually, they just get damaged and have to be repaired or replaced. They work fine for months after that, sometimes maybe a year, but then the issue arises again.

My left aid is now needing a battery every four days, despite trying one of those PerfectDry Lux devices (every night). The right aid always lasts at least 7 days. When new, the battery goes in each right around 7 days or so. I also get random resets, random volume adjustments, and random changes in sound (scratchy microphone, highs amplified too much, etc.). A reboot usually clears that up.

Anyway, the Linx 3D has a four year warranty, so these will be like new and I’ll have them for backup in case I have a similar issue with the Quattro. Water and electronics just don’t mix, so I’m not hopeful for future aids unless they can manufacture a watertight case like a diver’s watch or something.


I’ve been going to the same Audiologist since I used to take my mother (before I knew I needed hearing aids) 20 years or so ago. Their pricing includes unlimited follow up visits (cleaning, adjustments, program changes, etc.), an annual hearing test update, free/discounted batteries and email support. Free loaners during repair/replacement. (Well, obviously fees for the “free” services are built into the initial cost of the hearing aids, but I prefer to just pay upfront and receive excellent customer support without charge for as long as I own the aids.)

Quattro List: 2@$3920 = $7840
Discount: $1740 (pre-order ReSound discount; ends August 31st)
Total: $6100

Four year warranty. Usually get free batteries for a year, but this is the rechargeable model (#961). Meduim, Open Dome, Charcoal color. Recharge case included. 60 day no-risk full refund policy (no restocking fee).


Just a recap that Google with Android P will support an OPEN STANDARD for hearing aids called ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) that any hearing aid manufacturer can use and support. With more than 85% of all phones sold out there being Android, I expect soon every new hearing aid will be ASHA compatible. ASHA will be enabled on Android P around October with the official release of Pixel 3 and Android P.

Google has published the ASHA protocol specification online at: Hearing Aid Audio Support Using Bluetooth LE  |  Android Open Source Project


Thanks, ctouhey, for a great reply! Hope you’ll be one of the first to supply us with an in-depth review of what it’s like to enjoy PREMIUM-PLUS HA capabilities. Particularly for music and the extended frequency range.


I have a few more tidbits from the Audiologist.

  • Sound Shaper: moves frequencies you can’t hear toward the frequencies you can

  • Impulse Noise Reduction (in programming software): Manages uncomfortable sounds (like clattering from plates and silverware) without taking away from speech volume or clarity

  • Better Nano-coating for improved moisture resistance

  • Improved streaming signal with virtually no delay

That’s all for now!


Jordan, I had the same issue with my linx 2 9 and always after I attended a concert with rock music… it was so loud I actually had to turn down my volume… after 3 times of replacing my HA’s my audi changed the decibel setting for total loudness?? he said it will still be plenty loud but hopefully will no longer blow out my mics… been good ever since… as far as the sweat issue I’m now wearing 3D’s and live in florida I play sports outside daily and clothes are totally soaked after an hour of playing… never have I had my HA’s go off due to sweating


Supposedly available September 1st in the US and Canada. Anyone?


I have an appointment in about a week to meet the audiologist I expect to purchase a pair from. I have some pricing info. I am in northern Michigan (USA). I got prices from three audiologists in the same area. There are 3 technology levels for the Quatros, just like the LNX 3d (5, 7, and 9). On the highest technology level, one audiologist says “$6150, plus $150 for the recharging unit, with a $150 restocking fee for the pair if you don’t purchase hearing aids with them.” That audiologist says the price for the level 5 will be $3800, the 7’s will be $5050. Another audiologist is charging $6K, $250 for the charging unit, an extra $400 fitting fee (which is nonrefundable if you don’t buy aids from the clinic), and a $300 restocking fee if you don’t buy the Quattros. A third audiologist says the price for the highest technology level is $5700, $150 for the charging unit, with a $200 restocking fee for the pair (if you don’t buy hearing aids from her.)

This will be my first set of hearing aids. I knew it “was dangerous out there,” but these pricing differences are shocking to me. I got general pricing info from several audiologists in the same area–beyond these three. Two audiologists charge a $500 restocking fee! (Yes, only if you don’t buy a pair of something from them.)

Widex Evoke 440 vs. Resound Quattro vs.?
Opinions on disinfectant dryers

No defence of the individual audiologist pricing, but Resound are charging an eye-wateringly high amount for these wholesale. To give you an idea they are listed to cost me MORE than the current RETAIL price of the Linx 3D. Or to put it another way, I could give you 2 IPhone 8 Plus with a pair of 3D and still charge you less overall.


Those seem like pretty typical pricing variations. To do a comparison you also need to know what after-purchase service is included, and for how long, as well as the trial length and terms (pay upfront, and get a refund later, vs. pay nothing during the trial).

The 9-level prices are like current LiNX 3D prices, which raises the question of what those will cost at audiologists. Will audiologists be able to sell 3D’s competitively with Costco’s ReSound offering?

My feeling is that the Quattro introduction is largely about helping audiologists compete with Costco, and we won’t see the Quattro or a restricted variant of it at Costco while it’s still ReSound’s top-of-line.

Meanwhile, UK pricing per @Um_bongo shows a completely different relationship between 3D and Quattro.


To decide on what technology level would be best for me, ReSound sent me the same PDF that is circulated for the LYNX 3D. I decided on the 9’s and have been wearing them for less than a day. About 12 hours. I am such a newbie–my only other experience was a 1 week trial with the Oticon OPN 1–that I don’t know if I can offer y’all any useful impressions.

My about 12 hrs of use impressions are: (1) that I can hear a whole lot better and I think I can make the adjustments needed to what is an unwelcome health development, (2) my current problems are the mechanics of situating the aids comfortably in my ears, including so that I can see properly through my progressive lenses (in that regard, these are shaped in a way that works better than the Oticons). And I don’t have any wax in my ears, so I have itchy ears in the best of times, and they are itching some already. (3) I listened to a bit of music this morning and it sounded great–but I’m not someone who listened to music much with earbuds before. (4) I haven’t had any feedback problems. (5) I alternated between the “all around” program and the “outdoor” program last night on our pontoon boat–one with a small 15 hp motor. I found I needed to use the “noise filter” button in the app. Then, the listening was comfortable in the outdoor program. I could clearly hear the conversation and still hear the birds. Without the noise filter I was hearing way to much water splashing from the motor. (6) Indoors so far I like having the “noise filter” on in the all-around program better than having it off. Otherwise, 3 rooms away, I’m hearing the water filling in the kitchen sink almost as if I was in the kitchen. But I can still hear the activity going on in the kitchen–it just sort of sounds like it’s at a level where it should be.

The app has been stable. I’m using quite a bit of battery on my Iphone 6, even without streaming. But not too bad–I’m at 88% 3 hours into the day, without taking any phone calls and with just about 3 minutes of streaming. After wearing them for 9 hrs yesterday, my phone battery was down to 20%. Typically I’d have been at about 60% at that point.

The recharging unit works very intuitively. You just put the right aid in the right slot and the left in the left. The earpiece goes in top side first and the receivers dangle in a middle bin. I’m going to get a good outlet surge protector. And, as I posted in another thread, ReSound customer rep encouraged drying the aids, but using any electric one (he said) could harm the sealed rechargeable battery–so a desiccant style only is to be used. I haven’t figured out how I can dry them but still recharge them every night. The charger holds 3 charges. Customer rep said they expect the rechargeable battery to last 4-5 years, with only 20% capacity lost in the 5th year, which isn’t suppose to degrade performance in that year.

I hope such newbie impressions are in some way useful. I’m feeling optimistic even though I feel sad to have to start using hearing aids. I just need to remember that I am lucky to live in an era when such devices are available.


Very interesting and helpful. Thanks, Noreen!


Got the Quattro’s today. My immediate perception is that I can understand speech much better. I’m moving up from the LiNX2, which I’ve had for two years or so. I think maybe it was the Alera 9 before that.

We’re still rebuilding from the Harvey Hurricane a year ago and are renting a furnished apartment. Even with this cheapo TV they have, I can reduce the volume to about 2/3 of what I was using and not even have to stare at the closed captioning. (I miss my $50K Home Theater System!)

It’s way too early to give a review; I’ll wear them a while and then post. First impressions are two thumbs way up!

PS - Just remembered one weird thing. Driving back from getting the hearing aids, I had SiriusXM on Watercolors, a Jazz station. It was really strange. At first, I thought I noticed more detail and transients and generally more warmth and roundness to mid-bass. Then it sounded like a blanket was thrown over one ear. Then it would open up and sound great again, only to repeat the sequence.

After a stop I switched to the Music program and that quit happening. I know she said she moved the frequencies I could not (or barely) hear into the frequencies I could, so maybe auto switching was affecting this. I’ll give it at least a couple weeks before I think about any changes. I’ll tinker with the app settings and then likely go back for some adjustment tweaks and take it from there.


I remember experiencing a similar thing when I was trialing the Sonic Enchant 100. It’s simply because I’m the car environment the Enchant tries to detect and determine what environment it should be in and gets confused when one minute it’s quiet in the car except for the drone of the road noise and another minute someone starts talking in the car or the music is turned on. This implies that the algorithm to detect various environments may be too crude to be able to handle smartly the changes between sounds inside an enclosed car. The end result is what you experience. Sudden changes between sound changes inside the car that is very annoying to deal with. And ironically that was the car program for the Enchant that makes the most annoying changes back and forth. I ended up having to use a more “open” program to be able to hear things more naturally inside a moving car.