GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro

I don’t claim any special insight, but it’s possible Resound could use this model as a way to differentiate its top line from what it overs Costco.

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I’m with MDB on this one. Looks like the Quattro is a high-end product (“premium plus”) aimed specifically at music lovers. “Layers of sound” appears to refer to dynamic range levels and high frequency transients, which most hearing aids don’t reproduce very well. This isn’t the sort of product you’d expect to find at Costco, which (for example) doesn’t sell high-end audio equipment or super-fast gaming computers. GN says that the 3D will remain available and I expect the Forte will as well.

hehe widex signia oticon top of line also have 5-113 db spl input range … they just made little more spl quoted for patent and differantiation purpose

That’s what they initially said about LiNX 3D… I mean, sure, they’ll probably keep some of the features for the premium plus line, but if they are launching full direct streaming for Android, I can’t see them holding that technology back. Why wouldn’t they move as many units as possible through Costco before the other manfs catch up? I could be wrong, but the trend so far seems to be launch premium to traditional market and then a few months later launch it in Costco with a couple missing features.

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just see slides site i posted above they pictured old accessories compatible so
still echo redution like phonak and signia missing

GN is slippery. When Costco got the KS6. It was only a short time later that they introduced the Linx2 – pretty substantial upgrade. They just gave Costco an added model and now introduce the latest and greatest. They seem quite oriented to making a difference.

BALLERUP, Denmark — GN Hearing and Google have today announced a new technology partnership that will make GN Hearing the first manufacturer to enable a full spectrum of direct audio streaming from Android devices to hearing aids. The expectations are that direct streaming will become available to hearing aid users of the recently launched hearing aids ReSound LiNX Quattro™ and Beltone Amaze™ in a future Android release.


Means not for p? Or pushed via its upgrade later like 9.1 version of android

MFi may have some small issues, but one strong advantage (except when it becomes a problem) is that the MFi will grab the bluetooth and hold onto it seamlessly, unlike any other bluetooth experience I’ve had. Other bluetooth, like headphones, I have to sometimes work to pair – turn bluetooth off then on again, go into settings and make sure the device is connected, turn off the device, bluetooth on and off again. The MFi Oticons just grab that connection if the device is anywhere nearby.
Then the problem with MFi is that it can be a bit more of a challenge to get the output to go to another bluetooth device sometimes.

I just realized that the Quattro incorporates the new Android protocols… wow, that really does change my feelings about where things are headed. I think you’re right! I hope “few months” < 90 days, since I just bought a pair of Fortes.

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I have seen most users here state that Costco trial is 180 days, that is what the HIS told me when I ordered Forte 8 962 RIC last week. Have you had yours for 90 days now?

I’m hoping in that 6 month window that Costco does get the Quattro. I’ll ask next Friday, when I get mine. If the Phone Clip+ is too much frustration with my Pixel 2 XL, I have decided to try an iPhone, but would rather stick with Android. :crossed_fingers:

I apologize if I’ve confused things. I got the 90 day return idea from another post. I have a follow-up appointment with my Costo HAS tomorrow and I’ll confirm the return window after the meeting. I got my Fortes on August 3.

imo> If you are waiting for the ReSound LiNX Quattro to be available at Costco it’s possible you could be waiting for a long time. The recent surprise release of latest technology models at Costco may not be permanent. Maybe we get to go back to the previous business model where Costco had some good hearing aids, but not the latest technology.

Maybe the recent fits and starts for cellphone streaming has interrupted that normal business model, but only temporarily. Just my opinion.

Could be true. The devil’s advocate position could be that since Costco has grabbed a good chunk of USA market share with their HA business model, Costco may choose to continue to be a disrupter of the current HA status quo. They still want to turn a profit, assuming they are now with HA pricing, since I assume their large purchase power gets them steep discounts over a stand alone clinic.

Many of us on Hearing Tracker know that legacy business is mired in clinics with staff who are not good at listening and answering questions, and pushing expensive product to consumers who are often upset and confused with their hearing loss diagnosis. They find that they can get as good or better treatment at Costco at far less cost, and that HA purchase decision at Costco becomes easy.

I’ve been to three Audiology clinics, quoted $4k to $8k and gotten the used car hard sell. My $2600 at Costco with a very responsive HIS was much more pleasant, with over $5k still in my savings. If I could get a “premium plus” HA at Costco for under $5k I would give it strong consideration.

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My personal opinion is that the Quattro technology will take a while to waterfall over to Costco. Why? Because GN is labelling this not just their Premium technology, but their Premium PLUS technology. They’ll need to try to recover their NRE (non-recurring engineering) cost by selling them for an arm and a leg through the audi channel first, before waterfalling it down into a lower cost version for Costco to sell.


As promised, I checked with my HAS at Costco and yes, the trial period is 180 days – from the date I picked up the aids, she said. Got my Fortes August 3rd. Minor adjustment made to lower incoming system sounds (low battery) and telephone ringing sound, which were quite loud. I must say I am very pleased with the Fortes and, since I’m an iPhone user, I wouldn’t see much of a point in migrating to the Quattro technology, even if it became available at Costco. I suspect I would feel differently if I were rabidly anti-Apple.

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And my understanding is that the Linx 3D would remain available as their Premium offering. Interestingly, there’s now no mention of the 3D on the company’s U.S. products page.

It shows for me. Smart hearing aids and wireless accessories | ReSound

The URL is en

OIC… you have to follow the links. Top level pages are all Quattro. Darn, I hope Costco gets their defeatured version before my trial period expires!

I think they just changed the home landing page from the Linx / Enzo to the Quattro in the last day or two. On the Quattro @ Costco, me too, especially as an Android user who might get direct HA support in 3rd to 4th Q 2018!

I’ll ask the HIS when he fits me for the Forte this coming Thursday. I doubt Costco makes inventory decisions this quick, but then I know from past sales experience that large corporate buyers need months long lead times, so often know about new models before the general public.

Maybe if some fitters get customer feedback on new models, that might help? Worth a try, :crossed_fingers:

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