GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro



Good to know about ReSounds frequency lowering. I have a couple of test things in my house that I check to see if I can hear with my aids (my kids thermometer, the inside thermostat and AC unit in the garage). Phonaks so far gave me the best ability to hear the beeps with frequency lowering. I was floored to learn that those things even beeped. I had no idea.

My ReSound Vidas sound like a short burst of white noise in place of beeps. I’ll ask my Audi if he can turn it up to the medium/high setting if it’s not already up there.

You’d think I’d be happy to not hear high pitched beeps, but I really really want to hear what I’m missing out on. I can’t even hear when our fire alarm batteries need to be changed unless I’m standing directly under them, so it’s frustrating and makes me feel vulnerable.


I once half-tore apart the smoke alarm in our upstairs hallway ceiling - it was ~impossible to get the cover off - it kept beeping even when I removed the battery! Oops! It’s the carbon monoxide detector plugged into the wall outlet below where I was standing, signaling that it’s allotted 7-year lifetime had expired! I don’t think my hearing loss had anything to do with it (before I got HA’s) - the durn thing was SO LOUD, I couldn’t tell where it was coming from - just that it was hurting my ears - so I put on ear protection, which helped further delay discovering the true source. I never knew before that CO monitors beep to signal end-of-life - but that was an unforgettable lesson for an RYFM’er like me. So wish for hearing (and devices) that makes things loud - but not too loud!


I got my Quattros on Thursday, as a free upgrade from my LiNX 3Ds because of problems with the 3Ds. I chose the disposable battery option.

It’s been only a couple of days, but I can say the sound is more pleasant than the 3Ds. Noise reduction is much enhanced, to the point where I’m now getting used to things being quieter than before (as you all know, that’s the opposite of getting used to hearing aids). But I don’t think I’m missing anything. For example, taking a walk around the neighborhood, I heard cars coming up behind me, a few hundred feet away. I even think it was clearer that they were coming from behind. But I can have less noise reduction if I want. The app gives a choice of Off, Mild, Moderate, Considerable, Strong, and Automatic. I’m using Automatic.

As for speech in noise, no restaurant yet, but I was at the dealer getting my car serviced. It’s a big facility with lots of service writers and a fair amount of noise. No problem hearing the service writer on the other side of the counter. Also, while absorbed in a magazine in the waiting room, I clearly heard the service writer call my name, from outside the doorway to the room. So speech in noise seems good. Not enough experience yet to make a comparison to 3Ds.


I had my first experience yesterday with significant wind. The average wind speed was 11 mph, according to the weather report but gusts were in the range of 20 to 25 mph. I didn’t hear any wind noise from the HA’s per se (which I’m very familiar with from having a Sony camcorder that takes great video but has no wind noise suppression in its mics!). But I did hear a “flapping/rustling” sound during maximum gusts. I think it was the wind moving my HA’s ever so slightly against my hair or vice-versa (hair blown against HA’s). I don’t know whether that officially counts as “wind noise” but other that that, the only real wind sound was what I heard through my open domes, so I’d give the Quattro 9 61’s an A++ on wind noise suppression in comparison to the awful wind noise generated in some of my Sony camcorder videos.


On carrying cases for the ReSound Quattro Li-ion battery charger:

Best Buy features Lowe Pro camera cases and bags. Went there this evening to get something else and found a Lowe Pro Volta 25 case that holds the Quattro charger very nicely. It has a fixed belt loop, zippers, and a small internal pouch but the charger is such a close fit one can probably not put too much besides the charger inside the case. Only cost $9.99 and appears to have plastic stiffeners built into the front and back to help protect the case contents from bumping into things, perhaps unnecessary for the Quattro hard plastic charger.

Re-examining my Canon Powershot camera case, that’s a Lowe Pro Rezo 30 case. In 2010, it originally cost me $16 and I now see it on Amazon but not Best Buy for $30. It’s a softer padded pouch, noticeably thicker than the Volta 25. It has a sturdier, bigger belt loop that can be snapped on and off and also came with a shoulder strap. The zipper tends to snag or have much more resistance than the Volta 25 so I think for now the Volta 25 case will be my traveling Quattro charger case both for its sleekness and more easily sliding zipper. The Rezo 30 has a bigger external pouch on the front of the case but the charger fit is so snug in the main pouch that I doubt much could be added to the external front pouch.


Yesterday I picked up vented silicone ear molds for my Quattros. Mine have the little “tails” that I think are called canal locks. For about a month, I continued to struggle with the tulip domes (and I’d already had the same experience with other domes) moving outward in my ear canal. My audiologist already tried different length wires, in different shapes. So I asked to try custom molds.

They are definitely staying in place. They don’t hurt at all. I find them harder to put on, but I’m managing. There’s no temptation to keep poking them in my ears, because they stay where they’re put. That’s what I really like about them…so far. They make little “chicken-scratching” sounds when i move my jaw or raise my eyebrows. But I think I can tolerate that and the audiologist says that’s normal. (Please let me know if you know/think otherwise.) There’s more feedback when I’m putting them in, but I gather that’s normal too. No feedback otherwise. They are more visible in my ears, but I don’t care about that. My hair covers them.

I wasn’t prepared for how different the sound is. I feel like I’m going to have to get used to the sound of hearing aids almost all over again. Sounds are louder. This morning I couldn’t recognize the sound of the console humidifier running. Water flowing in the kitchen sink two rooms away is loud and kind of odd sounding. And I seem to have more problem locating the source of sounds. The beep of my partner’s pill reminder sounded like it was my hearing aids beeping, for example. My voice is more echoey. I think I’ll be able to get used to this. And I’m curious if the HAs will work better (or worse or the same) in challenging noise situations like a restaurant. I will test that soon.

The aids were SO uncomfortable for me as the domes continually crept forward in my eye canal, that I think I’m willing to adjust to the new sound of sounds. My audiologist said I’m now hearing more in my head than before and used the phrase “more occlusion” to describe the situation.


Sounds like your aids need adjusting due to the ear molds. I would ask also for a REM test. You are now getting more volume from the aids and also the acoustics had changed.


Yes, what you’re describing does sound like occlusion. You might ask if there’s a way to increase the vent size of your molds.


REM was done at the original fitting. Since then, my audiologist has been doing what I think she’s referred to as “callibration” with each changing of the domes. She has me go into airplane mode. Then she pipes sound into the hearing aid. After a bit, I see the Resound program saving my settings (a bunch of little balls line up and move across her screen) while she says she’s saving my settings to the cloud.

So, not REM again.

My audiologist is a solo practitioner. She has been excellent. But she is 2 weeks away from her due date and is only going to be handling emergencies for the next 3 months.


When my audiologist used the word “occluded” she made it sound like some of this is to be expected with molds. Geez. This stuff is so so complicated. Sigh.


The molds change the whole fitting, your Audi should redo the REM


Made more complicated by what I gather are multiple symptoms/definitions of the word “occlusion”.
Sigh indeed. :slight_smile:


I recall the original REM. She put a wire into my ear. These molds fit quite snugly. So, that wire can still fit in…like through the vent?


I don’t think it will be possible to increase the vent size on a silicone mold. The silicone material is too soft to ream out with a drill, and will readily tear when you apply a spinning drill.

The problem with construction of custom molds (at least in my experience) is the lack of choice (or the lack of communication) between the end-user (me) and the lab PPL who are building the custom mold.

For example; that little round nub that is added for you to remove the mold without tugging on the receiver wire; I hate it, it’s ugly, I always cut it off, or file it off. However it takes up room/real-estate on the mold. As a result, the Lab moved my vent ever-so-close to the outside of the custom mold and I’m guessing (out of necessity) made the vent very small. If you try to drill out the vent in silicone material when it is ever-so-close to the outside edge it gets easily torn.

To visualize the proximity of the vent to the edge of the mold, stick a toothpick or smaller probe into the vent to make the vent path clearly visible and I think you will see what I’m talking about.

My preference would be to request a silicone mold with a concha lock (I use the concha lock to remove the molds), and without the round nub removal device, and a bigger vent in place of the stupid nub. But I don’t think it is possible to convey my requests to the Lab. Sigh!
Oh, you can click the images to enlarge them;


Interesting. Thank you. It’s hard to tell the size of the vent in your photo, but it seems to be at least similar (relatively speaking) to the size of what’s in mine. But mine seem (to me) to be up higher in the mold. My audiologist must agree with you about drilling into silicone. She told me that if she received them and they weren’t sized correctly, she’d be able to fax her corrections to ReSound and the turn around time would be much quicker. (Because of her due date, I paid $25 to have the work expedited and, quite surprisingly, that’s all I was charged for them.)

Because my hair covers my ears, I am OK with the way the little tail looks (so long as it doesn’t interfere with the way the mold works). I was so annoyed by the domes moving forward in my ears, that my audiologist wanted those canal locks (or whatever they are called). Maybe I have super-sensitive ears, but among the things I wasn’t enjoying about the dome system, were that the sports locks kept poking my ears. At first, they were too long (I thought) and didn’t stay nicely where they’re supposed to. She cut them, and then if I didn’t get them in just so, the end poked me,

I am beginning to feel like a major whiner…which I try not to be (and usually aren’t). I’m OK with getting adjusted to some discomfort. I am 66 and deal with a good bit of discomfort with fairly good humor. I guess I’m just trying to gauge if the discomfort can be made less so.

So far, I am liking the steady feel of the molds. They aren’t slipping out! Yippee! Now I’m trying to check in if the sound is at least close to as good as it can get.

Thanks so much for all the help and support you folks are being so generous in offering.


Fax!? That’s still a thing? :slight_smile:

I rounded the tips of those retainer thingy’s to have it not poke. Some don’t use them at all.


I live in the BOONDOCKS of Michigan’s Northeastern lower peninsula. I love the place, for sure. But I also have had to adjust to a landline phone for when my internet goes down and takes the network extender out with it (there’s no cellphone service here). And I have to function with a blazing “high-speed” of 10 MB on the download and 2 on the upload. Oh, but the provider has been promising to get 25MB available for a few years now.

In fact, even my landline has been nonfunctional for a few weeks. The technician was out today and says the only fix, until they can bury the line in the spring, is a wire laid on the ground through the woods and to the house.

But, returning to hearing aids. My bluetooth is working well despite all the tech issues of rural America and I can stream music either from my Iphone or my Apple Watch. In fact, with my audie 1.5 hours away, I was even able to get a volume boost to my prescription level through a download via ReSound Assist.


How far are you from Gaylord, Charlevoix or Petoskey? Or Alpena?

Concerning your cell phone do you have any signal at all? Wilson makes a signal booster that does an excellent job if there is any signal at all. We have a place on Lake Michigan in Naubinway (off highway 2 about 45 mi west of the bridge) and there was an occasional one bar if I stood outside out by the lake but usually not sufficient to make a call. I installed the booster and now I can not only make calls but can use the phone as a hot spot to stream movies. A small antenna mounts on the outside and a booster in the house. If there is zero signal it won’t work but if there’s anything at all you should give it a try. It’s not cheap but you have 30 days to try it and send it back if it doesn’t work.


Howdy almost-neighbor. We are 8 miles north of Hillman, which is on 32 between Alpena and Gaylord. No cellphone signal. But our Verizon network extender gives us cellphone coverage as long as the internet is functioning, which is most of the time.

I don’t think I’d have gone for the ReSound if I didn’t have a solid, though slow, internet connection. My audi sent an update to my hearing aid settings via ReSound Assist and it worked well and saved me a trip to Cheybogan. You have to make sure your hearing aids are fully charged. And then you set them near your Iphone and proceed via the app to download the new settings. Maybe the changes weren’t that big of a patch. But the whole process took about 2 minutes! Way cool for the boondocks!


I was just at my local Costco to pick up my ReSound Multi-Mic remote microphone accessory. Learned some interesting stuff. First and foremost, Costco gives a pretty good price on ReSound accessories. The Multi-Mic was $267 whereas my audi wanted $320. The catch is that the Costco folks told me that for any warranty service on the Multi-Mic, I could only go through Costco. That the Multi-Mic would be identified by its serial number and my name associated with it and I couldn’t take it to just any audiologist working with ReSound.

The other interesting thing (totally hearsay) is the Costco folks said that Costco is in negotiations with ReSound to bring (a version of) the Quattro to Costco, possibly as the next Kirkland-branded hearing aid. Wonder how much it will be “defeatured?!”

The last interesting tidbit, maybe well-known to forum members with HA’s from Costco, is their policy on Real Ear Measurements. I asked them if they did those and was told that they were not allowed to make ANY adjustment to HA’s without doing REM’s and thoroughly documenting the results. That’s great and it sounds like, in part, to also be a CYA policy against anyone suing Costco that poor adjustment ruined their hearing, etc. Perhaps the upshot of that would be that Remote Assistance is not likely to come with any HA sold at Costco anytime soon?