GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro

Very interesting and helpful. Thanks, Noreen!

Got the Quattro’s today. My immediate perception is that I can understand speech much better. I’m moving up from the LiNX2, which I’ve had for two years or so. I think maybe it was the Alera 9 before that.

We’re still rebuilding from the Harvey Hurricane a year ago and are renting a furnished apartment. Even with this cheapo TV they have, I can reduce the volume to about 2/3 of what I was using and not even have to stare at the closed captioning. (I miss my $50K Home Theater System!)

It’s way too early to give a review; I’ll wear them a while and then post. First impressions are two thumbs way up!

PS - Just remembered one weird thing. Driving back from getting the hearing aids, I had SiriusXM on Watercolors, a Jazz station. It was really strange. At first, I thought I noticed more detail and transients and generally more warmth and roundness to mid-bass. Then it sounded like a blanket was thrown over one ear. Then it would open up and sound great again, only to repeat the sequence.

After a stop I switched to the Music program and that quit happening. I know she said she moved the frequencies I could not (or barely) hear into the frequencies I could, so maybe auto switching was affecting this. I’ll give it at least a couple weeks before I think about any changes. I’ll tinker with the app settings and then likely go back for some adjustment tweaks and take it from there.

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I remember experiencing a similar thing when I was trialing the Sonic Enchant 100. It’s simply because I’m the car environment the Enchant tries to detect and determine what environment it should be in and gets confused when one minute it’s quiet in the car except for the drone of the road noise and another minute someone starts talking in the car or the music is turned on. This implies that the algorithm to detect various environments may be too crude to be able to handle smartly the changes between sounds inside an enclosed car. The end result is what you experience. Sudden changes between sound changes inside the car that is very annoying to deal with. And ironically that was the car program for the Enchant that makes the most annoying changes back and forth. I ended up having to use a more “open” program to be able to hear things more naturally inside a moving car.


Great observation! The more we share common experiences, the better we can adapt to the devices.

And, perhaps more importantly, provide meaningful feedback to the manufacturer.

So, seven days into my 30 day Quattro trial–the Iphone app (I have an Iphone 6) had been completely stable for 4 days. It’s the same app as is used for the LYNX 3d. In the last 2 and 1/2 days, it’s dropped one ear or the other five times. Very annoying. I don’t really know what’s the proper protocol for getting it back on track: one out of the 5 times, closing the app and opening it worked. 4 other times that didn’t work. 3 times turning off my phone and turning it back on fixed the problem. One time I decided to just try turning off the bluetooth and turning it on again. That wasn’t fun. I had to reboot the hearing aids by turning them off and on and then repair the aids to the phone to get the app going again.

And last night I tried to pair them with my Ipad for the first time. I couldn’t get it to work until about the 4th try. And I didn’t do anything different on the 4th try, so that was baffling. The TV show was streaming to both ears, but the App wasn’t seeing either HA. The sound quality wasn’t very good. There was a crackling sound every once in awhile. Now, I do live in the boondocks with a 10MG download max. But when I stream to my Ipad without HAs, it works fine as long as no one else is trying to download something or talk on the phone (no one was). FiberOPtics has come to the neighborhood and 115MG download is promised as of Sept 24. I’m hoping this will help with streaming. Does anyone know if it likely will?

I had a one week trial with the Oticon OPN 1 before this. The app kept losing the hearing aids. That was one thing I hoped would be better with the Quattros.

I am having a lot of difficulty with the left HA in terms of comfort. It has a larger dome on the receiver than the right HA, even though my hearing loss in the left ear is mild. Audiologist says my left ear canal is larger with a little bend in it. I push it in to where it’s comfortable, and suddenly it’s like pressure builds up–like an altitude change in a plane or an elevator. I tug gently on the receiver wire, and that’s relieved–but then I feel the HA as a constant annoyance. Sigh. I go in to see the audiologist tomorrow. I hope she can figure out a way to make the left one more comfortable.

Sound quality on phone calls streaming to the HAs is good. At least I won’t have to always listen on the speaker phone.

I like the outdoor program quite a bit. I can still hear everything but, with the noise filter on, it doesn’t sound too loud.

The restaurant program is best for me with the noise filter. The “hear everyone” is a bust. I hear not only everyone at the table but everyone in the kitchen and everyone at the rest of the tables. The “speech focus” is only a little bit better at helping me listen to the speech at my table than “hear everyone.” It seems very loud and demanding to listen to.

I know I can change from one program to the next by the button on the hearing aid. But with the app getting wonky, I then won’t be able to get to that next level of controls in the program.

If anyone knows of anything I’m not doing right with this app, please let me know.

I’ve been having some aggravation with my LiNX 3D’s as described in this thread

and now ReSound is offering to upgrade me to the Quattros. Does anyone here have experience with both the 3D and the Quattro?

linx 2 to 3D to quattro

I was wearing 3D for about 45 days and really liked them I had absolutely know problems streaming my I phone or TV… . as far as restaurants with my 3D’s I had the audi set my speech focus to narrow it cut down on much of the background noise and improved my hearing at a table full of people… I did have a little feedback in my R ear but audi was able to fix it… I had upgraded from linx 2 9’s and really liked the 3d’s… the couple of negatives were I tried the rechargeables and the batteries didn’t last because I stream about 6 hrs a day so changed them for size 13 battery…also the assist app where you can get remote adjustments never really worked correctly… I just picked up my new quattros today and am trying the rechargeable version the new app has a new feature it shows your actual charge that is left on the batteries on the status page… only have been wearing them a few hours but I have noticed improved hearing already… I’m outdoors much of the day and noticed quite a difference in the sounds around me… … I’ve streamed the TV and Iphone and both work well…


Here are pictures comparing the size of the two Quattro versions. The red one is a rechargeable Quattro, the beige one is actually a 3D with 13 battery, standing in for a Quattro which is supposed to be physically identical. The rechargeable is a bit larger than a 312-battery 3D.

I’ve been wearing the quattro for a couple days now and am very impressed with the rechargeable version… I streamed over 6 hrs both days and still had over 50% battery life according to their APP…
one big difference in the rechargeable quattro is that the batterise cannot be removed by anyone but ReSound so if you have a problem I guess it has to be shipped back to them

I heard GN think they are good for over 80% life for over 5 years. That’s not bad considering that’s likely over 1500 cycles - albeit through accelerated life testing.

My audiologist called ReSound about this yesterday, and they told her the batteries should last 4 years. As a courtesy, the audiologist would send the aids in to be refurbished, including new batteries, at the end of the 3-year warranty.

The charging case is able to store 3 charges, so you can charge the aids while out of reach of electricity. I guess that means the charging case also contains a battery that could eventually die. Most users aren’t likely to put it through many charging cycles though. By the way, I handled the charging case and it feels solidly built and satisfying to handle.

Personally, I’m leaning toward getting the non-rechargeable version for my upgrade to Quattro, even though it’s bigger. Not so much because of worries about the batteries wearing out, rather because I’d rather not have the extra piece of equipment, and have to deal with charging every night. The stated full charge of 30 hours isn’t quite enough for two days of use.

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Maybe you folks already know this, but ReSound told me that the warranty on the charger is one year. (I didn’t find that written anywhere.) The warranty on the highest tech level of the Quattros is 3 years. And on the two lower tech levels it’s 2 years.

I have been wearing the Quattros, my first hearing aids, for just over a week. I had an appt with the audiologist today. She told me that her ReSound rep said that a desiccant packet of the sort put into leather items and some electronics could be placed inside the charging unit, with the hearing aids, for drying purposes. I feel concerned that might cause some problem since it’s not any instruction in the manual. So, my plan at present is to take the HAs out and recharge them (which takes about 3 hours) in the evening every few days and, on those nights, to put them overnight into one of those desiccant dryer jars. On other nights I’ll leave the aids in the charger overnight. It seems an imperfect solution.

I have been having a lot of problems with the LNX App losing one aid or the other over the last few days. It was completely stable the first 4 days of use. I called ReSound customer service today. They said what’s likely causing my problem is my (sort of unsuccessful) effort to pair my aids to my iPad. (Actually, they paired, but the App didn’t recognize the HAs.) When I gave up, I didn’t turn bluetooth off on my IPad. It’s in the house with my iPhone 6 and they theorize that’s the source of my connection difficulty. I turned off the iPad bluetooth. So far the phone app is stable. I’m hoping that’s the solution.

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Noreen, why would you need to put them in a dryer jar…

The batteries are sealed. But they still say moisture is the worst enemy of hearing aids and, when I called ReSound, they still recommend they be dried…somehow, I guess. Not right?

i have worn ReSound linx 2, 3D, and now the quattro and have never read or been told to dry my HA’s and I live in Florida so sweat/moisture is a big problem…

Interesting. After reading, mostly here, about drying units and desiccants, I asked the ReSound rep and he said that with the sealed Quattros it isn’t as important as with other hearing aids, and that I probably wouldn’t have any issues if I didn’t dry them since I live in Michigan rather than in “someplace like Florida where it’s so humid.” He put me on hold and came back and told me I should dry them 2-3 times a week. He acknowledged that’s hard to do when they need to be in the charger too. He said they cannot be put in any “electronic” dryer because that will degrade the battery. After more reading, including on the ZPower site, I decided it must be the heat of an electronic unit that would cause that. Drying hearing aids regularly can supposedly extend their life by as much as a year. The cynics might say that’s why the manufacturers aren’t too keen to talk about them. ReSound makes a desiccant dryer unit,, which is what I bought.

Panel 7 in this Dry & Store Quick Start Guide

seems to mean that rechargeable batteries are ok to put in. The dryer heats up to body temperature, a normal condition for hearing aids. Besides, the batteries probably also get warm while in their charger, just like a cell phone.

Noreen, This desiccant dryer unit works very well. I have used the same one for around 5 years. About 1’s a month you charge it in your microwave and you are good to go.

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Good news. For 5 days now, since turning off the bluetooth on my iPad, which is often in the same house as my iPhone, the ReSound LNX App has been rock solid with my Quattros. No more losing ears and having to reboot the hearing aids and re-pair them to my phone. A smaller dome for the ear that was so uncomfortable has improved the situation for me.

I pretty much feel good about my hearing aids in quiet environments and walking around outdoors or on our small pontoon boat. It’s OK in restaurants, including at a table for 8, but I can’t say I was thrilled with it (though I tried various settings, in the restaurant program and in the “all around” program.) I was in classes with about 30 people for a few days and I managed well. I could hear everything, even though the rooms had very high ceilings. I went out in Sturgeon Bay on an old fireboat with a group of about 75 people, many noisy. Oh my. The listening was just awful. No setting worked. I’m still not fiddling with the volume–maybe I should have. That was, I know, a very challenging environment. I would have managed better without the hearing aids but I decided to leave them in. I found I could manage a conversation sitting on the narrow port side of the boat, away from the speakers blasting out stuff and the bulk of the noisy voices.

I guess I’m getting the hang of it. It is a little discouraging that I can’t really give hearing aids a “hip hip hurrah.”

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This has been interesting to follow people’s experiences with this new product. I’m waiting to hear from anyone using it with an Android. :slight_smile:

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