GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro

I haven’t tried streaming music from my phone much. In my car with my open domes, I could get a lot of bass from my car speakers, which are those in a top-of-the-line Accord. But I noticed in the Smart 3D app, there is an option choice to enhance bass as much as possible in streaming - I’ll have to give it a try. Audio podcasts of the human voice sound great when streamed - having all the “s” sounds, etc., that I was lacking before.

Might be the placebo effect but if you’re using an Android phone, might want to check the phone audio settings (don’t know about iPhone). My Samsung phone running Oreo is normally running “optimized” settings - meaning everything is scaled back a bit to avoid chewing battery - but there is an “entertainment” setting that promises to enhance the quality of digital audio - I think it’s supposed to upscale it to a higher audio bitrate just as with video a DVD can be upscaled from 480p to not look crappy when displayed on a high-definition TV. Whenever I go walking and listening to a podcast, I switch to the entertainment setting (my screen is off so I’m not burning extra battery lighting up a max res “entertainment” screen, too) and I like to think that the audio sounds better than ever! I have a good imagination!

Well, so much for that one with Resound LiNX Quattro 9 61’s. I’d say it’s not bad but it’s certainly not “instantaneous” and the first few seconds can be less than great. My wife hit on the clever idea to qualitatively time the connection by having the person who answers, when they hit the answer button, start counting "1…, 2…, 3…, …. (at a normal moderate counting pace). Whether I called her from my Android phone using the Phone Clip+ or she called me from her iPhone, invariably at least the initial “1” count was missed and when I called her the 2, 3, to about 4, was a bit garbled although I could hear her counting. After the first two or three seconds, a pretty good connection is established but what I hear in my HA’s does not have a audio quality of a Plantronics Calisto Pro headset - but it could be the cell tower connectivity and my cell plan are different, too, from back in the day.

I see there are a ton of other threads on this forum critiquing Phone Clip+ connectivity. I didn’t try to find the best home for my little contribution. Just wanted to correct what I previously wrote in this thread that I’m quoting above.

I haven’t experienced any warbling or stuttering once streaming starts but I’ve experienced the same start-up delay if I stream audio from my Windows 10 PC through the Phone Clip+ to my HA’s (and I’ve streamed an hour or two now). Don’t know what’s going on there. Sometimes there is little or no delay in the audio reaching the HA’s from the start of video playing. Sometimes the delay in audio is a long as 7 seconds after the video starts playing on the PC. Maybe the startup is delay is that the Phone Clip+ likes to go to sleep to conserve battery juice and depending on circumstances, it takes a while for it to wake up or be awakened by the PC. So the cure for HA/Phone Clip+ connectivity is probably not newer model HA’s but ReSound coming up with a better PhoneClip+ 2, I think. Perhaps the one or two second delay in a phone-to-phone connection will not be noticeable most of the time since most people allow for a few seconds of “Hello?..Hello?” before trying to launch into any meaningful conversation.

Well, it’s a big day on the forum for Quattro first impressions. I thought I’d add mine. I’ve had mine for about 8 weeks. Today I made my first request through ReSound Assist. My partner says, and he’s right, that I’m back to asking him to repeat stuff quite a bit. I let my audiologist know and she “increased the gain in the aids and also adjusted the volumes for both quiet and soft speech.” The app let me know that her software change was ready to install. The install took about a minute. It definitely “took” because I hear the difference. And, if it doesn’t work for me, there’s a feature in the app to restore the prior settings. Pretty cool, especially since I live in a very rural area and my audiologist is almost an hour and a half away!

I am still struggling with comfort, though–and with the aids moving forward in my ear canal (especially one). And my glasses are still not playing nice with the aids. I have an audiologist appt in November and I think I’m going to ask to have custom domes made. And I’m waiting to see eye doctors in November also.

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My main problem so far is just cosmetic. The audi thought that #3 wires were too long (3-inch wires?) so she changed them to #2’s. But I think they’re a bit too short. It’s hard to make the wires run along between the curve of my helices and my hairline, then enter over the ear surface near the tip of the concha. One would think that they would make #2.5 wires! Could be, too, as I try to insert the domes in my ear canals, I’m going about it the wrong way and causing them to splay out instead of hugging down along my hairline. Really not a Quattro/ReSound question but since @Noreen1009 mentions dome movement, etc., my problem seems to me to be somewhat related to a newbie dome insertion problem! I am very unconscious of my domes and have had no movement but if I grit my teeth or move my jaw in a certain way, I sometimes create uncomfortable pressure on the left dome but not the right?! Again maybe a newbie insertion problem - for some stupid reason (I’m right-handed), it’s easier to insert the right dome into my right ear.

On the glasses, I wear metal frames that don’t curve much around my ear. Perhaps it’s the Sports Locks attached to my domes, but I’m able to remove and replace my glasses without anything much happening to my HA’s. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I put the HA’s on first or the glasses but if I put the glasses on first, I have to think more about carefully removing them without disturbing the HA’s - the audi’s opinion was that I have plenty of room behind my ears - how do folks quantify this for comparison?! If I press a ruler again my scalp, try to grab the ruler where the inside face of my helix is, there is about 10 mm of space between my scalp and the inside surface of the top of my ear (put then I might be depressing my scalp with the ruler). One day after getting the Quattro’s, I have just about zero sensation that they’re sitting behind my ears, whether they’re on top of my glasses or the glasses are on top of them. Maybe wearing glasses habituates me to any sensation from that region?

i’ve worn HA’s for about 7 yrs 3 different brands including my new quattros … cosmetics was a big problem for me also … I have always had the same problem with tips sliding out and rec. wires sticking / buckling out beyond my ears… I live in florida and am very active so I always thought because I was sweating that helped with them sliding out… I tried every style tip and size imaginable nothing worked… with out exaggeration I was pushing the tips in very 10 to 15 min… frustrating… I then had molds made last year and no more sliding out… I put them in early morning and never touch them again all day… the rec.wire was still a problem sticking out but not as far… so that is why I tried curling the receiver wire that I showed above… the wire now stays close and inside my ear … I didn’t use anything to heat it I just slowly made the curl and after a few times of curling it stayed… I have had no problem with the receiver breaking either… as far as the molds I did have the vent enlarged because of a little occlusion

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I have the same Quattro 9 61’s, and they connect instantly 100% of the time to phone calls or streamed audio content from my iPhone, and the quality is excellent.

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Loving my Quattro 7s. 9s were 800.00 more. First time in many years I can hear everyone in meetings. Got them on Wednesday


Ive had my Quattro 9s for almost a month. I just had the Audi up the volume by 15% because I still struggle hearing speech in all situations. I hope that will help.

I’m not impressed with the streaming. My last HA were Phonak V90 with Compilot air.

The sound that streams from my iPhone 6plus sounds canned and not full. I tried closed domes. I tried boosting the middle and base sounds up from the app. It reminds me of the sound that comes out to a cell phone or Ipad speaker.

Still, I used them, hoping my brain would adjust. I seem to get interference during the streaming as well. Sometimes, it creates an annoying sound. Sometimes it just drops completely. That’s just sitting there doing basically nothing in my recliner, and no big appliance doing anything nearby. I also notice distortion with streaming music.

Yesterday I put my Phonak V90&Compilot air on again and immediately thought ahhhhh. Such rich, full sound.

I think I will be returning them. The Audi said maybe I just prefer Phonak sound quality.

Not sure if I wanna try the Phonak direct Bluetooth or Marvel technology. My amazing insurance cover 100% so I will probably try it after Marvel is released and reviewed.


Oh my Audi also did a program change called base boost in the Quattro streaming program. Still not the clear full sound, and it seemed to up the distortion.

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Also, the Quattro don’t stream directly to my I watch like the Compilot does. I really love that feature cause I can leave my phone back and listen through the watch. With my Quattro, I suspect my watch BT is interfering with my streaming so I turn it to airplane mode, but I still get issues even when I do that.

Oh and my fit issue was fixed with Phonak closed domes size small. Tried the tulips but they didn’t fit into my ear, my canal is too small

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I am having difficulty streaming with my Quattros. I have an Iphone 6 (and a series 3 Apple Watch). Forget the watch for the moment. After I stream music or the radio through my HAs (but usually not for a phone call), usually the left hearing aid (sometimes the right) is dropped by the app. Closing and opening the app doesn’t restore the full connection. When I turn off the phone and turn it on again, the connection to both is restored. As for my Apple Watch–I’d like to use the App to control the programs because I think people observing will be less likely to misinterpret what I’m doing as rude. Out of 20 tries, with nothing different that I can figure out, the apple watch connects 2 times. Otherwise I get a message that says “there is a problem connecting.” Yeah, no kidding.

My Iphone 6 doesn’t support Bluetooth 5. I have been trying to read up on what 5 is better at than 4. It includes handling multiple devices. I’m wondering if the TWO hearing aids, and then the watch, is too much for Bluetooth 4.

I am not keen on buying a new Iphone just for the heck of it. But an Iphone 8 supports Bluetooth 5 and I’m considering it.

I am: (1) no experts on HAs, and (2) no expert on computer stuff generally. I talked with an Apple rep who seemed to sincerely be researching the issue and he thought it was likely that access to Bluetooth 5 would improve functionality for me. He wasn’t sure though.

I’d welcome any thoughts you have on the issue.

Is there a nearby Apple Store where you could try a new phone?

Bluetooth 5 shouldn’t matter. To best of my knowledge, Quattros do not support it. I think the suggestion to go to an Apple Store is a good one, but I’d ask for help in making what you’ve got currently work

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2.5 hours away is the closest.

Wow, [MDB]. I thought I read they support Bluetooth 5…searching now.

What version of iOS are you using Noreen1009? I’m asking as versions 12.0 and 12.1 are much better in terms of Bluetooth connectivity than 11.4.1. An advantage of moving to 12 on an older phone like the iPhone 6 is that the OS has been optimized to run better and faster on older devices (which is not always the case with newer operating systems).

If you haven’t yet upgraded your iPhone to 12.1, I would suggest you consider as one option to addressing your issue. I was a beta tester and found it worked (even in Beta) much better than 11.4.1 with my ReSound Linx2 962’s.


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Thanks, Chris. I am current on the operating system, 12.0.1.

Ok, I just got a very helpful ReSound rep. MDB is correct. The Bluetooth ReSound uses isn’t 5. It’s a “proprietary, low frequency, low power” thingamajig. He said a new Iphone won’t help me. He said some Iphones are working well and some are not and it doesn’t matter what model. Here’s what he had me do:

  1. He had my phone forget my hearing aids (through the MFI menu).
  2. He had me reset my network settings on the phone.
  3. He had me open the Smart 3d App and TURN OFF “optimize MFI connection” (which my audiologist had turned on).
  4. He had me go through the protocol of re-pairing my hearing aids to my Iphone.
  5. He reminded me that for my Apple Watch to control my hearing aids through the Smart 3d App, i have to have the app open on my phone.
  6. I went back into my wifi menu on my phone and entered our network password.

He seems to think that this will solve the problem of the App losing an ear after streaming. My Apple Watch is already working properly to control the hearing aids. Wow…hopefully this solves the problems. I’m off to stream…

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Noreen I had that problem with the left not syncing. When I’d go to the app, the right would be green, and the rleft would have the red x. My Audi repaired them both, and that helped. Have you done that?

I wonder also if the iwatch is causing problems with streaming.

Oops I see you did all of that. I did all of those other steps with my Audi too, but am too lazy to remember haha

I have had my Quattros two weeks. I love them. That being said, there are a few issues.

  1. The Apple Watch will often only connect when the phone app is open and up. As soon as the phone app is exited or the phone display cuts off, the ‘Problem with connection’ message shows. As if to spite me, right this very second, the watch app is working perfectly without the phone app being up. I am going to do more investigation.

  2. Streaming… most times, streaming is excellent and sounds very very good. Occasionally, it gets finicky and will drop one or the other side. Sometimes it re-establishes the connection quickly and easily, other times it doesn’t.

What I like,

1- tonal balance - excellent

2-streaming…much more detailed and fuller than the Linx3D.

3-recharging case and battery life are as advertised. I have no issue getting through the day and streaming 12 hours. (At work, I have a Motorola xpr7550 two way. I use the phone clip+ to connect to it. I hear the sound through my aids and my voice goes to the radio through the phone clip. To get through my shift, I usually have to switch to the second phone clip. I have two for this purpose. I also use the remote at work as well. It is much easier to use with gloves on than the phone. It is a steel mill so I need to mute my mics quickly. )

4-speech discrimination…better than anything I have tried. Until now, the OPN platform was best in MY experience.

5-the accessory line is simply the most complete, most thought out, and most reliable.

Phonak is receiving much attention for the Audeo Marvel. While it can connect via standard Bluetooth, it pays a heavy price in battery life. This would not work for my needs. Besides…I have a Roger X.03 receiver that plugs into my multi-mic… I can use the entire Roger line.

For me, the whole system is simply the all around best and most versatile around.

My setup:
2 Quattro 961 with embedded mp receivers in custom shells.
1 multi-mic
2 phone clip+ (1 off eBay)
2 remotes. (Both off eBay)
1 TV Streamer. (eBay)
1 Roger X.03 receiver to plug into the bottom of the multi-mic (eBay)
1 Roger Pen 1.1 (eBay)
1 NOAHlink wireless programmer (eBay)

2015 MacBook Pro 15 running windows 10 pro with Resounds fitting software.

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Hey @Volusiano; Since you have very excellent knowledge about Oticon Opn’s, I am curious to know if you might be enticed by these new ReSound offerings?

More specifically, are the ReSound Forte reviews (Review: ReSound Forte FT861-DRW (Costco) vs. Oticon OPN1), and especially this newer Resound Quattro technology beginning to erode your confidence with the Oticon Opn paradigm?

Perhaps you cannot say without trialing the new ReSound technology? I was just curious.

in my opinion resound jsut restored impulse noise reduction which is not present in linx 3d
second earlier 6k range avaliable but if requency lowering enabled it might shift to 8k and below this happen in nx too. for more frequency range you should have good high freqency hearing. eventhough echo stop is still missing.
and of course android capability advertised is just one new thing but now after marvel its absolete feature.