GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro

So other than the charger problems, how do you like the sound and voice-in-noise, or is it too early to tell? With your experience with the 3D, you ought to write a review of the Quattro’s when you feel that you’ve used them enough. And relative to Volusiano’s point about losing your HA’s if you send them out to have the battery replaced, will you be keeping your 3D’s as backups so you can get the Quattro’s batteries replaced without much hassle?

The Quattro charger seems nicely designed and built, but nevertheless it adds another point of failure. The long-term durability of the charger and batteries are not yet known.

The rechargeable Quattro is a bit larger than a 312. This matters to some of us, even if it seems frivolous to those who are used to a BTE.

With my 312 LiNX 3D I get interruption-free service by changing batteries on a 5-day schedule. One little 8-battery pack fits anywhere and can give me nearly 3 weeks of service.

With all this, I have no desire to adopt rechargeables at present, and I really don’t see why ReSound is forcing us to choose between rechargeables and the larger 13-battery Quattro.

Resound will introduce more models of the Quattro.

Too soon…

They are certainly as good as the Linx3D at the very least.

My Linx3D aids with 13 batteries lasted 4days on average.

The main reason is the rechergeable solution is bigger than the 312 batteries version. And for me is not a negligible thing.
And the other reason is cost…
And at least what is the add value of the rechergeable solution?

@davart made this observation in another thread: “You’re also buying a device that definitely has a finite life. Although I appreciate that all devices will break, HAs with empty battery compartments can be kept as backup, whereas rechargeable batteries will degrade over time.”


@davart @x475aws - Presumably if loosely wrapped in a plastic bag, rechargeable HA’s could be stored at ~50% charge in a refrigerator door compartment. I have expensive Nikon DLSR Li-ion camera batteries that have been kept that way for most of their twelve years of life and are rated ~ like-new by the camera software. Cell phone cameras are so good, I normally use my phone and haul out my prosumer Nikon camera or Sony camcorder mainly for special occasions or trips. I let any battery so stored warm up for at least an hour in the bag at room temperature to avoid moisture condensation. Apple has very good info on battery care for their devices. They recommend 50% charge for long-term storage of a device (but they don’t make any recommendation on frig storage!). Unused batteries may lose a few % of their charge a month so you need to check any stored battery periodically. Below about 20% charge a Li-ion battery can become very acid and have its lifespan degraded and at too low a charge fail to be rechargeable at all.

Three of the main advantages of a rechargeable solution:

  1. You don’t have to fumble with small batteries trying to get them out and into your HA’s

  2. You don’t have to remember to reorder, make trips to the store, or whatever to get them or deal with the bad disposable that just unexpectedly conks out on you.

  3. If you’re concerned about generating large quantities of environmental waste on a finite planet, you avoid, admittedly in an almost inconsequential way, the environmental costs of a lot of stuff you just make, use, and throw away

Rechargeable HA’s may be WAY ahead of their time. The next big thing in batteries, like nuclear fusion, is always just around the corner. But hopefully someday real soon now, we’ll have rechargeable technology that will charge like crazy, hold a higher power density and last for many days if not weeks instead of just a day or two, and will allow thousands of more recharge cycles than today’s technology. If such battery technology ever arrives, it will make stuff like solar power a lot more practicable and you’d want that in your HA’s for sure instead of disposable solutions.

And the nice thing about such pie-in-the-sky hopes for rechargeable batteries is it’s not being driven by the HA market for it. It’s being driven by the quest for dependable renewable energy, the electric car market, the solar-powered panel microgeneration/microgrid industry that’s taking off around the country at a local level, the portable phone, tablet, and mobile computer industry. So the quest to succeed has almost nothing to do with HA’s but if anyone builds a better battery mousetrap, it’s going to land with a gigantic thud in the HA industry. Suddenly a lot of disposable battery makers may be looking for a new role in life…

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No doubt in the future, rechargeable will be the way forward.

However, right now, it’s not ready for prime time.

I’ve just pulled a rechargeable battery out of my 2008 MacBook as it’s depleted and has started to swell. If this had been a newer model, it’s essentially sealed. It would have swelled and warped the device, destroying it. This happened to an old iPhone of mine. I had to disassemble it to save the device.

I work shifts, I’m on the go a lot. Lugging additional junk around with me is something that I can do without.

Whilst I can see the benefit for those with poor manual dexterity, and perhaps for safety reasons (swallowing small batteries), a small disposable battery is more convenient.

The solution is better efficiency, lower current draw. Rechargeables may well get there one day, but it’s very early days and the cons outweigh the pros for me.


The Quattro charger is very small — palm size, actually. Since you remove your HAs while sleeping and would generally be putting them into some sort of container, why the objection to using such a compact, unobtrusive and well-engineered case such as the one for the Quattro?

Sorry about my paragraph above: thought you had been referring to the size of the charger case and not the HA itself. You said:

The main reason is the rechergeable solution is bigger than the 312 batteries version. And for me is not a negligible thing.

While I cannot compare the Quattro’s size to any other device, since this is my first, I find the Quattro to be comfortably small and completely unobtrusive: I never think about it or notice it, except when I am taking off or putting on my glasses. I find that the sidepiece of my wirerim glasses fit easily between my skull and the Quattro, without any discomfort at all.

Admittedly, as I am a first-time HA user, I have never gone the traditional battery route. But I’m enjoying the simplicity of not having to open doors and swap button batteries periodically, and for me this just seems to be where the tech world is moving towards right now: rechargeability. The added initial rechargeables cost balanced against disposable battery purchases over time may turn out to be pretty much a wash. As more people become used to rechargeable battery technology in HAs, I can see manufacturers gradually reducing production costs — in as far as having fewer SKUs to maintain — by perhaps making more of their new, and especially high-end instruments, only available as rechargeables.

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Swollen laptop batteries are not uncommon, and not in any way limited to Apple devices. There must be a slew of technical reasons why a tiny HA rechargeable battery is very unlikely to have a similar issue. I’m not at all worried about my Quattro rechargeables. I believe they ARE more than ready for prime time!


The technology of disposable zinc-air hearing aid batteries is pretty amazing. Very high energy density, and hardly toxic at all (blanket warnings about “button batteries” notwithstanding). Seems a shame to be forced to give that up in favor of Li-ion, with its well-known shortcomings.

Incidentally, nothing to do with hearing aids, but rechargeable zinc-air batteries are coming out for energy storage.

I have Resound Forte size 13. I stream just a little and get a full week between battery changes . This is very convenient, as I simply change batteries each Monday morning.

if I stream a lot, I don’t get a full week- and this is always in the back of my mind while streaming.

I would love to have the Quattro rechargeable capability so I could stream without needing to give battery life a second thought.

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9am appointment to pickup Quattro 7’s. Can’t wait!!! Been trying to get afford hearing aids for a year now!


Well, now I’m an official card-carrying HA wearer. I got my ReSound Quattro’s (9 61’s) today and never having worn hearing aids before, it’s a little hard to give them a knowledgeable review, at least as of yet. But from the moment I put them on, I’ve been delighted with them. I really like my audi, too. She let me start out at full settings - she said that she doesn’t buy into the gradually cranking settings up as you go with one level, you’re forming opinions, tweaking the settings in the app, and then, Oops!, suddenly the sound changes and your’re constantly reforming your opinion. So she said she might have overdone the volume a bit - I can tweak it in the app, but after two weeks, if I don’t have any reason to contact her sooner, she’ll see how I adjusted my four programs (All-Around, Restaurant, Outdoor, Music-the standard ones) and if needed, reset the default parameters for those to match the adjustments I like, e.g., if I have a particular Favorite derived from one of those programs that I quite like better than the basic version. She has a lot of confidence in my ability to adjust the sound to my liking with the power in the Smart 3D app.

In speaking with folks while using my Quattro’s, I have a bit of a Hi-Fi/PA system notion in my brain that I’m on a mic and talking with someone over an audio system - a little bit of reverberation - but I’m pretty adaptable and could probably get used to it and like it quite easily-because just like someone using a mic to talk to you, the people I hear come in loud and clear. I have very open domes and my voice sounds quite normal to me, too, with the little bit of reverb there, also. Perhaps small noises are amplified a bit more than they would be to a normal hearing ear -but it delights me. When the audi’s assistant was turning appointment pages to find a date for my next appointment, I could hear the pages softly swishing against each other - probably haven’t heard such a sound in decades. The compression in the Quattro’s must be doing its job great on loud noises, though, because opening and closing the microwave door, clattering plates, etc., the sounds are sharp and fairly loud but not disturbing (to me) at all.

But the thing that sealed the deal for me was driving home from the audi and listening to music on the car radio. In particular, Rick Springfield’s Jesse’s Girl and Michael Jackson’s Beat It, both of which have a lot of high-pitched percussion and high-pitched guitar in them, sounded TOTALLY AWESOME. I also drive an older (2007) model Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda’s are not noted for being very good with road noise. The radio sounded great and the road noise seemed no greater to me than it’s ever been (the audi cranked up noise suppression quite a bit on the All-Around program).

If I bring anything close to either ear with the Quattro’s, I have zero feedback. I can generate very soft and low feedback if I run my fingers through my hair. No wind noise outdoors but then it’s not very windy today (the audi has wind noise suppression cranked up to the max, too). Even though I have medium power receivers, I have no sensation of processor noise in either ear but then since it’s raining today, it’s hard to find a totally quiet environment in my house to really check it out.

I don’t think the audi used REM to fit me - I didn’t notice anything in addition to the HA’s - so we’ll see how that works out. But she was extremely proficient in showing me how to insert and remove the HA’s, take care of the HA’s, use the Phone Clip+, and use the Smart 3D app. She’s very generous with her time. I apologized for asking a lot of questions and she replied, “I like questions.” So anyone in San Antonio, TX interesting in getting a ReSound HA through TruHearing (or even directly through her) might want to look her up. Dr. Jodi Mclean. She said she doesn’t go by the 3-fitting sessions allowed in the TruHearing contract and if I needed to come back more often, she’d be happy to see me. If I have any reason to change my opinion in the future, I’ll update this post. She doesn’t have many online reviews but the few that I’ve seen are all 5-Star and emphasize what I found - she’s a very agreeable, easy to work with person and very knowledgeable. She’s been in business since 1983.

Apologies if rewriting mini-reviews of your audi is against Hearing Tracker policy. I’ll be glad to delete anything that I’ve written that’s against site policy.

The acid test will certainly be going to a noisy restaurant with my soft-voiced wife and seeing how that all works out. Being outside on a really windy day, Running some of my ear-splitting power tools with gun muffs and the like on over my HA’s (and probably turning them off). Watching DVD’s and Blu-Ray movies is also big on my checklist.

But so far, having no other experience with HA’s, I am super-delighted with my Quattro’s and very glad that I got them.

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Jim glad you are happy with them… I’ve had mine for a month and really like them…also when you start using your power tools don’t be surprised when everything is super loud and then after a few seconds they sound will muffle down… it really is surprising how good the sound suppression works … when in my car I switch to my restaurant program for some reason in the small confined space this program works better for me… I actually only use the all around and restaurant programs the music and outdoor programs I didn’t care for… I also made up a favorite program when in the house… I changed my bass middle and treble adjustments in the sound enhancer

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@Ureout - Thanks for the tips! If you have any advice on the accessories, I’d love to hear that, too. I’ve read that a number of forum members like the Multi-Mic (bad, old foggy memory as to who) and I think I’ll probably want to get that towards the end of my trial period when I’m sure I want to keep the Quattro’s (I already feel sure -but I’ve read a number of other users’ posts where an initial romance turned into a bromance so I’ll try real hard to be restrained!). I have the Phone Clip+ and am looking forward to exasperating my wife when she gets home from work having her call me up a bunch to see if I get a slow connection or stuttering, etc. Same tests for streaming podcasts with the PhoneClip+, too.

Got my Quattros last Friday. They are tiny!!! The sound and my speech discrimination is much better than the Linx3D. The streaming sounds very good. The stream is also much more stable than with the Linx3D. Mine are the rechargeable 61s. The charger is a slick little package.


the one accessory that I use daily is the TV streamer … it works great and raises comprehension so I don’t need closed caption… I have also got the multi mic but haven;t really used it more than a couple times… but it did work good… I didn’t need the phone clip because I have an I phone and streaming from that was also very good


I have an iPhone as well, but with the streamer, I can hook up other Bluetooth sources. I am an electrician at work. So I carry a two way radio. My streamer pipes the sound into my hearing aids and the streamers mic acts as the radio microphone.

Also, if your work requires you use gloves a lot, I suggest the remote for the Resound. It is very well done.

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Got my Quattro 7’s around 10am. Was able to hear everyone in a meeting today for the first time in a long time. Loving them so far. I have the open domes and the music steaming is ok. My see if I can get so closed ones to compare