GN Hearing announces rechargeable solution for ReSound LiNX 3D

GN Hearing Announces Availability of Rechargeable Solution for the Recently Launched ReSound LiNX 3D

Providing Users Even More Choice in Personalizing Their Hearing Care Experience

August 23, 2017 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

COPENHAGEN, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GN Hearing introduces a rechargeable battery option for the revolutionary ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids. Available in North America and other major markets from September 1, the rechargeable battery solution gives ReSound users even more options to choose from. The rechargeable option is also available for Beltone Trust in North America, and from September 1 this will be extended to other major markets.

ReSound LiNX 3D Rechargeable – More Than Just Another Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The rechargeable battery option is made available based on a deep understanding of user expectations, and a commitment to empower users to choose the solution best suited for their needs and preferences. Today’s announcement follows GN Hearing’s release of the innovative 5th generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids, which offer unmatched sound quality, an enhanced fitting experience, and groundbreaking comprehensive and unique remote fine-turning, giving users a new hearing care experience.

Widely available through hearing care providers, the rechargeable battery accessory adds to an already full ReSound ecosystem of solutions. ReSound LiNX 3D rechargeable has all of the benefits of ReSound LiNX 3D, now combined with the all-day power of a rechargeable battery. With overnight charging, users will experience the advantage of all-day power, without the need to change batteries. In addition, users will save time and effort with less impact on the environment, giving them freedom, convenience and confidence.

“GN Hearing is pleased to provide yet another option for hearing aid users, built on our commitment to providing unmatched sound quality and user experience,” said Anders Hedegaard, President & CEO GN Hearing. “This new rechargeable battery solution allows hearing care professionals to offer an additional option to their clients, and gives hearing aids users even more choices to tailor their hearing experience to their unique preferences,” he added.

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About GN Hearing

GN Hearing A/S is the medical device division of the GN Group, a global leader in intelligent audio solutions. The company leads the industry in superior sound quality and connectivity. Founded in 1869, the GN Group employs more than 5,000 people worldwide, and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen (GN.CO). GN Hearing is dedicated to making life sound better and developing meaningful solutions that transform lives through the power of sound.



It doesn’t say that you can retrofit this rechargeable solution to LINX 3D HAs already out there by just changing the battery door so I’m guessing it’s not the Z-Power OEM option then.

Interesting. I tested both the rechargeable Phonak B-R and the Signia Cellion and I really like the rechargeable option. I think both companies originally targeted the rechargeable option for elderly patients who struggle to change small batteries. As a younger guy (i.e. 54 years) I found this option really convenient. Basically you never have to worry about your batteries running out in a bad spot. I currently keep batteries stashed all over the place (car, office, bedroom, suit jackets) because I’m so busy that I often forget when I last changed the batteries. The rechargeable option eliminates this issue.

The big test is how long the batteries will last with heavy direct to iPhone usage. I current get 3 days use with the 312 version of the Linx3D and heavy iPhone use. The rechargeables need to go at least 36 hours. The other thing I want to know is how much bigger the rechargeable version is. The 312 version is tiny.


312 claim 16 hours with some remarks from heavy streamers saying they need recharging earlier. The 13 could easily last the full day. The 13 has the same diameter but is deeper/thicker.

just some info. on linx3d rechargeable… i bought a set and tried them for 2 weeks and changed them out for the linx3d size 13 battery… i tried 2 different sets of rechargeable batteries and with both I could only get about 11 hrs out of them… complete recharging time was about 7hrs… my normal day is HA’s on about 7:30 am and usually out about 11pm… I stream television and my Iphone anywhere from 4 - 6 hrs a day… and football season hasn’t even started lol my normal 13 battery life is about 4 to 5 days so I change batteries every 4th morning… I’m very happy with the linx 3d and still need some fine tuning, it’s just that rechargeable wasn’t for me

Ureout, if you had problems with a ZPower system, please read the thread entitled “ZPower problems?” elsewhere on the Forum. You may be interested to know that Oticon has issued a memo to their hearing care providers that basically acknowledges there are problems with the ZPower charging system for some Oticon users (like me). It isn’t clear in the memo what the exact problems are–perhaps it’s the retrofitted battery doors or the contacts on the charging units themselves. In any event, Oticon is taking responsibility for getting the issues fixed.

Perhaps there are known problems with ReSound hearing aids that use ZPower chargers as well. It couldn’t hurt to ask on the forum if any ReSound users have had charging issues that were similar to yours. Perhaps ReSound will respond with a memo/fix of their own and you’ll be able to go back to a reliable charging option.

Yes, I got my ReSound 3D’s in October 2018 and after about 6 months was having problems getting a full day’s charge on 1 of the hearing aids. Seemed to be one of the charging ports, not both. Took them back to Costco and the batteries and charger (ZPower Rechargeable System) were sent back and replaced. Guess what? They worked great until about 2 weeks ago, now same problem. Today I put them on at 7am, and by 5 pm my left HA gave me the “shutting down” tune. Very frustrating. Have not paired them with my phone in a while, to see if maybe that was the problem. I guess not. Heading back to Costco on Monday to see what they can do with the manufacturer.

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