Global COVID-19 Survey for People with Hearing Loss

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a global impact on audiology. As a result, International Society of Audiology (ISA) is conducting a global survey in collaboration with international researchers to investigate the experienced impact and perceived future impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on audiological services from the perspective of individuals with hearing loss. You are invited to participate in this important global study by completing an online survey that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. We are aiming for a wide international perspective, and anyone over the age of 18 years can complete the survey irrespective of the geographical location.

If you are an individual with hearing loss:

If you are an audiologist:

Hi Abram, I did do the survey.

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Hopefully the world will change and we won’t be scofflaws for using the software to enhance our hearing experiences. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to describe exactly WHY it doesn’t sound quite right, and then having to wait weeks to get back to have another tweak. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - AUDIOLOGISTS FOR INITIAL DIAGNOSTICS AND FITTINGS. Then let the user, if the user is comfortable doing it, adjust his/her own aids to dial them in properly.

Also, let’s get audiologists to price their services adequately so they don’t need to rely on profits from reselling hearing aids.

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There is a whole self fit revolution quietly / slowly happening right now… think about the machine learning A/B test from Widex and all the new products offering in-situ testing and self-calibration… so far there is no verification like in-situ REMs testing, but that may also change with future products that have microphones in the canal to handle automatic occlusion control etc… My prediction is 5 years from now, you would be able to get very precise in-situ testing and REMs calibration through the device itself (which you will then be able to “dial in” using AI assisted tools). Also, I think the concept of “neural core” is on the way for hearing aids, meaning it won’t be too long before next gen noise filtering will bring truly game-changing SNR improvements… Regarding audiologist relevancy, I think they will remain relevant, but things will look different than they do today, and the market will force a change in delivery and support. So pricing models will change with the service delivery landscape.

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The international society of audiology. Sounds very official. But I need a little more info than that. To sum it up. Yes my hearing loss causes me to to have a hearing problem . Duh

Check out the informed consent letter from the University of Pretoria … linked to from the first page of the survey. Here’s the man behind the research

OK - I did it
Thankful that my aids are super and have not needed service
I do worry that my 1 person audi office may not be able to survive
I believe that the present situation will continue for a long time

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