Gift of used GN Resound Air60+ // New HA user // Where to get them adjusted?

Got a free hearing test from Costco for $55.

Does anyone know where I can get these adjusted?

Could I adjust them myself with software and interface cables?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Lloyd’s may adjust them and check them out for their regular repair price. Otherwise you would have to convince a local audiologist to take them on, probably for a flat fee ($500 maybe). Some will do that but many will not.

Or, you could sell them on Ebay and go to Costco.

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I’m in the same situation, but I have a Hi-pro and resound software. I just need to know cable requirements for the AIR 60.

I read something on a DIY (do it yourself) thread.
Find it near bottom of home page of this forum.
Good Luck