Getting Zounds today?

This is my first post and I have been reading a lot of mixed information in various threads. I am supposed to be getting fitted for Zounds hearing aides today but am really nervous about a few things. I am 37 and have never worn hearing aids before…so I have nothing to compare to. Furthermore, I have waited about 10 years TOO LONG to get aids because I’ve never been able to spend $3000 and up for what was recommended to me. Recently married, my husbands flex spending plan will cover about $1500 for me and so I’ve decided it’s time to get them!

How will I know if this is the best for me? When I went to do the test at Zounds and tried them on, I was amazed, excited, emotional, etc. But, wouldn’t anyone be who’s hard of hearing and tries some on the first time?

One user wrote, “the zounds made him feel plugged up”. This concerns me because I remember thinking that and thought that every hearing aid would probably do this? Is this the case?

Would you recommend I at least give them the 30 day trial?

Please share whatever advice you have. Thanks!

While I am not familiar with “Zounds,” I will give some basic advice…
Certainly do try them for 30 days. You should expect for things to be different, both good and bad, for a period of time. You should hear some wonderful things that you haven’t been hearing, but you will also hear some junk that you’d probably just assume do without. I have found, especially with long-standing hearing losses like yours, that programming the hearing aids directly to your prescription right off the bat is a usually a little much, so I tend to be conservative at the first fitting, programming the aids (using REM) below targets for the first few weeks, then increasing later as necessary.

Be sure you understand the trial period. What (if any) costs are involved should you decide that they are not for you? How much adjustment is expected/included?

Congratulations and good luck.