Getting started with Target and Phonak Q30

I have a Phonak Audeo q30 aid and Compilot which I have had for a while now. My problem is getting to an audiologist as I spend most of the summer on a boat and can’t easily get back home. I would like to be able to program the aid myself.
I’ve read a few posts on this forum about people doing this using the Phonak Target software, which I now have installed on my laptop. What is the simplest way to connect the Q30 to the laptop running the Target software? Several posts mention Icube and CS44A cables but I think my audiologist has done updates from a phone as well as from a USB cable.

For the Quest platform the easiest would be icube ll.
What version of target are you running.

I’m running target Version

I’ll take a look at the information provided in the link from fobidon399.

All a little daunting at the moment, but that’s why we run forums at the end of the day.

thank you


To add more confusion the HiPro with CS44A cables will program your aids too.
So, the iCube, iCube 2 and any HiPro programmers will program your Quest aids.

As far as I know all hearing aid manufacturers software tell you what programming devices and cables are used to program any particular hearing aid. Once you know the steps it is pretty easy. Not confusing once you learn this.