Getting ready to try the Signia Nx Motion 13 7x behind the ear


Have tried
Oticon OPN1
Resound Linx 3D
Resound Enzo 3D

Now will be trying the Signia Nx Motion 13 7x.

All these have been and will be with the same custom ear mold.

If I end up liking the Signia, is anyone here interested in buying my Resound Phone Clip (Cochlear Branded) and my Resound Remote? I would be using the money for a Signia remote and an extra Signia Phone Clip.

Does anyone here have experience with these? They are pretty new. And what is the deal with their new accessories looking like Oticon accessories? Makes me wonder if their hearing aid is also Oticon with custom programming.

So far, the Oticon has sounded best. The Resound accessories have been best.


I applaud you for continuing to try your options and not just ‘settling’.

My journey was similar: Earlens, Oticon Opn1, ReSound Linx 3D, Oticon Opn1 (take2) and finally Signia Pure Nx7 312.

There were ups and downs to each. I stayed with the Signia in the end and have been wearing them for >6 months now.

For me, three main areas: ease of use, streaming audio quality, understanding speech in noise.
None of the brands could ‘sweep’ these categories, I had to weigh the trade-offs.

Happy Hearing!


So far…
Signia Motion 13 NX7
You can look at my audiogram and compare it to what the hearing aid is supposed to be able to do.
Both aids were WAY off when comparing their automatic settings vs the real hearing test.
In the fitting software, he had to push the higher frequencies almost all the way up in order to get the response right.

My wearing experience 4 days in…
I feel occluded like you wouldn’t believe. When I slam a book on a desk, instead of a crisp slapping sound as the book hits the desk, I get a slop of a thud.
I am having to ask what a LOT. The streaming volume sucks. The streaming is more prone to signal loss than Resound. I also get a lot of clicking in the stream.
If THIS is how this is supposed to be, Signia can stick these in their rear rather than my ears.

Something must be wrong. I can’t believe that this is right.


Yes, something sounds off. There shouldn’t be that much difference in the settings and real ear measurement. Sounds like they are weak?

Streaming volume default can be set by the pro, then you can turn that up or down slightly.

My Bluetooth phone streamer had some cutting out and static. The pro called the company, they checked the serial number, and said there was a problem with those, and sent a new one. Haven’t tried it yet.

Mine sound really good, the best I’ve had. My problems are fairly simple things not having to do with how the hearing aids sound.


The paradigm used by Signia has an absurdly low MPO in the 2k to 5k area. Since I am already at the upper end of the fit for the aid, it crushes everything in louder environments.They were very…non forthcoming with my audiologist. They lost a customer.


Streaming volume on the Nx’s can be modified HUGELY (not just slightly). Agree that streaming music sounds very very good when adjusted properly (better than any other HA’s I’ve tried, though the Widex Beyond 440’s were close).


Your experience and mine differ greatly. Resounds accessory line is better than anyone else’s right now.


I’m not sure what this has to do with accessories; I stream direct to my Nx’s…


Ok. Gotcha. I stream multiple ways. I go direct. I use the phone streamer to hook 2 way radios into my hearing aids. Contrasting Signia with Resound…the absolute maximum direct stream volume with Signia is a couple steps below the maximum volume with Resound. It is what it is. My audiogram, both aids, every parameter that is adjustable maxed out…the Resound is louder and sounds better.

Your experience may be different.

If the Signia is good for you, great. It was terrible for me. I know that is the case around here for many Siemens users that tried the OPN and never looked back. Everyone has highly individual hearing. If the Signia checks your boxes, then you gotta go with them.


FWIW, I much prefer the Nx to the OPN1.


As I said, their paradigm works for you, or they do things differently in the NX that you have. I know that with my audiogram with the Motion NX7 13 BTE, they cut the heck out of the high frequencies. To get them up where real hear says they should be…I ran out of headroom. My audiologist asked questions, they gave “I don’t know, you don’t need to know” answers. Signia’s Audi plugged in my audiogram and she got the same default crap curve that my audiologist got. The hearing aid was specified to be able to handle…easily handle…my loss. It couldn’t. Neither the right or left. I would have to go to their most powerful unit…for a moderate to severe loss. My audiogram is on here. Download the Signia software, plug in my audiogram and the aid I used. You will see the most retarded default curve you have ever seen.

Good did come of it. I got my audiologist to give me a 3db bump in the MPO in the higher frequencies for my Resounds. Took care of my issues.

Again…if it works for you, great. It won’t for most. I would wager 80% would prefer the OPN and 20% the NX7.

Their attitude cost them my business. Had their audiologist acted like she gave a damn, I would have had my audiologist order the power units and I would have tried them. I was able to do something I have never done. I eavesdropped on a conversation - 2 tables down - in a restaurant. I got about every other word. I was so thrilled!

So that is cool, but at work, I had to say huh and what to everything. With the OPN and the Linx3D, I had a marked reduction in the huh and what in conversations in which I am participating. That is what is important…more so than gee whiz…I can hear well over there, but can’t hear crap right next to me. Makes sense you know. Without the headroom, the NX7 was crushing everything next to me. So guess what was clear…that conversation 2 tables down. The spatial tool works too!

In a quiet environment, the Nx7 was fine. It wasn’t lopping off the top ends of everything.

OVP…gee whiz feature. Get a new user to wear hearing aids a week and most will adjust to how their voice sounds. Had I kept trying with the Signia line, I would have had that cut off. It is useless to me and is what Signia is most proud of.

Ok, enough. The Signia works for you, good. That is you. That will not be most people. I will guarantee that.


I use the Bluetooth accessory but I agree. Music and TV on the Signia/Rexton/Costco sound great. My older Resounds (2013) don’t even really sound like stereo in comparison.

But the Resound Phone Clip+ has a rock solid connection with zero drops. But, the Signia responds to Bluetooth much quicker, not missing the first couple of words.


My hearing is much worse than yours and I’m not having the issues you are having. I believe you have a faulty unit, or a faulty hearing test.


Then why does Signias audiologist get the same base curve off my audiogram? With the same stupid cut of the high frequency bands? My hearing test is fine…been the same for about 40 years… My plant nurse administers Hearing tests as part of osha…gets same results.

I got two faulty units…is that what you are saying? What does that say…

My audiologist’ equipment works fine for everything. I mean I can’t tell you why. I can tell you that it IS.

I am paying for my hearing aids. My audiologist is an independent.

No one is lying here.

Am not going back.




Quite the know-it-all, aren’t you? Sheesh.


No sir, I know what I posted as factual.

I said multiple times if the hearing aids work for you, fine.

This was MY experience…what happened to me.

I am not going to tell you what you want to hear…which seems to me to be that the NX7 is the best. I am not going to tell you that, because for me, Signia flat out fell on their faces. All Signia’s representative had to do was get answers. Instead their audiologist seemed pissed that mine would even ask a question. She DID run my audiogram through the fitting software and got exactly what my audiologist got. She tried the same thing using a primax as the subject hearing aid…same stupid setup. The software was killing output right where I need amplification. The NX7 / BTE 13 is rated to more than cover my hearing loss. It can’t do it.

My audiologist uses the real hear testing and setup. To get the NX7 to cover my curve, he had to basically max out BOTH hearing aids in the upper frequencies. In his office and in quiet places it was ok. In any noise the things simply fell on their faces.

You believe what you will. Call me a know it all. It is like you have some huge personal stake in having people believe these are great. I am telling my experience and in that experience, they are crap.


I don’t want to hear anything; I just think you’re taking your personal experience and using it to make ridiculous extrapolations to what others might expect. It’s hard to take seriously.


BTW, are you sure your Audi was using the appropriate receiver? Using a lower-power receiver would definitely cause you to lose highs.


BTE…receiver built in.

Please listen to me.

Their automatic setup…according to my audiogram…straightlined across the frequencies where my loss was steeply getting worse. My audiologist and Signia’s got the exact same thing.

The Signia audiologist commented on that being odd. She stepped back and tried it with a primax aid and got similar results. I can’t think of any rationale for this. She was kind of blasé about it and offered no help.

My audiologist had to wring all the hearing aid would do in those frequencies out of it. This is for a hearing aid that had similar coverage specifications to the BTE OPN1 and the Linx 3D 988.

We were going to try the Signia Power unit, but my audiologist nor I had any faith in Signia at that point.

So…I went back to trialing the Linx3D 988 Resound…probably going to stay with it.

Good thing out of it…I identified my issue with the Linx 3D. I am sensitive to anything sounding like a blown speaker. I had him boost my MPO 3db on the highest frequencies which cured my issues. Being a responsible doc, he was very hesitant to do this due to my work environment. However, I prevailed after assuring him that I was doing as I should in the mill.

The Signia Nx line has a lot of potential. I am not sure about the glitch with me. I say glitch because I can’t believe ANYONE would settle for what I experienced.

I really wanted them to be a great cross. The opn like sound…Resound like app control. Of course no one has the Resound accessory line beat.

I was very disappointed…mostly in Signia’s representative.


I’m not suggesting you try the Signia again, but I’m surprised they didn’t try a different fitting formula. Sounds like they went with Signia’s standard fitting formula. Curious what NAL-NL2 would have done or DSL-5