Getting new Philips HearLink aids, any suggestions?

I know they connect to iPhone which is awesome, but I am wondering if you have to use the phone mic or does the aid mic work for phone conversations?

Fitting my new HAs on Friday too any helpful ideas? Thanks so much!

With the Phillips hearing aid you will need to use the phone microphone. Don’t know your hearing loss, but a common concern for many is how loud certain things sound (flushing toilet, running water, dishes clanging, etc.) Give it some time. You haven’t heard these sounds for awhile. It may be overwhelming. It’s ok to turn the volume down (via buttons or app) It’s also ok to gradually work up to wearing the hearing aids for a full day if they’re overwhelming.

Telephone usage is now a joy and crystal clear. Appears to use iPhone mic. The HA Bluetooth seems to take priority over other Bluetooth applications and switch off other things you might be listening to. If I’m using those applications, I just switch off the HA Bluetooth. ( hold down the top HA button for 9 seconds; it’s in the manual)
The Philips are much clearer than my Bernafons and adjust to various conditions without having to use the 4 programs. The only downside is listening to serious music where the Bernafons are unparalleled. Have had some battery issues with warnings sounding a few hours after inserting. I reinsert and they are ok.

Resound Quattro have been the best for music imho/ my hearing needs. They manufacture your Bernafone

There seems to be a bit of confusion here? Oticon, Bernafon and Phillips are deMant brands.

Resound is a brand of GN Hearing.

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Yup I meant Beltone was made by GN Resound Group, sorry my bad/ error

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