Getting new Oticon OPN hearing aids early December


I did try Speech Rescue in P2 but as my high frequency loss is profound, I found that the ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sounds were really distorted and harsh. As much as I tried (for three days), it wasn’t improving so I returned to P1 without the feature.

P1 was like getting under my duvet and snuggling. It was a relief to return to P1 so it is the best program for me. Once I have had some fine tuning, it’ll be even more perfect.

But at least I did try Speech Rescue. But as my loss is too severe in those frequencies, it didn’t really work for me and I am fine with that. It was trying to copy those frequencies into a frequency I could hear but then if I can’t hear them in the first place at all then it just doesn’t really work. :+1:t2: But I can see how it does work for those whose loss is not profound in the high frequencies.


Did you try get your audi to reduce the relative volume of the lowered sound via the Speech Rescue setting in Genie 2? It’s called Strength. That should help prevent it from sounding too harsh. That way, you can get a hint of it without it popping out at you.

Playing around with the 10 different configurations may also help, but given your type of loss, the leftmost configuration 2.4 is probably the most appropriate for you anyway.

Well, it doesn’t cost anything to try so I think it’s worth a little time to test it out and if it doesn’t work out, you know at least that you’ve given it a try and there’s no what if remaining.


Thank you so much for this. I’ll speak to my audi later this month and see if he can adjust the strength and then I’ll give it another go. I have a feeling it’s at 2.4.

I couldn’t really hear music in the car either with this program whereas I could with P1 and had difficulty on the telephone as well so I think considering my loss, my feelings are I will most likely stick with the default P1 setting but like you say, it doesn’t cost anything to try out so will give it another go.


I have been switching my Alta Pros to the music program over this last month and I have been able to hear things much better, at least while at home and even while driving. I am at this time getting ready to head down to the VA clinic to get my new aids, I plan on giving feedback in a post to how it is going. With the holidays up on us I will be putting them through the paces in a lot of different places, including a college graduation. So stay tuned.