Getting new Oticon OPN hearing aids early December


I have all ready said I would be asking some crazy questions so here I go.
With the OPN aids what programs do I really need?
Here is my thoughts
I know the default is there, I am also think that a copy of the default for the tinnitus program.
I am getting the TV connect and that looks to be a program with the OPN aids but not sure if it is one of my 4, I am also getting the phone connect so it is a program and again not sure if it is one of my 4
I am getting the connect clip and the remote mic is part of it and it looks to be a program.
Also in the past I have always had a music program is that needed with the OPN aids and if so is there going to be a program available for it?

Thanks for any help from the ones here that already have the OPN aids.

Getting my OPN1 hearing aids this coming Monday what should I expect

Good idea to have P2 as a copy of P1 but adding tinnitus to it.

The program for the TV adapter is not one of the 4 available programs. It’d be an extra program that comes before P1. If you’re in P1 and are already paired with the TV Adapter, simply down select from P1 and you’ll get a special chime.

Don’t know what the difference between the phone connect and the connect clip? I never heard of the phone connect. I don’t have the Connect clip so I can’t answer Connect Clip questions.

Yes, there’s a built-in program for music in the OPN. It’s one that’s worth having in one of your 4 programs in my opinion.


I have just got mine and I have two programs currrently. P1 is default, which I am using all of the time and most likely won’t ever change it regardless of the environment I’m in as it works so well for me, even with music.

P2 is the same as P1 but includes speech rescue. I’m not so keen on this one. But for me to have a firm opinion, I have to have this on for at least a week but for now, I’m still adjusting to the OPNs and how they process sound etc so I’m sticking with P1.

I have the Connect Clip too. It works well and so compact compared to my old Streamer Pro! It comes in a lovely leather case as well.

I’ll mainly be using it for work so connecting to my office phone and for meetings etc using the remote mic. Also occasionally for watching videos etc on my MacBook.

Good luck. You will love them hopefully as much as I do mine!


You probably haven’t heard high frequencies in some time. Like you said, give the speech rescue a chance. Also, if after trying it awhile you still don’t like it, it’s not necessarily an “on” or “off” thing, there are different settings.


The phone connect is for the landline, it connects to the connect clip and not the aids directly.
Thank you so much for the answers. I will ask for the music program and a duplicate of the default for tinnitus.


Ah, OK. That’s the long-awaited finally-arrived land line connection device that took so long to arrive I already forgot about, lol.


Below is a list programs that can be selected. You can pick any 4 or use any of the programs more than once up to 4 programs total.

Speech In Noise
Phone Mic

The ConnectClip can be used with any or all your selected programs (Not sure about Phone Mic). If the ConnectClip is on, then its is available in all your programs.


Because your hearing loss in the 1-2KHz region (the lowest region that the higher frequencies can be lowered to) is just as bad as in the higher frequencies, I’m not sure how effective Speech Rescue will be for you. That’s probably why you don’t see the immediate benefit of Speech Rescue.

Normally for other frequency lowering technologies where the high frequencies is lowered and REPLACED by the lowered frequency sound, and/but your mid frequency loss is just as bad as your high frequency loss like in your case, those frequency lowering technologies may not help at all because it’s moving the sounds from a region where you can’t hear well to a region where you can’t really hear any better there anyway.

But with Speech Rescue, you have the option to BOTH lower the high frequency sounds, AND keep the amplification of the high frequency sounds intact. In this case it may be helpful in the sense that the same sound is now present in TWO different places -> its normal high frequency position, and its new lowered position. So from this perspective, at least you get to hear the same sound in two places which should be better than hearing the sound in one place only.

But that’s in theory. In practice it may not be as helpful as we hope because if your hearing loss is so severe that you can’t hear it in neither places very well in the first place, then you simply can’t hear it.

Anyway, I think it’s worthwhile giving it a try for a while like what you’re doing. Just make sure that you select the configuration 1 out of the 10 different configurations they have available (the leftmost configuration on the sliding sale). This will move the targeted high frequency area to between 4-7KHz where you need more help compared to selecting configuration 10 where the targeted high frequency area is >7KHz where your hearing loss seems to fare a little better in that range.

Also keep the high frequency bands option to ON in the Speech Rescue menu like I suggested above so that you can hear the same sound in BOTH places. That’s the only way I can see where it may help benefit due to the hearing loss profile that you have.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a go soon and see how it is :+1:t2:


Is it available now?


Yes the phone connect is version 2, and the TV connect is version 3. The TV connect does connect to the aids but it looks like the phone connect needs the connect clip


Would be good if Oticon confirm it can be used for the Oticon OPN as from what I can find, it seems it is only for the ConnectLine Streamer Pro. I went onto the official website and even there it only lists the TV Connect as being compatible with the Oticon OPNs.

Had I known this, I would have asked work to get me the phone adapter for our office phone, but they are now getting me a bluetooth version of the phone they use and I will use my Connect Clip with it so too late now anyway.


Here is information on the phone connect and connect clip


Where is the best place (online, USA) to get a good price on a Connect Clip? They are just so expensive I could almost simply switch my life over to iPhone and spend the same. ($700 Android… $1000 iPhone).


Switching to an iphone is not a bad idea. The XR is available for several hundred dollars less and is well reviewed. You might want to post question in Online Sellers section. I think people might be more likely to respond.


I got my Connect Clip for €200. Not a bad price.

I have an iPhone X. The direct streaming is rather awesome so would recommend getting an iPhone just for the ease.


I watched TV last night with them for the first time at home since returning from holiday and I was able to hear the TV clearly at a volume of 34 rather than the usual 50! Amazing!


I do have an iPhone and use it for almost every thing


@Volusiano Would you recommend the music program? I am presuming it won’t give me much benefit though considering my loss?

My audi said it wouldn’t be very useful for me.


Let’s put it this way. If you have an spare program, I would put the Music program in there instead of leaving unused programs go to waste. If after a while you don’t find it useful, you can always swap it out for some other program that you want to try out. I find a discernable difference between the default and the music program, while with other programs like Speech in Noise and Comfort, I don’t find much difference except maybe in slighly different volume levels. But then again, I program my Default P1 program to have max noise reduction setting values in it in the first place.