Getting New Hearing Aids after 14 Years!

So after 14 years I’ve decided to purchase new hearing aids. I didn’t plan on it taking this long but my existing Savia Arts worked really well and held up for so long there was no need to rush.

I’ve been reading about our members’ user experiences with various HAs on this board which has been very helpful to me - thank you all! I’m sticking with Phonak and going with Naida Paradise hoping they last as long as my old ones lol but really I like the improvement in connectivity with devices, now using the Bluetooth standard. It’s very exciting to me to be able to connect to various devices directly with my HAs as I listen to music quite a bit on my iPhone and am constantly in virtual meetings (IT Project Manager) all day on my PC. I expect that the sound quality will be a lot better and the technology will be more convenient to use than trying to use headphones or my HAs and the PC speakers.

If anyone has recently transitioned to newer technologies and hasn’t already shared their story, I’d love to hear how your experience went and what the transition has meant to you.

I have a set of these in a drawer that still work too. I hope your new aids last as long as your Phonak Savia Art aids.

Which Naida aids are you looking at?

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Hi Raudrive

I’m getting the P90 non rechargeables.

The Savia Arts were excellent for sure!

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