Getting new ear moulds, which ones?

I have new ear moulds from NHS for about 3 months and my aids are whistling like mad so I’ve made an appointment to get private moulds.

I’ve already been told that I need to bite on to something instead of keeping me mouth shut.

I’m also going to ask for really deep moulds.

I have soft moulds and no vents at the moment.
Is there another type of soft mould that is really good for profound loss?

Anything else to keep them fitting for longer?
I know the person doing the moulds need to do it well. I always find NHS moulds to not last long as they do them so quickly and don’t take care in doing them.

Is the mold silicone or soft silicone? From what I’ve read soft silicone is the best for profound losses and has less leakage problems resulting in less whistling. Why not go back to the NHS and request new molds and also get one from a private audiologist so you have a spare. Not knowing how the NHS works It could be a lesson in futility. Good luck!

Carved shell silicone moulds are about the best option: starkey/Arlington do them under the Digimould name.