Getting my new Audibel Ranges tomorrow

I am getting my HA tomorrow. YIPEE! :smiley:

Anything I should be sure to ask about?

I am supposed to get the t-coils. I am getting the 40dB receiver with a custom mold. I do not know exactly which model, platinum, gold,or silver, I am getting. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

I have the Range Platinum. 50db Rec in right ear and 60DB Rec in the left with custom molds.
I love them and hope you will have the success with them that I have.
I believe that all the Range models have Tcoils.
If you are not aware, these are the same aids as the Starkey Wi. You can do a search for Starkey Wi and get a lot of info here on the forum.

Here is what I ended up getting.

Starkey Wi110 with a 40dB receiver using an open fit. I am guessing it is an open fit in that all I have in the ear is the receiver. It is held in place by a small plastic stem. The state has a contract with Starkey is why I got Starkey instead of Audibels.

He made a custom ear mold because the state paid for them, just in case I might need them. He gave me the molds and told me we would use them if necessary.

The battery is the 312.

Right aid is for selecting memories

  1. Normal
  2. Crowd
  3. Distance/theater
  4. T-coil

Left aid is for volume setting.

Great ! Let us know how you do with them.

I have worn them for 8 hours.

One problem I have is that when I change programs, they do not always acknowledge the change in both ears. I think the change is being made, just not the audible signal of the change.

Also on the normal setting, I get “circuit noise.” Not much but just some on some frequencies.

My ears are tired so I have taken them out for the night.

I don’t know if your definition of circuit noise would be the same as mine, but, when I first got my aids there were many strange sounds that were simply environmental noises that I had not heard in many years. It will take some time for your brain to adjust to all the new sound input that you are now experiencing. As for the mode change the Wi 110s communicate with each other via an RF link. If you are not getting a mode change acknowledgement on both there might be a problem. When you change volume do you get acknowledgement on both ? Is your acknowledgement set up for voice or tones. If its tones, it may just not be loud enough for you to hear.
Keep a list of things you think odd and discuss with your audi on your next visit.
The main thing is to be patient. Adjusting to hearing aids is a lengthy process.

“Circuit noise” is what the audi called it. It is a crackling sound when I hear certain frequencies.

The aids appear to talk to each other on the volume end. I hear the tones in both ears.

On the programs, I hear the words (voice) on most of the changes. Program one seems to be the one that does not acknowledge in both ears most of the time. I think the change is being made, however because when I go on to program two, both ears sound off.

I will watch and see. I am supposed to go back in about two weeks for any adjustments I might need. I will be sure and mention it to him then.

I guess I have never experienced circuit noise so I can’t relate to what you are hearing.
We have a couple of Starkey pros on the forum and I am sure they will be around to your thread soon with input.

I have heard some hearing professionals here mention that there appears to be a noticeable delay for one aid when switching programs with the Wi Series.

I cannot seem to locate the posts through search, though. I believe ZCT was one of the posters confirming this.

I have been wearing Wi i110 w/70db rec’s for a couple of weeks now. I had what I believe you are calling “Circuit Noise”. We toned down some of the high freq ranges and if’s much less now. Next adjustment I think it will be gone. On 1 I have normal w/speech iq, on 2 I have restaurant/crowd, directional mic and voice iq set to max. I also had her boost the lowers freq and turned down the highs and I have turned on auto streaming for memory 2. I went our last night to a very noisy bar and we sat at a long table where everyone was talking at once and I was able to follow along with little problem a couple of the guys even commented I didn’t keep asking what they were talking about. I stream the TV into 2 and get a much better/softer sound this way. on 3 we set music which I have found works great in movie theaters with a lot of loud changes on volume they don’t want to just around on music trying to find the right program. Since I have no problem using my cellular phone on normal we used 4 for their traffic program it does take out a lot of the road hum and wind since I like to crack the window while I smoke a pipe. Prior to the Wi’s and concurrently I have the Rexton Colbalts which day to day do a very good job but in the noisy situation not near as good as these Wi’s.