Getting my hearing test at Costco and hopefully new KS9 on Friday

Getting my hearing test at Costco and hopefully new KS9 on Friday. It has been almost 20 years since my last time being tested and getting new new aids (my first) and I am just 48. Any hints, tips, or things I should be aware of? My old (which I have worn rarely in the past years) are Oticon.

I am looking forward to using the KS9 with my iPhone for calls, music, and mostly my audiobooks.

Is this still one of the best for the price from Costco?

Thank you in advance.

Kent Herbst
Lake St Louis, MO

KS9 is great but you are unlikely to go home with a pair. Typical is for them to order them and return in a week or so to pick them up.

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I am heading over to my nearest Costco today for a hearing test and then ordering my next set of HAs. After months of research on this outstanding forum and other sources I am still undecided about whether I will order the KS9 or the Resound Preza. I will discuss this with the Costco specialist. My preference is to go with the Resound Preza due to already having a three year old set of Resounds and am familiar with the app plus the Multi Mic has great reviews and is cheaper than the KS9 accessories.
The final decision will be based on the best HAs that fit my hearing loss and will provide the best chance to understand speech in a variety of environments.

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Thank you for helping me set expectations. I would rather know this before going in.

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If you’ve been happy with Resound and are ok with the cost, I’d lean towards sticking with Resound too.

Ibr0el0fs, I am heading over to Costco in three hours to get my new Resound Preza 8’s. Supposed to be a very good fitter with 25 years experience so I am hopeful that I will love them. Will check back with you in a few days to let you know.

I chose the rechargeable’s because I don’t like to change batteries every two or three days.

The only question I have is do you plan on wearing these because you said you rarely wore your first pair.

I have the Resound Preza 8’s and get 8-9 days out of the Costco size 13 batteries. This is wearing them 15 hours a day, streaming about 6 hours/day. Reconsider the disposable batteries.

I have not worn my first pair in the past few years due to using headsets at work for all my meetings. If I worn it with the on ear headset they hurt. Otherwise I had to take them out. So I just did not. With the new ones I will be able to use my cell phone and my hearing aids as well.

Also, 1) what type of battery life should I expect while using them all day with audiobooks or meetings through my iPhone? I expect this type of usage will go through batteries sooner.
2) what other hearing aids would be good to consider from Costco for me. (Able to stream phone calls and audiobooks from an I phone), good battery life etc.

We’ll a disappointing day at Costco today. They could not do a hearing test due to wax in my right ear canal. Their protocol requires that they must see your ear drum.
So I have an appointment with my ENT next week to remove the wax and a return appointment with Costco the following week.
I could see the blockage on the monitor, so there is no doubt. Costco was very apologetic but I told them it’s not their fault. I have wax issues and attempt to keep them clean, but failed this time. Oh well that’s life.
I’ll report back.

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Hello jrspringer533, I am amazed at everything these Resound Preza 8’s can do. But sorry to say they do not bring me breakfast in bed. My ears are hurting a bit because I have to push the receivers so far into the canal. Also because I am pressing on the front of my ear to totally close the canal and after a while that does start to hurt. left ear has larger canal than right ear which takes a smaller dome. They are both closed double domes.

I asked James if he thought I would need a mold. But he said let’s try them this way and if so we can add it later. I am thinking that I will need a mold because when I push hard on the front of my ear and close off all leaking sound I can hear a lot better. As it is now I do not hear much better than I did with my old Sonics.

He did REM and there were four different color lines and I didn’t understand any of it and did not want to interrupt too much

I didn’t know that Resound is it’s own Roger. He showed me how they worked by going into the store closing the door and talked into my phone and I could hear him really clearly back in the office. Impressed to say the least.

I love the app and the different features which are so easy to navigate. I know I am going to keep them but am pretty sure I will need a mold.

Good luck

I had a similar experience because of the state of my right eardrum and the air/bone conduction gap I have in my hearing in that ear. The tech told me that had I not just described everything we saw when she pictured my eardrum she wouldn’t even have checked my hearing.

I was planning on checking in with an ENT doc anyway as I haven’t had my ears properly checked in a while. I guess it’s also reassuring they tread carefully.

I was really drawn to the rechargeables, is there a reason I would want to avoid them? I lost two of my previous HAs when the batteries ran out and I put them in my pocket.

Yesterday at Costco I mentioned to the HIS about putting my finger to my hear and the sound goes up. She replied that it is normal. I mentioned this to her because I thought it indicated I needed a mold, but she did not think so. I will try a small power dome in my left hear(smaller canal) and see how it goes.
She thought the Preza would be a good choice but we shall wait until after my hearing test.
She also got a kick out of all the questions I have based on following this forum and watching Dr Cliff aud.

If you want to stream from your TV or computer, check out the Resound Streamer 2. I bought 2 on eBay for $65 each and they were in perfect condition. Good luck.

Oh I also mentioned about the louder sound when pressing on the front of my ear. He said it was because it is touching the eardrum.

Interesting opinion of your fitter. When I put my finger up against my ear I am not pushing the receiver further inside my canal such that it would be touching my ear drum. I actually cannot do that since the wire to the receiver is already stretched to perfection along my ear.
Amazing what we are sometimes told to alleviate our concerns.

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I don’t know about the ‘best’, but a lot of ppl love them! Myself, I have the ReSounds from Costco and have been very happy with them. The connectivity (included) and the external Multi Mic (extra $) are terrific! You are headed in the right direction, I think!

Q for you. Unable to reach my fitter and this is not mentioned in booklet. If I use my Resound as a Roger by the TV can I answer a phone call during?

Thanks bunches, :slight_smile:

That should be in your manual which if you don’t have you can get online. But usually phone calls notifications override all your settings