Getting my first pair


Will be getting my first pair soon thru insurance and a state program
AGX9 thru a local hearing office. My Federal Blue Cross only covers two places near my home and does not cover Costco


AGX uses techniques to insure that their re-branded HAs can only be programmed at AGX franchises. And sometimes a franchise location may close. Do a search for AGX.


Yes I researched it. I’m getting them for free so there is not that much of a choice.


Congrats! I think you’ll find you enjoy the improvement in speech comprehension. Did you have any specific questions?


Federal Blue Cross covered my purchase at Costco in Jan 2016. Where are you located?


Thanks Kim no questions as of now


Located in manahawkin. I have thr basic option


Which fed blue option do you have?


Basic option was what I had at the time. I looked at the date on the bill and it was Feb 6th of 2016. I sent the bill to Blue Cross and got back $2400, which with the rebate at the end of the year was just about what the Trax 42 cost me. I haven’t looked it up recently but I believe it is a maximum of $1200 per hearing aid every three years if required. Cheers.


I have gotten two pairs of aids through Blue Cross Federal Standard Option. Each time they paid a $2000 benefit (perhaps this has since been raised to $2400). I was told I could use that $2000 benefit anywhere including Costco. However if I bought at Costco I would have to pay Costco up front and then be reimbursed by BCBS.
I went through a private Audi each time and I used TruHearing, which is a company that works with BCBS. Audis who are participating providers with TruHearing have to sell aids at discounted prices dictated by TruHearing.
Both times I got state of the art aids and my out-of-pocket expense was about $2000. I think that was a good deal.
If you buy aids from Costco that cost under $2000 you should have no out-of-pocket cost after being reimbursed.
Hopefully your BCBS Federal Basic plan provides the same benefit. I would call BCBS and check again. Good luck.


With the basic options they are out of network. THhey don’t pay out of network so that’s not an option


I can’t afford to outlay the money. If my one son would go to public school I would have the money lol


I did not outlay any money. I put it on a credit card and mailed the bill to blue cross. They paid me promptly and I then paid the credit card bill. You are just south of Tom’s River I see. Must be a Costco nearby.


Can’t do another credit card unfortunately


So I contacted TruHearing and I’m getting resound Quattro 7 for 800 out of pocket!!!