Getting my first hearing aids

I’m planning on getting my first hearing aids. I have moderate hearing loss in both ears.

I’m considering the top of the line HAs with the most features and best technology that can give me the most natural sound.

An Hearing Aid Specialist from Beltone (not audiologist) suggested Beltone One.

What do you guys think? What brand do you recommend and which model? I’m into CICs only. I can’t see myself wearing BTEs. I’m a young fellow (21 yrs old).

Thank you

I have tried Beltone ONE but unfortunately it didn’t give me clear speech as I expected. I have moderate hearing loss like you. I am still wearing Beltone CSP-II programmable analog HA. It gives me enough clearness and power that ONE cannot provide. Well, since it is your first hearing aid, it might work for you I hope.

I can understand you wanting to get CICs only. Being 21 and never having worn hearing aids, I would feel the same way. I just recently switched to BTEs and I’m 42!

If you do go with CICs, get a Dry & Store to keep them in overnight. The receivers (speakers) take a beating from moisture with CICs being among the most problematic. Also be aware that feedback with CICs can be a serious issue.

Some of the new BTEs have ultra-thin tubing and a very small case behind-the-ear (BTE). All major manufacturers now have this “mini-BTE” style that you might prefer.

Good Luck! Let us know what works best for you! :wink:

I’ve been really impressed with the Audibel Virtue 16 since it came out a few months ago. Amazing clarity, great feedback reduction technology. I fitted my grandfather in law, and he’s been wearing hearing aids for 20 years. He says it’s the best he has ever heard with aids.

Look up the same aid under Starkey Destiny 1600.

I have a phonak micro power IX hearing aid it a bte aid but you dont even realy see it at all. About all you see is a tub that run into the ear nothing else.

someone correct me if im wrong

50% of what is sold is BTE right?

Volcano digit